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Women Artists' Associations (with members)

Women Artists' Groups (self-formed by artists)

Womens' Art Galleries, Biennales, Art Festivals and exhibition projects

Womens' Art Museums / Art Collections specialising in Women Artists

Online Networks for women artists

Training / Mentoring Organisations for Women Artists

Online Databases of Women Artists / Research and information projects

Feminist Archives and Libraries about Women Artists

Feminist Archives and Libraries (general)

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Links to websites of women artists' groups

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Mfon: Women Photographers of the African Diaspora (USA)

Asia Women and Art Collective (AWAC Network) (Japan, Asia)
Founded in 1994, this group have organised seminars in Japan and the publication / Visions/, a newsletter in Japanese and a one-off edition in english, / Visions International /(March 1996) to promote feminist perspectives in Japan.

Bunny Collective (Ireland, UK, USA)

Contemporary Art and Feminism (Australia)
Formed in 2013, based at University of Sydney, to explore and bring together those with an interest in contemporary art and feminism.

Cuntemporary (UK)
a non-profit organisation that works with individuals and groups that explore feminist and queer art practices and theories (initiated 2012)

Cyber-Femin-Club (Russia)
now closed. History documented in catalogue Zen D'art (2010)

Enemies of Good Art (active 2009-2012) (UK)

FAAB (Feminist Art Action Brigade) (Japan)
A feminist artists group in Japan, initiated in 2003, (first manifesto is still online)

Feminist Art Networkers (Auckland), Archive, 1982-1987, at Auckland Art Gallery - Toi o Tamaki (New Zealand)

Feminist Practice in Dialogue (UK)
10 women artists' colloborations in London

ff (Austria)
The Temporäre Autonome Zone is an independent experimental exhibition platform produced by Lisa Ruyter with ff, a group of international women artists who meet regularly to collaborate on feminist projects. Based at Galerie Lisa Ruyter, Vienna. Current website documents events until 2016.

FiLiArt (art branch of Feminism in London activities) (UK)
This is the art branch of Feminism in London activities organising an annual show in relation to their annual conference, since 2014.

FRAN (Feminist Renewal Art Network) (Australia)
FRAN Festival in celebration of the 1977 Women's Show in Australia to be held in Adelaide & regional South Australia, August-September 2017. FRAN Steering Committee: Jude Adams, Loene Furler, Brigid Noone, Mia van den Bos

Go! Push Pops (USA)
The Push Pops are a radical, transnational queer performance feminist art collective (started 2010).

Guerrilla Girls (USA)

Gynaika (Belgium)
a group in Belgium organising exhibitions with contemporary women artists (1996-2014?) see 'An Unexpected Journey : Vrouw En Kunst' (1997)

h.arta (Romania)
h.arta is a group of 3 women organising projects in Romania since 2001. Website link: currently down (June 2020)

Hackney Flashers (archive of women's group from 1974-1980) (UK)
Members were: An Dekker, Sally Greenhill, Gerda Jager, Liz Heron, Michael Ann Mullen, Maggie Murray, Christine Roche, Jo Spence and Julia Vellacott. Site documents two main projects Women and Work (1975) and Who's Holding the Baby? (1978).

Idle Women (UK)
Latest project, 2016-2017, 'on the water' is a boat touring the canals in the North West of England and West Yorkshire.

IQhiya (South Africa)
10 women from South Africa, working together (2016 onwards...).

Jewish Women Artists Group, Twin Cities, Minnesota ()

Las Comadres: A Feminist Collective (USA, Mexico)
1998-2013, San Diego/Tijuana

Leisure Projects: Meredith Carruthers and Susannah Wesley (Canada)

Level (Australia)
Archive of a feminist collective in Australia, 2010-2016

Mit: archive 2001-2008 (Switzerland)
a Zurich based group of 11 female artists, organising interventions in public and private spaces

Mommy by Susan Silas and Chrysanne Stathacos (International, USA, Canada)
Interviews with contemporary women artists working for more than 20 years.

Mujeres Publicas (Argentina)
a feminist activist group, organising projects in Argentina

Nosotras proponemos/Compromiso de práctica artística feminista/Asamblea Permanente de Trabajadoras del Arte (Argentina) (International, Argentina)
Available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French: This is the website for a 'Declaration of Commitment to Feminist Practices in Art, Permanent Assembly of Women Art Workers' and outlines actions taken in 2018 to support it in Argentina...ongoing... Around 3,000 artists, curators and activists across South America and Spain have signed it...

Old Boy's Network (Germany)
For cyberfeminist papers with information on Documenta X's Cyberfeminist International

PintorAs (Argentina)
Exhibitions, fanzine, discussions on women and painting, 2009 onwards

RE-ACTION, Genealogy and countercanon (Alonso y Marful) (Spain, International)

Saloon - Berlin, London, Brussels, Paris, Wien, Hamburg, Dresden (Germany, UK, France, Austria)
a professional network for women in the arts (started 2012) with the objective of creating an open forum to exchange ideas, experiences and initiate collaborations, fostering dialogue through monthly events that highlight our members’ projects whether through studio visits, curator led tours or panel discussions followed by an intimate dinner.

She Loves Collective (Los Angeles) (USA)

Sisters Arts Organisation (USA)
founded 2015. Former group: Women Artists of Bend, Oregon (2012).

South London Women Artists (UK)

The Coven (USA, UK, Canada)
(2012 - 2016)

The Feminist Museum (USA)
2013-2014, activities of exhibitions organised by 5 women at University of Oregon: Britt Bowen, Cat Bradley, Stephanie Johnson, Mattie Reynolds, and Sarah Turner.

The Ultras (UK)
feminist group of 12 women at Eastside Projects, Birmingham, 2018-2019

Tomorrow Girls Troupe a fourth wave social feminist art collective (Japan)
a fourth wave social feminist art collective, started March 2015

WIA projects (Canada)
Blog documenting the past and present programmes of a collective in Toronto, which developed out of Centre for Women's Studies in Education (CWSE) at (OISE), University of Toronto.

Womanhouse (USA)
Faith Wilding's site about the Womanhouse (Los Angeles, 1972) project, with works, photos, essays describing it.

Womanifesto (Thailand)
an annual women artist's workshop project in Thailand

Women down the Pub - Kvinder på Værtshus (Denmark)
The website documents the work of this group of women artists/writers, 2002-2009,collaborating on issues of gender politics, representation, and language.

Women in the Arts, Singapore (WITAS)(active between 1999-2005) (Singapore)
The former website has closed. The work of this group is documented in Bridget Tracey Tan's book Women Artists in Singapore (2011).

Women of Colour Index Reading Group (WOCI) (UK)

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