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Catalina Urtubia Figueroa (2014) 
LA EMERGENCIA DEL ARTE DE GÉNERO EN CHILE: Apuntes sobre la relación entre el activismo de género y las artes visuales durante la Dictadura Militar
MA, Universidad de Chile, Chile

Henri Hugues (2014) 
1914-2014, un siècle d’anthropophagie féminine dans l’art brésilien : pertinence et actualité ?
PhD, Universite des Antilles-Guyane, France

Maayan Glaser-Koren (2014) 
Lynn Hershman Leeson's Roberta Breitmore and the Art of Becoming a Woman
MA, San Jose State University, USA

Ami Skanberg Dahlstedt (2014) 
In search of Shiraboshi
MA, Gothenburg University  / Göteborgs Universitet, Sweden

Alexandra Christine  Fabrizio (2014) 
Too Hot to Handle (?): Provocations and Their Redemptive Effect in the Works of Nao Bustamante
BA Senior project, Bard College, USA

Phoebe Stewart  Herland (2014) 
The Artist In Context: Exploring the Curatorial Treatment of Agnes Martin
BA Senior project, Bard College, USA

Gabriela Aceves Sepúlveda (2014) 
Mujeres que se visualizan : (En)gendering archives and regimes of media and visuality in post-1968 Mexico
PhD, University of British Columbia, Canada

Laura MacArthur (2014) 
Re-viewing Reception: Criticism of Feminist Theatre in Montreal and Toronto, 1976 to Present
PhD, University of Toronto, Canada

April R Mandrona (2014) 
What can we make with this? Creating relevant art education practices in rural KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
PhD, Concordia University, Canada

Sally Jean McKay (2014) 
Repositioning Neuroaesthetics Through Contemporary Art
PhD, York University, Canada

Sylvie Simonds (2014) 
A countercultural movement: examining Carolee Schneemann's kinetic theatre between 1963 and 1970
PhD, McGill University, Canada

Corinne Thiessen Hepher (2014) 
Some nerve: invisible debilitations, explosive restraint and the in-valid
MA, Lethbridge, Canada

Olivier Vallerand (2014) 
Making homes, building identities: queer subversions of domestic space, 1994-2014
PhD, McGill University, Canada

Louise Mayhew (2014) 
A history of women-only art collectives and collaboration in Australia 1970-2010
PhD, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

Fernanda Pierangeli Fonseca (2014) 
Associações e mulheres: possibilidades de (re)construção identitária e empoderamento ; Associations and women: opportunities of identity (re)construction and empowerment.
MA, Universidade Federal de Lavras (RIUFLA), Brazil

Danielle Leroux (2014) 
Forgotten Relations: Revisiting Papergirl Vancouver’s Feminist and Social Practice Art Roots
MA, Simon Fraser University, Canada

Liliana Granja Pereira de Morais (2014) 
Duas mulheres ceramistas entre o Japão e o Brasil: identidade, cultura e representação ; Two women ceramists between Japan and Brazil: identity, culture and representation
MA, Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil

Doris Pichler  (2014) 
Neue Bildungsstandards – alte Geschlechterwerte
Hochschulschrift (Diplomarbeit), University of Vienna / Universität Wien, Austria

Kaelyn D. Rodriguez (2014) 
Authorship and Memory in Judy Baca's Murals
MA, University of California, USA

Lara Roseiro (2014) 
Femmage e heranças do labor feminino / Femmage and heritages of female labor (Miriam Schapiro, Faith Ringgold, Ghada Amer)
MA, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal

Elida Schogt (2014) 
Beside Oneself: Towards a Participatory Feminist Art Practice
PhD, York University, Canada

Heike Thienenkamp (2014) 
Patricia Piccininis plastisches Werk im Kontext der Biowissenschaften
PhD, Bielefeld University, Germany

Solveiga Vasiliauskaite  (2014) 
Feministiniu ideju apraiškos šiuolaikiniame stiklo mene ; Manifestation of feminist thought in conpemporary glass art
MA, Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, Lithuania

Shahed Wadi (2014) 
Corpos na trouxa. Histórias-artísticas-de-vida de mulheres palestinianas no exílio
PhD, Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal

Jacqueline Witkowski (2014) 
Ever present, never presented : Suzanne Lacy, feminism, and quilting
MA, University of British Columbia, Canada

Louise Elizabeth  Crocker (2014) 
Writing the feminine : from pain to projection in Nancy Spero's Torture of women
MA, Courtauld Institute, London, UK

Susan Mary O'Shea (2014) 
The Art Worlds of Punk-Inspired Feminist Networks - A social network analysis of theLadyfest feminist music and cultural movement in the UK
PhD, University of Manchester, UK

Remedios Perni Llorente (2014) 
Recordando a Ofelia : melancolía y cultura visual
PhD, Universidad de Murcia, Spain

Sarah Pucill (2014) 
Mourning, materiality and the feminine: Sarah Pucill’s films 2004-2010
PhD, University of Westminster, UK

Magdalena Raivio (2014) 
Gudinnefeminister : Monica Sjöös och Starhawks berättande - subjektskonstruktion, idéinnehåll och feministiska affiniteter; Goddess Feminists : Monica Sjöö’s and Starhawk’s story-telling – subject construction, conceptual content and feminist affinities
PhD, Karlstads University / Karlstads Universitet, Sweden

Alexandra  Mackel (2014) 
Tatort und Schauplatz. Reprasentation und Rezeption sexueller Gewalt gegen uber Frauen in der zeitgenossischen Kunst
PhD, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Germany

Elizabeth R. Canfield (2014) 
PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA

Belen Maria Mendez Munoz (2014) 
Australian aborigine art: an analysis of Sally Morgan's oeuvre
PhD, Universidade da Coruña, Spain

Jordan S. Powers (2014) 
Femininity, Pinterest, and the Appropriation of Jane Austen
MA, East Tennessee State University, USA

Sandra Burke (2014) 
Thinking Bodies and Sensational Minds: Affect and Embodiment in Contemporary Art
PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA

Rachel Lynn Livedalen (2014) 
Hey! Hey! What ever happened to the garden?
MFA, University of Iowa, USA

Kathren Martin (2014) 
The Aesthetic Which is Not One: The Feminist (un)Aesthetic in the Works of Caryl Churchill and Suzan Lori-Parks
MA, University of South Carolina - Columbia, USA

Brittany Nicole Tullis (2014) 
Constructions of femininity in Latin/o American comics : redefining womanhood via the male-authored comic
PhD, University of Iowa, USA

Akinyi Margareta Ocholla (2014) 
Tensions and contradictions of being African, feminist and activist within LGBTI social movements: : An Autoethnographic Account
MA, Linköping University, Sweden

Monica  Swedberg (2014) 
Female aspects in contemporary Turkish art
MA, Uppsala Universitet, Sweden

Christy R. Kirk (2014) 
Finding Cathartic Beauty in Trauma and Abjection
MFA, Washington University, USA

Priya Nadkarni (2014) 
Heard or Dreamed About
MFA, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA

Marisa White-Hartman (2014) 
A Feminist Inheritance? Questions of Subjectivity and Ambivalence in Paul McCarthy, Mike Kelley and Robert Gober
PhD, City University of New York, USA

H. Dawn Hamilton (2014) 
Myth and Archetype in the Studio: An Artist's Encounter with a Goddess
PhD, Prescott College, USA

Alexandra Devin Vicich (2014) 
Therapeutic change for women in collective performance
PhD, New York University, USA

Gitana Evseičikaitė (2014) 
Tekstilės kompozicijos „Arti bedugnės“ / Compositions of textile „Close to the abyss“
MA, Šiaulių universitetas, Lithuania

P. Brailovsky Ruiz (2014) 
Geographies of violence : site-oriented art and politics at the Mexico-U.S. border from the 1980s to the present
PhD, University College London (UCL), UK

Lawrence Buttigieg (2014) 
Addressing the self through the subjectivity of the other : a practice-led investigation of a particular artist-model relationship
PhD, Loughborough University, UK

Teresa Chen (2014) 
Between selves and others : exploring strategic approaches within visual art
PhD, University of Plymouth, UK

Barbara Elektra Droth (2014) 
Live art, life art : a critical-visual study of three women performance artists and their documentation
PhD, University of Sussex, UK

Despoina Mantzari (2014) 
Women directors in 'global' art cinema : negotiating feminism and representation
PhD, University of East Anglia, UK

Lisa Metherell (2014) 
Glittering orientations : towards a non-figurative queer art practice
PhD, Birmingham City University, UK

Lori Ope (2014) 
The oppositional gaze : contemporary image-making practice and the implications of skin colour ideals
PhD, University of the Arts London, UK

Monica De Miranda (2014) 
Geography of affections: tales of identity, diaspora and travel in the work of Monica de Miranda
Arts D., Middlesex University, UK

Danielle Brogan (2014) 
Comparing the violence towards women in Pakistan and Afghanistan to feminist artists and their work
B.Des, National College of Art and Design, Dublin, Ireland

Frances Hannah Carter (2014) 
Magic and toyshops : narrative and meaning in the women's sex shop
PhD, Kingston University, UK

Laura Castagnini  (2014) 
'Parafeminism' and parody in contemporary art
MA, University of Melbourne, Australia

Sybil Elizabeth Gohari (2014) 
Through the Looking Glass: Race and Gender in the Reception of Paintings by Helen Frankenthaler, Norman Lewis, Alma Thomas, and Mark Tobey
PhD, University of Maryland, USA

Alexandra de los Angeles Jones Torres (2014) 
Agency and Pornography: Erika Lust’s Female Gaze
MA, Savannah College of Art and Design, USA

Amanda Le Kline (2014) 
Speculation on the Trajectory of Human Kin
MFA, Ohio State University, USA

Indra K. Lacis (2014) 
Celebrity and Performance: Marina Abramovic – Contemporary Art Star
PhD, Case Western Reserve University, USA

Constance A Lutz (2014) 
Visual Art Teachers’ Ranges of Understanding and Classroom Practices of Assessment for Student Learning In Visual Art Education
PhD, Ohio State University, USA

Teresa Minarsich (2014) 
Girl-becomings: Girls Theorizing Girlhood through Visual Art, Theatre and Digital Communication
PhD, Arizona State University, USA

Kendris T. Myers (2014) 
For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow is Enuf
MFA, Savannah College of Art and Design, USA

Elisabeth Erin Pankl (2014) 
PhD, Kansas State University, USA

Caroline Emily Prechter (2014) 
Hildegard von Bingen: The Problems of Discovering a Feminist Role Model
MA, Savannah College of Art and Design, USA

Katherine Rosenheim (2014) 
Nude performances in the practice of Fiona Banner, 2006-2010
MA, University of Southern California, USA

Ashley Helen Seilhamer (2014) 
Decentralization of materialism: the battle against materialism for equality and identity
MFA, Savannah College of Art and Design, USA

Jessica Maria Michael Arana (2014) 
Revealing borderland identities: diaspora, memory, home, and art.
MA, California State University, Northridge, USA

Molly Valentine Dierks (2014) 
MFA, University of Michigan, USA

Clare Dwyer Eberle (2014) 
Place & public longing: Sharon Hayes's love addresses as critical spatial practice.
MA, University of Southern California, USA

Maayan Glaser-Koren (2014) 
Lynn Hershman Leeson's Roberta Breitmore and the Art of Becoming a Woman
MA, San Jose State University, USA

Toshia C. Humphries (2014) 
TLReflection: A life-inspired work of feminist art therapy.
MA, Texas Tech University, USA

Bettina A Judd (2014) 
Feelin Feminism: Black Women's Art as Feminist Thought .
PhD, University of Maryland, USA

Alana D Kidder (2014) 
Women Artists in Pop: Connections to Feminism in Non-Feminist Art.
MA, Ohio University, USA

Natalie H McLaurin (2014) 
You are a Weird Bird.
MFA, University of New Orleans, USA

Alexa Nutile (2014) 
MFA, Southern Illinois University, USA

Stacy Bloom Rexrode (2014) 
Studio craft and the production of the heirloom.
MFA, University of North Carolina, USA

Amy B Ritter (2014) 
My Body In Visual Culture.
MA, Ohio State University, USA

Amanda Kathryn Stone (2014) 
Negotiating feminine absence: menstruation and visual culture.
MA, Savannah College of Art and Design, USA

Sarah Elizabeth Tancred (2014) 
Just Leftovers.
MFA, University of Montana, USA

Victoria Elizabeth Thomas (2014) 
Discourses of sexual assault: Project Unbreakable and The art of healing"."
MA, California State University, Sacramento, USA

Kelly Voss (2014) 
Valie Export, Gina Pane, and Orlan:Pain, Body Art, and the Question of the Feminine.
MA, University of Cincinnati, USA

Steven Reginald Hammer (2014) 
Writing (Dirty) New Media: Technorhetorical Opacity, Chimeras and Dirty Ontology
PhD, North Dakota State University, USA

Yoonjung Kang (2014) 
Art as a mirror and window on cultural diversity in South Korea: A critical analysis of artworks by three contemporary artists with implications for art education
PhD, Florida State University, USA

Joan Y Mace (2014) 
Rupturing the 'reality' of reality TV: Contemporary video artists examining the discursive effects of the reality TV phenomenon
MA, California State University, Long Beach, USA

Sara H Salazar (2014) 
The curandera's daughters: Spirituality art and activism in the lives and works of Cherrie Moraga and Lila Downs
PhD, California Institute of Integral Studies, USA

Victoria Shackelford (2014) 
Mary's mandala story: Images of chaos in mandala psychology
PhD, Pacifica Graduate Institute, USA

Nicole Lauren Urquidi (2014) 
Cindy Sherman: Portraits in question
MA, University of California, Long Beach, USA

Laetitia Delousal (2014) 
Le nouveau paradigme de l'art à l'épreuve de la création contemporaine féminine en Tunisie / The new paradigm in art for contemporary women's creativity in Tunisia
PhD, Perpignan and Université de Sfax, France, Tunisia

Norman Ferey (2014) 
La déconstruction du corps et des sexualités dans les performances artistiques en France de 1970 à 2000 : vers une prise en compte de la notion de genre / Deconstruction of Sexuality and the Body in Performance Art in France 1970-2000
PhD, Paris 8, France

Marie-Francine Mansour Desvaux (2014) 
Le surréalisme à travers Joyce Mansour : peinture et poésie, le miroir du désir / Surrealism as seen through Joyce Mansour's work : painting, poetry and the mirror of desire
PhD, Paris 1, France

Andrea Urrutia Gómez  (2014) 
Lápiz labial : identidad, presentación y experiencias de la feminidad
PhD, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Peru

Leal Damaris (2014) 
Decolonizing Chicana art: The work of Santa C Barraza, Amalia Mesa-Bains, and Alma Lopez
MA, California State University, Long Beach, USA

Magdalena Furmanik-Kowalska  (2014) 
Uwikłane w kulturę. O twórczości artystycznej Japonek / Culture Trouble: The Contemporary Art of Japanese and Chinese Women
PhD, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Poland
See also by same author, Sztuka stroju, strój w sztuce / The art of dress, dress in fine art (Torun: Polish Institute of World Art Studies & Tako Publishing House, 2015)

Andrea Hannon (2014) 
The House is Still Named After Him - Exploring the tensions of encounter through creative processes
PhD, Coventry University, UK

Melanie Anne  Pauls (2014) 
Piecing together creativity: feminist aesthetics and the crafting of quilts
MA, DePaul University, USA

Andrea  Hannon (2014) 
The House is Still Named After Him - Exploring the tensions of encounter through creative processes
PhD, Coventry School of Art and Design, Coventry University, UK

Toshia C. Humphries (2014) 
TLReflection: A life-inspired work of feminist art therapy
PhD, Texas Tech University, USA

Erin Elizabeth Hinz (2014) 
Mermaid Pinch: Investigating Identity and Sexual Subjectivity within a Gendered System.
MFA, University of Notre Dame, USA

Anita Holtsclaw (2014) 
To see and be seen : cinematic constructions of gender and spectatorship in contemporary screen-based art
PhD, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Wulandani Dirgantoro  (2014) 
Defining experiences : feminisms and contemporary art in Indonesia.
PhD, University of Tasmania , Australia

Elise Lund (2014) 
Forholdet mor/barn i serien “You can’t keep a good rabbit down” av Vanessa Baird; Mother/child relationship in the series...
MA, University of Oslo (UiO), Norway

Liga Legzdina Olsen (2014) 
Når det personlige blir for personlig. Politikken av det personlige og installasjonen “My Bed” av Tracey Emin; When the personal become too personal. The politics of the personal and the installation
MA, University of Oslo (UiO), Norway

Darcie Kennedy (2014) 
Women's Work as Painting Practice
MFA, University of Ottawa, Canada

Erin Elizabeth Hinz (2014) 
Mermaid Pinch: Investigating Identity and Sexual Subjectivity within a Gendered System
MFA, University of Notre Dame, USA

Sanna  Samuelsson (2014) 
”How the fuck is this art?: Om receptionen av ett feministiskt performanceverk på Youtube. On the reception of feminist performance art on You Tube.
BA, Stockholms Universitet, Sweden

Thavamani  Pillay (2014) 
The artistic practices of contemporary South African Indian women artists : how race, class and gender affect the making of visual art
MA, University of South Africa, South Africa

Brooke Zeligman (2014) 
Material murmurings
PhD, Edith Cowan University, Canada

Julie Dring (2014) 
Who were the Hackney Flashers? The history and importance of a British Feminist Collective, 1974-1980
MA, Ryerson University, USA

Amanda A. Oppedisano (2014) 
MFA, University of Western Ontario, Canada

Erin Ashley McCarthy (2014) 
MatriART: Feminist Genealogy and Life Teaching in Art Education
MA, Concordia University, Canada

Elena Avilés (2014) 
My/Mi lengua franca: "Language," Manipulation, and Cultural Heritage in Chicana Art and Literature
PhD, University of New Mexico, USA