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those who wish to think again about feminism in relation to contemporary art



Since 1996, this site has been collecting and listing feminist research on contemporary women artists (post-1970).
This site is for anyone to use to research feminism's relationship to contemporary art.
This resource is international in its focus, is updated regularly and lists around 5,000 items within and across the sections listed below.

Copies of any of the 40 volumes of n.paradoxa: international feminist art journal in print (1998-2017) can be purchased on this site.
If you are only starting to research or think about feminism in relation to contemporary art, try joining n.paradoxa's MOOC (a free mass open online course).
If any significant feminist art site, organisation or publication is missing from these pages, please write and suggest it!

Topics represented in the database:-


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Women Artists' Groups
Feminist Art Galleries
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Statistics on Women Artists
Timelines on Feminist Art
Feminist (History) Archives
Feminist Film Festivals (A-Z)
Feminist Film Festivals (country)
1000+ Feminist Art Theses
Feminist-Art-Topics project
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Feminist Art - Online Networks
Feminist Online Resources
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Special issues on Feminism
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