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Melinda Guillen (2011) 
Now Not now And now: Toward a feminist critical envisioning of social practice
MA, University of Southern California, USA

Harrigan McMahon Bowman (2011) 
The artist in the university: Interview case studies of how four art professors make sense of the meaning in their work as educators and how they navigate the dual relationship between artist and educator
Thesis (Ed.D), Columbia University, USA

Heidi McKay Casto (2011) 
Reflections on motherhood
MFA, University of Iowa, USA

Danielle Coghlan (2011) 
Unsettling sensations: Trauma in the lives and works of four Canadian artists
MA, York University, Canada

Aram Siu Wai Collier (2011) 
Cake and Dumplings
MFA, York University, Canada

Jill K. Fannon (2011) 
MFA, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, USA

Megan E Gulland (2011) 
As I Recall
MFA, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA

Teresa Marsili (2011) 
Gender and its Effects on Subject Matter Preference in a High School Ceramics Class
MA, Arizona State University, USA

Anne N Murphy (2011) 
A narrative of her own: Appropriating aesthetics for postcolonial feminism
MA, Georgetown University, USA

Laura K. Murray (2011) 
Defying beauty: An exhibit of real stories and real women
MA, State University of New York, Empire State College, USA

Gina Marie Reddin Proske (2011) 
Constructing Alice
MFA, George Washington University, USA

Elizabeth Leigh Schendel (2011) 
Heritage, identity, and the visual narrative
MA , Corcoran College of Art and Design, USA

Melissa Kathleen Turner (2011) 
Reflection" and Other Stories"
MA , Clemson University, USA

Debra A. Ullmann (2011) 
Can't sing, can't dance, can't draw: How leisure constraints and negotiations impact midlife women's participation in the creative arts
Thesis (M.S.), San Jose State University, USA

Anastasia Jo Whited (2011) 
Memory: Beauty, fragmentation and image
MFA, Iowa State University, USA

Marlies  Staples (2011) 
Sites of Resistance/Sights of Utopia: A Look At New Queer Art Through Collective Eyes (LTTR and Ridykeulous)
BA Senior project, Bard College, USA

Heather Davis (2011) 
Art That Loves People: Relational Subjectivity in Community-based Art
PhD, Concordia University, Canada

Majorie Dufort-Cuccioletta (2011) 
Les affiches politiques américaines durant la guerre du Vietnam : le Art Worker's Coalition et l'affiche Q. and babies? A. and babies
MA, UQAM, Canada

Amanda Espezel (2011) 
Working from the Body : subjectivity and the Artistic Process
MFA, Lethbridge, Canada

Silvia Amelia Nogueira  de Souza (2011) 
Mulheres, arte e domesticidade: entre a arte feminista e o Dicionário do Lar / Women, Art and Domesticity
PhD, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG), Brazil

Nane Ariadne Jordan (2011) 
Inspiriting the academy: weaving stories and practices of living women's spirituality
PhD, University of British Columbia, Canada

Gweneth A. Dunleavy (2011) 
Pattern play : pieced works on paper.
MA, University of Louisville, USA

Pamela Akinyi Wadende (2011) 
Chwuech Manimba: Indigenous Creative Education Among Women of the Luo Community of Western Kenya
MA, Texas State University, USA

Jade Wildy (2011) 
Shades of green: changes in the paradigm of environmental art since the 1960s.
MA, University of Adelaide, Australia

Marie-Sophie Brendinger (2011) 
Die Vereinigung bildender Künstlerinnen Österreichs
Hochschulschrift (Diplomarbeit), University of Vienna / Universität Wien, Austria

Stephanie Hopf  (2011) 
The performed self
Hochschulschrift (Diplomarbeit), University of Vienna / Universität Wien, Austria

Anna Lammers (2011) 
Der medizinische Blick : medizinische Bilder des Körpers in zeitgenössischer Kunst am Beispiel von Mona Hatoums Corps étranger (1994) und Marilène Olivers `Family Portrait (2002)
PhD, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany

Inês Rôlo Martins (2011) 
Mulheres entre o som e o silêncio: imagens e representações das artistas de metal na LOUD!
MA, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal

Sarah Ann O'Mahoney (2011) 
In search of a language textile and text in contemporary women's art
MA, Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology, Ireland

Rosana Paulino (2011) 
Imagens de sombras ; Images of Shadows
PhD, Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil

Elaine Regina dos Santos (2011) 
Celeida Tostes: o barro como elemento integrativo na Arte Conteporânea
MA, Universidade Estadual Paulista, Brazil

Lindsey Alexandra Short (2011) 
Shattering the silence: the exclusion of women from the archive
Mphil, University of Glasgow, UK

Erica Sklenars (2011) 
Hissy fits and a cream pie to the face : comedy and contemporary feminism in art
MA, Massey University, New Zealand

Jessica  Baggaley (2011) 
Collaged connections : an exploration of 'Heresies: a feminist publication on art and politics' since 1960
MA, Courtauld Institute, London, UK

Roxanna Josephine Moiya Hackett (2011) 
The shifting status of women artists since the 1970s : the role of feminism and the case of feminist artist Mary Kelly
MA, University of Manchester, UK

Clarissa Kennedy  Jacob (2011) 
A festival of one's own : sisterhood, consciousness-raising and feminist intervention at the First Festival of Women's Films, 1972
MA, Courtauld Institute, London, UK

Louisa Lee (2011) 
Mimicking hysteria/marking stereotypes : (re)presenting femininity in the work of Hannah Wilke and Sanja Ivekovic
MA, Courtauld Institute, London, UK

Charlotte  Sanna (2011) 
Pretty vacant : Narcissism and feminist activism in Sanja Ivekovic's work of the 1970s
MA, Courtauld Institute, London, UK

Miriam  Siegle (2011) 
Das Spannungsverhältnis von Kunstfreiheit und Persönlichkeitsrecht : zur Problematik der Darstellung realer Personen in Kunstwerken / The tension between artistic freedom and rights: on the issue of the representation of real people in works of art
PhD, Frankfurt am Main Universität , Germany

Alicja  Wawryniuk (2011) 
Vom Kinosaal in die Galerie : Formen der Verwandlung der Kinoästhetik in die Kunstästhetik in den Installationen von Shirin Neshat
PhD, Hamburg Universität, Germany

Tanya Demjanenko (2011) 
Identity In/Formation: A Visual Autoethnographic Exploration Through The Voices And Images Of Six Immigrant Women Graduate Students
MA, University of Windsor, USA

Jennie Woodard (2011) 
Beauty and Double Duty: Elizabeth Hawes and the Politics of Fashion and Women's Work
PhD, University of Maine, USA

Teresa Lynn Moralez (2011) 
Fresh expression: a guide to cultural reclamation
MFA, University of Iowa, USA

Tatiana Bazzichelli (2011) 
Networked disruption - rethinking oppositions in art, hacktivism and the business of social networking
Phd, Aarhus University, Denmark

Maria F Minickiello (2011) 
Women Environmental Artists: Unearthing Connections and Context
D. Arts Leadership, Franklin Pierce University, USA

Rebecca Bourgault (2011) 
Retrospections and interpretations: The narrative of ageing artists on the complexities of their creative practices through time
EdD, Columbia University, Teachers College, USA

Talita Trizoli (2011) 
Trajetórias de Regina Vater: Por uma crítica feminista da arte brasileira / Trajectories of Regina Vater. For a feminist critique of Brazilian art
MA, Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil

Laura Bissell (2011) 
The female body, technology and performance : performing a feminist praxis
PhD, University of Glasgow, UK

Paula Ellen Ann Blair (2011) 
Old borders, new technologies : visual culture and social change in contemporary Northern Ireland
PhD, Queen's University, Belfast, UK

Paula Georgina Farrance (2011) 
Transgenerational dialogues with Jo Spence about class and gender in the mother-daughter sphere : drawing as the site of transformation from feminist generation to genealogy
PhD, University of Leeds, UK

Patricia Gaal-Holmes (2011) 
Decade of diversity : a history of 1970s British experimental film
PhD, University of Portsmouth, UK

Heather Hanna (2011) 
Women framing hair : serial strategies in contemporary art
PhD, Open University, UK

Sumana Ray (2011) 
The rise of the 'liminal Briton' : literary and artistic productions of black and Asian women in the Midlands
PhD, University of Warwick, UK

Dafna Rehavia-Hanauer (2011) 
Disciplinary understandings of anorexia nervosa : art therapy and psychiatric research from a feminist perspective
PhD, University of Derby, UK

Robin Stoate (2011) 
Reading cyberspace : fictions, figures and (dis)embodiment
PhD, Newcastle University, UK

Natalie Suzanne Loveless (2011) 
Acts of Pedagogy: Feminism, Psychoanalysis, Art and Ethics
PhD, University of California, Santa Cruz, USA

Joy Angela Anderson (2011) 
Mejor vida/better life and day-to-day exchanges: Networks of social exchange in contemporary arts practice
MA, Public Art Studies, University of Southern California, USA

Melanie Erica Emerson (2011) 
Mirrored and masked : the work of Elke Krystufek and Mathilde ter Heijne
MA, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, USA

Kanitra Shenae Fletcher (2011) 
Damage control : black women's visual resistance in Brazil and beyond
MA, University of Texas – Austin, USA

Melinda Guillen (2011) 
Now. Not now. And now: Toward a feminist critical envisioning of social practice
MA, Public Art Studies, University of Southern California, USA

Sarah Hellmann (2011) 
Growing Up Hard: Understanding Through Creative Expression the Resilience, Resistance, and Images of Relationships in the Lives of Three African American Adolescent Girls
PhD, University of Cincinnati, USA

Laura Allred Hurtado (2011) 
Motherhood and representation at the Sackler Center for Feminist Art: Judy Chicago, Catherine Opie, Canan Senol
MA, University of Utah, USA

Tara-Lynne Pixley (2011) 
Neo-Burlesque and the New Feminism
MFA, Savannah College of Art and Design, USA

LiA Sanders (2011) 
Fake It ‘Til You Make It: Feminist Possibilities for Constructed Identity in the Digital Age
MFA, Savannah College of Art and Design, USA

Courtnie N. Wolfgang (2011) 
Performed Disciplines/ Collaborative Disciplines: Becoming Interdisciplinary in Higher Education
PhD, Ohio State University, USA

Sarah Guadalupe Cassidy (2011) 
Addressing identity/redressing the museum.
MA, University of Louisville, USA

Lauren Elise Cesiro (2011) 
The Complexity of Domestic Interiors: Laurie Simmons's Depiction of Women's Identity in the Home .
MA, Stony Brook University, USA

Rachel E Evans (2011) 
There She Is.
MFA, Savannah College of Art and Design, USA

Kate Felzien (2011) 
In Context.
MFA, Georgia Southern University, USA

Holis Hannan (2011) 
MFA, University of New Orleans, USA

Lorie Ann Hoffman (2011) 
Appropriate disruptions .
MA, Montana State University, USA

Michelle L Hudson (2011) 
Beyond Self: Strategic Essentialism in Ana Mendieta's La Maja de Yerba"."
MA, Georgia State University, USA

Christina Marie Johnson (2011) 
Unveiled Pandemonium.
MFA, Louisiana State University, USA

Virginia D Millard (2011) 
MA, West Virginia University, USA

Elise R Morrison (2011) 
Discipline and Desire: Surveillance, Feminism, Performance.
PhD, Brown University, USA

Leigh K. Peacock (2011) 
Repetitive Acts Now.
MFA, Georgia State University, USA

Celiany Rivera (2011) 
Raras al mando/queer women command: Alternative Spanish-speaking Caribbean femininities on the global stage.
PhD, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA

Marissa Saneholtz (2011) 
Corrupt Fairytales : An Exploration of Implied Gender Roles Through Functional and Wearable Art.
MA, East Carolina University, USA

Molly Louise Sharp (2011) 
Gender, feminism, and heroism in Joss Whedon and John Cassaday's Astonishing X-Men comics.
MA, University of Texas, USA

Sarah Hutchinson Woolwine (2011) 
The Feminine Self as a Critique of Spirit: A Cultural Phenomenology.
PhD, Southern Illinois University, USA

Nancy B Goldov (2011) 
The Effects of Individualized Brief Medical Dance/Movement Therapy on Body Image in Women With Breast Cancer
PsyD, Argosy University, Seattle, USA

Anne Gustafson (2011) 
Women and the archetype of the phallus; engagement with the sculpture of Louise Bourgeois
PhD, Pacifica Graduate Institute, USA

Robert Lyle Hernandez (2011) 
Archival body/archival space: Queer remains of the Chicano Art Movement, Losa Angeles, 1969-2009
PhD, University of Maryland, College Park, USA

Holly Neubert (2011) 
Hand Perception in Late Twentieth Century Women's Experimental Poetics
PhD, State University of New York at Buffalo, USA

Margaretta Swigert (2011) 
Globalizing Kenyan culture: Jua kali and the transformation of contemporary Kenyan art: 1960--2010
PhD, Loyola University Chicago, USA

Sophie Bertrand (2011) 
"De fil en aiguille", les femmes sculpteurs à l'œuvre depuis 1950 : confrontations, explorations et quêtes, un dévoilement d'identités, «Following a thread», female sculptors working since 1950 : confrontations, explorations and revealed identities
PhD, Toulouse 2, France

Helene Fleckinger (2011) 
Cinéma et vidéo saisis par par le féminisme (France, 1968-1981) / Cinema and Video Captured by Feminism (France, 1968-1981)
PhD, Paris 3, France

Manon Labry (2011) 
Le cas de la sous-culture punk féministe américaine : vers une redéfinition de la relation dialectique "mainstream -underground" ? / Rethinking the 'mainstream/underground' dialectic : a case study of American feminist punk subculture
PhD, Toulouse 2, France

Martine Monteau (2011) 
L'insaisie, Jacqueline Lamba (1910-1993) : éléments de recherche biographique dans le contexte historique / The elusive, Jacqueline Lamba (1910-1993) : biographical research's elements in historical context
PhD, Paris 1, France

Penelope Jane Trotter (2011) 
Fantasy fulfilment and pressing politics: ethical communication as performance.
PhD, Monash University, Australia

Mylene Joly (2011) 
Le rapport à soi, la relation à l'autre : les pratiques artistiques de Nan Goldin et de Pina Bausch, entre identité et devenir.
MA, UQAM, Canada

Audrey Laurin (2011) 
La production de discours autour de l'oeuvre et de l'artiste Tracey Emin
MA, UQAM, Canada

Andrée-Anne Pellerin (2011) 
La dimension phénoménale du corps dans la performance des années 1970 à 1980
MA, UQAM, Canada

José Ignacio Benito Climent  (2011) 
Orlan como paradigma de la estética del sacrificio / Orlan within the aesthetic paradigm of sacrifice
PhD, Universitat de València, Spain

Alexandra Sundqvist (2011) 
Moderskap / Motherhood: Mary Kelly's Post-Partum Document
PhD, Uppsala Universitet - Campus Gotland , Sweden

Alexis McCraw Armstrong (2011) 
Representing the mother: Feminist art and the maternal
MA, Texas Christian University, USA

Felicia Desimini-Menard (2011) 
The Intersection of Arts-Based Research and Art Criticism: The Art of Deshevski
PhD, Union Institute and University, USA

Pamela Akinyi Wadende (2011) 
Chwuech manimba: Indigenous creative education among women of the Luo community of western Kenya
PhD, Texas State University, San Marcos, USA

Dorothee Richter (2011) 
Fluxus. Kunst – gleich Leben? Mythen um Autorschaft, Produktion, Geschlecht und Gemeinschaft (Fluxus: Art – Synonymous with Life? Myths about Authorship, Production, Gender and Community)
PhD, Bremen Universität , Germany

August Jordan Davis (2011) 
Bringing the war back home: Martha Rosler's anti-war photomontages(1967-2008)
PhD, University of Liverpool, UK

Jenny Scheen Kinge (2011) 
i en flamme, i et speil: en analyse av Louise Bourgeois’ skulptur i Vardø: The Damned, The Possessed and the Beloved, en del av monumentet til minne om heksebrenningen
MA, University of Oslo (UiO), Norway

Sigrun Åsebø (2011) 
Femininitetens rom og kvinnekroppens grenser: å lese kunstens historie med A. K. Dolven og Mari Slaatelid; The Space of Femininity and the Limit of the Female Body: Reading Art History with A. K. Dolven and Mari Slaatelid
PhD, University of Bergen (UiB), Norway

Lesley E. Shipley (2011) 
Specific Objects: Lee Bontecou’s Steel and Canvas Reliefs, 1959-1964
PhD, Bryn Mawr College, USA