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Women Artists' Associations (with members)

Women Artists' Groups (self-formed by artists)

Womens' Art Galleries, Biennales, Art Festivals and exhibition projects

Womens' Art Museums / Art Collections specialising in Women Artists

Online Networks for women artists

Training / Mentoring Organisations for Women Artists

Online Databases of Women Artists / Research and information projects

Feminist Archives and Libraries about Women Artists

Feminist Archives and Libraries (general)

international feminist art journal

Links to Women Artists / Feminist Art archives and libraries

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Archiv des Vereins der Berliner Kunstlerinnen (Germany)
Extensive archive of women artists in Berlin since 1867, now part of ADK Archive

Ariadne: 1977-1982 (USA)
Official website about ARIADNE, documenting their performances and actions.

AWARE: Archives of Women Artists, Research and Exhibitions (France)
website/organisation to research 20th C women artists founded by Camille Morineau in 2014

Bildwechsel / Kunstlerinnenarchiv (Germany)
the major archive in Hamburg of women's art, founded in 1979

Bildwechsel: Video Palace (Germany, International)
a virtual environment/website for exploring the archive of bildwechsel, with garden, screenings, documentation centre to explore

Cinenova (UK)
Cinenova is Britain's only women's film and distribution agency, a non-profit company, founded in 1991, from a merger between Cinenova and Cinema of Women (see Felicity Sparrow, interview, 'Forming Circles' vol.34, July 2014)

Make: formerly Women's Art Library in the UK (UK)
now housed at Goldsmiths' College Library in London

Miriam Schapiro Papers on women artists at Rutgers University (USA)

Mujeres de artes visuales: Women in the Visual Arts (Spain)

National Museum of Women in the Arts,Washington DC (USA)
also runs the Clara database on women artists

Re.Act.Feminism: A Performing Archive (2008-2009), (2011-2013) (International)
2nd edition of an exhibition project and archive exploring feminist and gendercritical performance art from the 1960s to the early 1980s with a focus on re-enactment.

Studio XX (Canada)
a feminist socio-cultural intervention group dedicated to provide women with access to digital technologies in Montreal, Canada

SVBK, Amsterdam (women artist's organisation), archive housed at Atria (The Netherlands)
Archive of Stichting Vrouwen in de Beeldende Kunst (SVBK).SVBK's archives on women artists, collected between 1976-1993 are at Atria (formerly known as Aletta), Women's Library in the Netherlands.

The Women's Building, Los Angeles, USA (USA)
see also e-book From Site to Vision

Valie EXPORT Center, Linz (Austria)
The archive of artist, Valie EXPORT, were donated to the City of Linz in 2015, held at the LENTOS Kunstmuseum. Since November 2017, they became the VALIE EXPORT Center Linz.

Women Artists Archives at Sonoma University, USA ()
Acquired by Sonoma in 2008, this is the J.J. Wilson and Karen Petersen archive, which Robin Masi worked on between 1992-1994. Now held in the Art Departments, visual resources section.

Women Artists Archives National Directory (WAAND) (USA)
A database of archives of women artists in the USA which possess material on or about women artists, run by Rutgers University

Women Artists in Revolution records, 1970-1978 (at Archives of American Art, Washington, DC) (USA)

Women's Art Archive (1970-1984) Museum of New Zealand/Te Papa Tongerewa (New Zealand)
The Women's Art Archive was established at the National Art Gallery in 1979 by Janice Antill and Lindley Turnbull. It was created to collect documentation on women artists and their work both in New Zealand and overseas. Includes oral history interviews.

Women's Art Coalition (1989-2003) at New York Public Library, Archives and Manuscripts (USA)

Women's Art Register (Australia)
Founded in 1975, Women's Art Register is an archive of women artists in Australia. The catalogue of the slide collection was also a magazine.

Women's Art Resource Centre (Canada)
Was an active centre for women artists until 2014. Website has closed. Archives of papers at University of Ottawa Library, Special Collections.

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