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Women Artists' Associations (with members)

Women Artists' Groups (self-formed by artists)

Womens' Art Galleries, Biennales, Art Festivals and exhibition projects

Womens' Art Museums / Art Collections specialising in Women Artists

Online Networks for women artists

Training / Mentoring Organisations for Women Artists

Online Databases of Women Artists / Research and information projects

Feminist Archives and Libraries about Women Artists

Feminist Archives and Libraries (general)

international feminist art journal

Links to women artists' associations' websites

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American Women Artists' Association (USA, Canada, Mexico)

Asian American Women Artists Association (USA)
Organises exhibitions, publications, education projects and administers a support network for its US-wide members

Association for Women's Art and Gender Research in Israel (Israel)

British Women Artists (2008-) runs an annual competition for women artists (UK)

FKF | Frauenkunstforum Südwestfalen (Germany)
a kunstverein / regional network for women artists in Germany

GEDOK (Germany)
Based in different organisational groups in different cities/regions - Stuttgart, Munich, Freiburg, Brandenburg, Koeln, Hamburg, Karlsruhe, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Schleswig-Holstein, Wuppertal, Bonn, Heidelberg - founded in 1926. GEDOK offers residencies, prizes, and supports women in the arts through a wide range of events.

IMAN, International Muslimah Women Artists Network (USA)
Established by Nora Hammoude and Safiya Godlas, a network and online member's gallery, based in the USA, site no longer operates:

International Museum of Muslim Women: Muslima: Muslim Women's Art & Voices (USA, Sharjah, Denmark, The Philippines )
An offshoot of the Global Fund for Women aiming to profile Muslim women's voices in art and culture

KKS, ”Kvindelige Kunstneres Samfund” / Danish Women Artists Association (Denmark)
(Copenhagen, founded 1916) Celebrating 100 years of activity supporting women artists in Denmark in 2016

Korean American Women Artists and Writers Association (KAWAWA) (USA)
Site - - no longer active. Group still registered in San Francisco. Facebook page has replaced this link.

Mujeres de artes visuales: Women in the Visual Arts (Spain)

National Art Education Association's Women's Caucus (USA)
Founded in 1973, this organisation compiled in 2019 a booklist of (US) sources on Zotero for teaching feminisms in art education.

National Association of Women Artists USA (USA)

New York Society of Women Artists (1925- ) (USA)

Nosotras proponemos/Compromiso de práctica artística feminista/Asamblea Permanente de Trabajadoras del Arte (Argentina) (International, Argentina)
Available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French: This is the website for a 'Declaration of Commitment to Feminist Practices in Art, Permanent Assembly of Women Art Workers' and outlines actions taken in 2018 to support it in Argentina...ongoing... Around 3,000 artists, curators and activists across South America and Spain have signed it...

OWL, Frauenkunstforum-Archiv (Germany)
a kunstverein in Bielefeld,Germany of women artists from the region

Pen and Brush (USA)

San Francisco women artists association and gallery (USA)

Schweizerische Gesellschaft Bildender Kuenstlerinnen, SGBK * (Switzerland)

Society of Women Artists (UK)
founded in 1857, this artists' association holds an annual exhibition in London.

South Asian Women’s Creative Collective (SAWCC) (USA)

Sudanese Women Artists Association (Sudan)
active 2000-2002

SVBK, Amsterdam (women artist's organisation), archive housed at Atria (The Netherlands)
Archive of Stichting Vrouwen in de Beeldende Kunst (SVBK).SVBK's archives on women artists, collected between 1976-1993 are at Atria (formerly known as Aletta), Women's Library in the Netherlands.

The Female Artists Platform of African Artists Foundation, Lagos (2014- (Nigeria)

Ulster Society of Women Artists (UK)

Vereinigung Bildender Kuenstlerinnen Oesterreichs (VBKO) (Austria)

We Are WIA (UK)

Women Artists of the West, Inc (USA)

Women in the Arts Foundation (WIA) (USA)
founded in 1971, incorporated in 1973 as a not-for-profit.

Women Painters of Washington (USA)
founded 1930

Women Printmakers of Austin (USA)
A US printmakers group

WomenArts (formerly) Fund for Women Artists (USA)
Based since Summer 2012 in Berkeley, runs SWAN (Support Women Artists Now) days, active since 1994.

Women's Art Association of Canada (Canada)

Women's Art Resource of Minnesota (WARM) (USA)

Women's Arts Association / Cymdeithas Celfyddyau Menywod (Wales, UK)

Womens Caucus for the Arts (USA)
A national organisation for women in the arts

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