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Heather Jo Burmeister (2013) 
Rural Revolution: Documenting the Lesbian Land Communities of Southern Oregon
MA, Portland State University, USA

Elizabeth Melanson (2013) 
The patronage of modern art by the high society women of Paris, 1871-1914
PhD, University of Delaware, USA

Helen Gorrill (2013) 
Nebula: An Elegy to Helen Chadwick's Final Works
M Res, Northumbria University, UK

Thea A. Yabut (2013) 
Lines of Necessity (Kara Walker)
MA, University of Western Ontario, Canada

Oleksandra Gudkova (2013) 
Media representations of Eastern European feminist activism
MA, University of Vienna, Austria

Jeanette Ulrikke Lund (2013) 
Inskripsjoner: En analyse av Jenny Holzers installasjon Installasjon for Agder (2002); Inscriptions: An Analysis of Jenny Holzer’s installation
MA, University of Oslo (UiO), Norway

Emily Katherine Liebert (2013) 
Roles Recast: Eleanor Antin and the 1970s
PhD, Columbia University, USA

Reeanna Bradley (2013) 
ARTivism : gender and artistic expression at AWAC
MA, Northern British Columbia, Canada

Julie Hollenbach (2013) 
Comfort/Discomfort: Allyson Mitchell's Queer Re-Crafting of the Home, the Museum, and the Nation
MA, Queens University, Canada

Lauren J. Johnson (2013) 
Shifting Focus: a Videographic Inquiry of Hope and Unplanned Pregnancy
PhD, University of Alberta, Canada

Lisa Michelle Mortimore (2013) 
Embodied ways of knowing: women’s eco-activism
PhD, University of Victoria, Canada

Catherine Siermacheski (2013) 
Not so fragile: an ethnography of women glass blowers in western Canada
PhD, University of British Columbia, Canada

Erin Silver (2013) 
Sites unseen and scenes unsighted: histories of feminist and queer alternative art spaces, ca. 1970-2012 (New York, Los Angeles, Montreal)
PhD, McGill University, Canada

Ania Wroblewski (2013) 
La vie des autres. Sophie Calle et Annie Ernaux, artistes hors-la-loi
PhD, Université de Montréal, Canada

Cherryl Llamas (2013) 
Self-representations of women artists : the "I" of the other (Yayoi Kusama, Hanh Thi Pham, and Laurel Nakadate)
MA, San Francisco State University, USA

Márcia Cristina Almeida Oliveira (2013) 
Arte e feminismo em Portugal no contexto pós-Revolução
PhD, Universidade do Minho, Portugal

Lisbeth Verena Bitto (2013) 
From contest to celebration
Hochschulschrift (Diplomarbeit), University of Vienna / Universität Wien, Austria

Petra Bohrn (2013) 
Is heritage "gender-blind"
Hochschulschrift (Diplomarbeit), University of Vienna / Universität Wien, Austria

Susana Carro Fernández (2013) 
Del arte feminista al arte femenino
PhD, Universidad de Oviedo, Spain

Janette Cervin (2013) 
Flowers in a contemporary painting practice
MA, Unitec Institute of Technology, USA

Ronaldo Ferreira de Souza (2013) 
Um estudo sobre o universo feminino nas obras de Nan Goldin e Cindy Sherman ; A study about the female universe in the works of Nan Goldin and Cindy Sherman
MA, Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil

Fatma D. Dogus (2013) 
Voices of Female International Graduate Students: Feminist Arts-Based Study at University of Victoria Graduate Students' Society
MA, University of Victoria, Canada

Aleksandra Drozdowska  (2013) 
Studien zur polnischen Performancekunst: (Ewa Partum / Jerzy Beres / Zbigniew Warpechowski)
Hochschulschrift (Diplomarbeit), University of Vienna / Universität Wien, Austria

Elisabeth Hanzl (2013) 
Die Performances der V-Girls (1986 - 1996)
Hochschulschrift (Diplomarbeit), University of Vienna / Universität Wien, Austria

Elisabeth Hotter (2013) 
Die feministische und friedensaktivistische Kunst von Yoko Ono und der Geltungsbereich sozialer Prozesse am Beispiel der Performance "Cut Piece"
Hochschulschrift (Diplomarbeit), University of Vienna / Universität Wien, Austria

Maísól Sturludóttir Ragnheiður  (2013) 
Stundarkorn: (Hannah Wilke, Martha Rosler, Bas Jan Ader, Roman Signer)
MA, University of Iceland, Iceland

Maria Regina Sagmeister  (2013) 
Dekonstruktion von Identität in der zeitgenössischen Fotografie (Catherine Opie / Zanele Muholi / Verena Jaekel)
Hochschulschrift (Diplomarbeit), University of Vienna / Universität Wien, Austria

Lorna Alice Moira  Dillon (2013) 
Violetta Parra's Visual Art (1917-1967)
PhD, King's College London, UK

Michelle  Metivier (2013) 
Of pinafores and penises : feminist art of the 1970s
MA, University of Oxford, UK

Julia  Antivilo Peña  (2013) 
Arte feminista latinoamericano: rupturas de un arte político en la producción visual
PhD, Universidad de Chile, Chile

Arriagada Reyes  Galia (2013) 
Performance : intersticio e interdisciplina
Licenciatura, Universidad de Chile , Chile

Kowii Alta Nary Manai (2013) 
Mujeres de colores, colores de mujeres: las mujeres y su contribución al Sumakruray (arte Kichwa) Propuestas estéticas a partir del bordado y la pintura
PhD, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador, Ecuador

Roya Amirsoleymani (2013) 
Planning for Public Participation and Community Engagement in Contemporary Feminist Art
PhD, University of Oregon, USA

Redi Koobak (2013) 
Whirling Stories: Postsocialist Feminist Imaginaries and the Visual Arts
PhD, Linköping University, Sweden

Jiun Yuh Li (2013) 
Artistas chinos y taiwaneses contemporáneos en España. reflexiones desde una perspectiva de género
PhD, Universidad de Salamanca, Spain

Chauvin Marilyn (2013) 
Reflecture des multiples facettes du féminin sacré et profane. Review of the multifaceted feminine, both sacred and secular.
PhD, Bordeaux 3, France

Courtney Pedersen (2013) 
THE INDEFINITIVE SELF: subject as process in visual art (Tracey Moffatt, Mona Hatoum, Pipilotti Rist)
PhD, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Deborah Deborah Levine (2013) 
Knitting as art
MA, University of Louisville, USA

Rebecca Elaine Schuiling (2013) 
A Thematic Analysis of the Material Culture of Artwork Using Knit as an Artistic Medium
PhD, Eastern Michigan University, USA

Adrianne Woods (2013) 
Female Character Development in Select Works by Lope de Vega, María de Zayas, and Calderón de la Barca
MA, University of South Carolina, USA

Maria von Schantz Tylestam (2013) 
Eva Klasson : En analys av verk, karriär och reception
MA, Södertörn Univ. College, Sweden

Lina Alves  Arruda (2013) 
Estratégias desconstrutivas: a crítica feminista da representação / Deconstructive strategies: the feminist representational critique.
MA, Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil

Jonatas Xavier  de Souza (2013) 
Que bom viver a vida: memórias e histórias de mulheres que sobreviveram à violência da ditadura
MA, Universidade Federal da Paraíba, Brazil

Panmela Silva e Castro (2013) 
A arte de Anarkia Boladona e outras questões sobre o graffiti/ Art of Anarkia Boladona and others issues about the graffiti.
MA, Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Luana Saturnino Tvardovskas (2013) 
Dramatização dos corpos : arte contemporânea de mulheres no Brasil e na Argentina / Dramatizing the bodies : contemporary women artistis in Brazil and Argentine.
PhD, Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil

Dalia Mikonytė (2013) 
XXI a. kūrėjos tapatybės problema: tarp ženklų ir tikrovės / Identity problem of XXI century artist: between signs and reality
MA, Vilniaus dailės akademija, Lithuania

Amy Charlesworth (2013) 
The 'video-essay' in contemporary art : documenting capital and gender for the 21st century
PhD, University of Leeds, UK

Ana Luisa Cruz (2013) 
The photograph of a loved one : a practice-led investigation through writing
PhD, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Katherine Hunt Guinness (2013) 
Rosemarie Trockel : the problem of becoming
PhD, University of Manchester, UK

Elaine Igoe (2013) 
In textasis : matrixial narratives of textile design
PhD, Royal College of Art, UK

Maud C. Jacquin (2013) 
Narrative unrest : the politics of narrative in women artists' film and video
PhD, University College London (UCL), UK

Gwyneth Siobhan Jones (2013) 
Expose yourself to art : towards a critical epistemology of embarrassment
PhD, Goldsmiths' College, University of London, UK

Nina R. Kane (2013) 
F- f- felt it' : breathing feminist, queer and clown thinking into the practice and study of Sarah Kane's 'Cleansed' and 'Blasted'
PhD, University of Huddersfield, UK

Catriona MacLeod (2013) 
Invisible presence : the representation of women in the Francophone bande dessinÈe
PhD, University of Glasgow, UK

Rosa Nogues (2013) 
The body of sexuation : feminist art practice in the 1990s
PhD, Kingston University, UK

Eve Peasnall (2013) 
Painting backwards, or, How my fool encountered the melancholic
PhD, Royal College of Art, UK

Maria Photiou (2013) 
Rethinking the history of Cypriot art : Greek Cypriot women artists in Cyprus
PhD, Loughborough University, UK

Alice Planel (2013) 
Artists of Algerian origin exhibiting in France 1989-2012 : an analysis of selected artists' work and its reception : the urban, the home and the Arab woman, and the 'global' art world
PhD, Kingston University, UK

Hilkka Marja Booker (2013) 
Our Ladies: Third Space Identities in Chicana Artistic Expressions, 1970-2000
PhD, University of Maryland, USA

Jasmine Richards (2013) 
Arachne's daughters : towards a feminist poetics of creative autonomy
PhD, Goldsmiths' College, University of London, UK

Joanna Sperryn-Jones (2013) 
Breaking as making : in what ways can making sculpture contribute to understanding experiences and perceptions of breaking?
PhD, University of the Arts London and Norwich University of the Arts, UK

Jayeon Kim (2013) 
We Came! We Stripped! We Conquered! The Sextremist Feminists of FEMEN in Ukrainian Historical Context and Contemporary Controversy
Honors Thesis, Colby College, USA

Rebecca Ashley Van Kollenburg (2013) 
Evolving Artist/Audience Agency in the Trajectory of Feminist Performance Art: Carolee Schneemann’s Interior Scroll, Annie Sprinkle’s Post-Porn Modernist, and Narcissister’s Narcissister is You
BA Senior project, Bard College, USA

Kristina Starr (2013) 
Lady bits
MA, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA

Jessica Volmer (2013) 
She’s Forever Present, Marina Abramovic: An Artist, An Innovator, And The Grandmother of Performance Art
BA, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, USA

Tui Nicola Clery (2013) 
The Art of Peace: Performative and Arts Based Peace Practices in Contemporary Fiji
PhD, University of Otago, New Zealand

Beatriz Anguiano (2013) 
The place of Chicana feminism and Chicano art in the history curriculum
MA, California State University, Sacramento, USA

Rhonda ReChelle Barbour (2013) 
Perfomance of memory and ritual: selected works by Ana Mendieta and Tania Bruguera
MA, University of Southern California, USA

Marie Caitlin  (2013) 
Yasumasa Morimura: Appropriator of Images, Cultures, and Identities
MA, Bowling Green State University, USA

Marta Fernandez Campa (2013) 
Fragmented Memories: The Archival Turn in Contemporary Caribbean Literature and Visual Culture (Roshini Kempadoo)
MA, University of Miami, USA

Samantha Gaier (2013) 
Interior Decoration as Fine Art: Rachel Feinstein and The Sorbet Room, 2001
MA, Bowling Green State University, USA

Kristy L. Ganoe (2013) 
Mindful Movement as a Cure for Colonialism.
PhD, Bowling Green State University, USA

M.R. Gomez Olmedilla (2013) 
Deconstructing "Non-spaces". Inquiries into Contemporary Public Art in Budapest from a Feminist Point of View.
MA, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Amy Gardner Harlee (2013) 
Art and stories of social justice identity development from white, christian women offer Insights for a Social Justice Education for Young People
PhD, University of North Carolina, Greensboro, USA

Rebecca Adeline Johnston (2013) 
Culture in the crucible : Pussy Riot and the politics of art in contemporary Russia
MA, University of Texas – Austin, USA

Linda Sheridan Jones (2013) 
A feminist critique of the concept of home in the work of selected contemporary white South African female artists.
MA, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Monika Kaiser (2013) 
Neubesetzungen des Kunst-Raumes : feministische Kunstausstellungen und ihre Raume, 1972-1987 : New Members of the Art-Room: feminist exhibitions and their room, 1972-1987
PhD, Universität der Künste Berlin, Germany

Kiley Anna McCarthy (2013) 
Ritual, nourishment, and caregiving: the performances of Barbara T. Smith and Linda Montano
MA, Public Art Studies, University of Southern California, USA

Summers Esther Morris (2013) 
Deconstructing Books, Reconstructing Women
MA, University of South Carolina, USA

Caroline Phillips (2013) 
Placing the body: towards a subjectivity of the feminine in sculpture
MA, University of Melbourne, Australia

Deborah Tjikalyi Kim Prior (2013) 
The anatomical Venus exquisite disgust & desire : crafting the body in contemporary art practice
PhD, University of South Australia, Australia

Sausan Saulat (2013) 
This, That and the Other : Occidental Accidents
MFA, Savannah College of Art and Design, USA

Jacqueline Claire Vischer (2013) 
A Salute to Feminine Utopia: Part One Feminist Manifestos and Utopian Fiction and Part Two Cwenaland an Odyssey
MA, Université de Montréal, Canada

T.M. Zinnen (2013) 
Pussy Riot's Punk Prayer; Blasfemie, parrèsia en de strijd om vrijheid
MA, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Katy Ballard (2013) 
Queens of the South Plains: Collected oral histories of drag queens living in Lubbock, TX.
MA, Texas Tech University, USA

Debra Elizabeth Cardell (2013) 
Mina Loy and the Electric Body
MA, University of Tennessee – Knoxville, USA

April Louise Durham (2013) 
Collaborative Aesthetics and the Politics of Trans-Subjectivity.
PhD, University of California, Riverside, USA

Tia Simone Gardner (2013) 
The other collectives of the left: reading Black left feminisms in sites of transatlantic cultural praxis.
MA, University of Alabama, USA

Martha Elisabeth Polk (2013) 
What Is Wrong With Carol?: Narrative, Genre, Feminism, and Language in Todd Haynes' Safe.
MA, Emory University, USA

Brian Pridham (2013) 
Lady bits.
MA, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA

Kara SwamI (2013) 
Destabilizing the Sign:The Collage Work of Ellen Gallagher, Wangechi Mutu, and Mickalene Thomas.
MA, University of Cincinnati, USA

Anna Gallagher Warbelow (2013) 
Camping the Canon: Yasumasa Morimura's Queer Performative Critique of Art History.
PhD, Washington University in St. Louis, USA

Elizabeth Winnel (2013) 
Lip Sync.
MFA, Savannah College of Art and Design, USA

Denise Tupper (2013) 
My Family of Women: Celebrating Blackness and Exploring Themes of Black Feminism
BA, Scripps College, USA

Kristen M Fallica (2013) 
Sustaining feminist film cultures: An institutional history of Women Make Movies
PhD, University of Pittsburgh, USA

EunHee Kim (2013) 
Theoretical relationship between expressive/art therapy and postmodern philosophy
MA, Hofstra University, USA

Tais Ritter Dias (2013) 
Enredamentos de gênero no ensino da arte : investigando os estereótipos na arte e na cultura visual
MA, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Maria del Carmen Oleas Rueda (2013) 
La construcción de noción de feminidad en la práctica fotográfica de Lucía Chiriboga, Sara Roitman y Wendy Ribadeneira
MA, Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar, Ecuador

Esmeralda Mancilla Valdez (2013) 
Pour un art biocritique: sexualité et action politique
PhD, Paris 1, France

Hui-Hu Hseih (2013) 
(Chinese/Eng. title) A Study on the Imagery of Female Bodies Created by a Younger Generation of Women Artists in Taiwan
MA, Kaohsiung Normal University, Taiwan

HUA-JU Hsu (2013) 
(Chinese/Eng. title) Female Artist-Image Self Discovery on the of Life
MA, National Taiwan University of Arts, Taiwan

Jean Lee Yi (2013) 
(Chinese/Eng. title) Research on Maternal Motives Reflected in Works by Contemporary Taiwanese Women Artists
MA, Taipei Municipal University of Education, Taiwan

Gina  Cortopassi (2013) 
Regard critique sur le techno-corps dans la série La réincarnation de Sainte-ORLAN
MA, UQAM, Canada

Kim Rondeau (2013) 
Où en sommes-nous avec l'art féministe? : analyse de la programmation de la Centrale Galerie Powerhouse (1973-1978 et 2007-2010).
MA, UQAM, Canada

Sara Savignac-Rousseau (2013) 
La stratégie ironique comme militance féministe : le cas des Guerrilla Girls, des Fermières Obsédées et de Dana Wyse.
MA, UQAM, Canada

Victoria Lawson (2013) 
Embodied artistic interventions into the tourist field
PhD, University of Sydney, Australia

Judith Lorena Méndez Barrios  (2013) 
Dilatando el efímero. Intervención performativa y pedagógica radical: El caso de Lleca en México
PhD, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona - UAB Barcelona, Spain

Sibyl Annice Fisher (2013) 
Curare : to care, to curate : a relational ethic of care in curatorial practice
PhD, Institute of Education, University of London, UK

Kiley Anna McCarthy (2013) 
Ritual, nourishment, and caregiving: The performances of Barbara T Smith and Linda Montano
MA, University of Southern California, USA

Kate  Just (2013) 
The Texture of Her Skin: A Studio Project Excavating and Reweaving Visions of Female Subjectivity
PhD, Monash University, Australia