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Melinda Justine Rhoades (2008) 
Addressing the computing gender gap: A case study using feminist pedagogy and visual culture art education
PhD, Ohio State University, USA

Gabriele Therese Abowd (2008) 
Making room for art: Case studies of midwestern women artists and their studios
PhD, Indiana University, School of Education, USA

Rebecca Allisyn Ansert (2008) 
Four women, four public art projects, four decades: Exploring socially conscious public art and social change: Anna Halprin, Judith F. Baca, Barbara Kruger, and Sheila Levrant de Bretteville
M. Public art studies, University of Southern California, USA

Allison de Fren (2008) 
The exquisite corpse: Disarticulations of the artificial female
PhD, University of Southern California, USA

Lahla K Deakins (2008) 
Women, art, and community: A proposal for a non-profit pottery program in Appalachia
MA, East Tennessee State University, USA

Rachel Deutsch (2008) 
Rebelling against discourses of denial and destruction: Mainstream representations of Aboriginal women and violence; resistance through the art of Rebecca Belmore and Shelley Niro
Thesis (M.S.W.), University of Toronto, Canada

C. Wakaba Futamura (2008) 
Crossing frames of art and identity: Baya, Cixous, and Beji
PhD, Rice University, USA

Karen Miranda Augustine (2008) 
Paradise jacked: primitivism, disidentification & feminist cultural practice
MA, York University, Canada

Erica Isabel  de Melo (2008) 
Cultura juvenil feminista Riot Grrrl em São Paulo / Youth culture feminist Riot Grrrl in São Paulo
MA, Universidade do Minho, Brazil

Hsu Ju-Ting  (2008) 
(Chinese/Eng. title) Representation and Communication: On Contemporary Feminism Visual Arts in Taiwan
PhD, Shih Hsin University, Taiwan

Kristy Arlene Holmes (2008) 
Negotiating the Nation: The Work of Joyce Wieland 1968-1976
MA, Queens University, Canada

Nina R. Kane (2008) 
The Treatment of Rape in Women's Performance Art and Sarah Kane's 'Blasted'.
MA, University of Huddersfield, UK

Joni Lisa Murphy (2008) 
Beyond Sweetgrass: The Life and Art of Jaune Quick-to-See Smith
MA, University of Kansas, USA

Renata Butryn (2008) 
Art therapy and eating disorders : introducing feminist post-structuralist perspectives
MA, Concordia University, Canada

Yang Fang-chan (2008) 
(Chinese/English title) A Theatre of Operation: The Reincarnation of St. Orlan (1990-1993)--Reifying Transgression and Integration in Identity Making
PhD, National Central University Institutional Repository (NCUIR), Taiwan

Andrea Hubin (2008) 
Konzepte von Audio-Visualität in den Arbeiten von Renate Kowanz-Kocer
Hochschulschrift (Diplomarbeit), University of Vienna / Universität Wien, Austria

Laura de la Mora Marti (2008) 
Desplazamientos y recorridos a través del land art en Fina Miralles y Àngels Ribé -en la década de los setenta-
PhD, Universidad Politécnica de València, Spain

Luisa Maria Nunes Vieira Rizzo (2008) 
O acontencimento patchwork : um modo de aprender a vida
MA, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Brazil

Nádia da Cruz Senna (2008) 
Donas da beleza: a imagem feminina na cultura ocidental pelas artistas plásticas do século XX ; Donas da beleza: a imagem feminina na cultura ocidental pelas artistas plásticas...
PhD, Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil

Silvia Siu-har Fok (2008) 
Performance art and the body in contemporary China
PhD, University of Hong Kong , Hong Kong

Ainaru Margarethe Stania  (2008) 
Der Schuh in der Kunst am Beispiel von Birgit Jürgenssen
Hochschulschrift (Diplomarbeit), University of Vienna / Universität Wien, Austria

Milena Tomic (2008) 
Rituals and repetitions : the displacement of context in Marina Abramovic's Seven Easy Pieces
MA, University of British Columbia, Canada

C.R. Vercoe (2008) 
Disturbing practices: exploring issues of race and gender in American performance art
PhD, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Rakhee  Balaram (2008) 
Femmes révolutionnaires : the politics of women's art, theory and practice in 1970s France
PhD, Courtauld Institute, London, UK

Susan Joyce (2008) 
Picturing lesbian, informing art therapy a postmodern feminist autobiographical investigation
PhD, Southern Cross University, USA

Virginia Villaplana Ruiz (2008) 
Nuevas Violencias de género. Arte y Cultura Visual
PhD, Universidad de Murcia, Spain

Mathilde Felix (2008) 
Nadelstiche : Sticken in der Kunst der Gegenwart
PhD, Marburg Universität , Germany

Sabine  Schobel (2008) 
Die zwei : weibliche Doppelfiguren im europäischen Aufbruchskino der 60er Jahre
PhD, Frankfurt am Main Universität , Germany

Amanda Bell (2008) 
Our unending heritage: a critical biography based on the life of Ella Osborn Fry (nee Robinson) 1916-1997
PhD, University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Diem-My Thi Bui (2008) 
Embodiments of difference: Representations of Vietnamese women in the U.S. cultural imaginary
PhD, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA

Luana Saturnino  Tvardovskas (2008) 
Figurações feministas na arte contemporanea : Marcia X., Fernanda Magalhaes e Rosangela Renno / Feminist figuration in the contemporary art : Marcia X., Fernanda Magalhaes and Rosangela Renno.
MA, Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil

Cuneyt Cakirlar (2008) 
Disidentification, mimicry, melancholia and image : queer reconfigurations in contemporary visual arts
PhD, University College London (UCL), UK

Clare Johnson (2008) 
Textures of Femininity: Temporality, feminism and generation in contemporary women's art
PhD, Lancaster University, UK
See also by same author, Femininity, time and feminist art (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013)

So Mui Ma (2008) 
Post-colonial identities and art education in Hong Kong
PhD, Institute of Education, University of London, UK

Ming Turner (2008) 
Visualising culture and gender : postcolonial feminist analyses of womenís exhibitions in Taiwan, 1996-2003
PhD, Loughborough University, UK

Sigrid Adorf (2008) 
Operation Video : eine Technik des Nahsehens und ihr spezifisches Subjekt : die Videokunstlerin der 1970er Jahre / Operation video: one technique of close vision and specific subject: video artists of the 1970s
PhD, Bremen Universität , Germany

Alisa Farr (2008) 
The ear that you are able to hear me with : theorising art practice through auto/ethnography
MA, Stellenbosch University, South Africa

Pearlie Mae Johnson  (2008) 
African American quilts : an examination of feminism, identity, and empowerment in the fabric arts of Kansas City quilters
PhD, University of Missouri, Kansas City, USA

Rachel S. Loewen Walker (2008) 
Becoming queer : from rhetoric to rhizomes and toward a politics of process.
MA, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Biljana Miliki (2008) 
The Golden Notebook
MA, Vaxjo University, Sweden

Jeanine Marie Minge (2008) 
Cob building: Movement and moments of survival
MA, University of South Florida, USA

Raena Quinlivan (2008) 
Corporeality and the Rhetoric of Feminist Body Art
MA, Penn State University, USA

Melinda J.  Rhoades (2008) 
Addressing The Computing Gender Gap: A Case Study Using Feminist Pedagogy and Visual Culture Art Education
PhD, Ohio State University, USA

Naomi Salaman (2008) 
Looking back at the life room : revisiting Pevsner's 'Academies of Art Past and Present', to reconsider the illustrations and construct photographs representing the curriculum.
PhD, Goldsmiths' College, University of London, UK

Jessica Leigh Spraggins (2008) 
The Importance of Context: A Pilot Case Study of a Woman Who Engaged in Intimate Partner Violence.
Ms. Educ., Florida State University, USA

Dragana Vujanovic (2008) 
En kvinnas mansbilder: Maria Friberg
MA, Södertörns Högskola, Sweden

C. A. Wakerley (2008) 
Group art therapy with rape survivors: a postmodern, feminist study
D.Litt et Phil, University of Johannesburg, South Africa

Dick Whyte (2008) 
A Place for Shadows: A Prolegomena to the Authorship Practices and Films of Joanna Margaret Paul.
MA, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Kaitlin Wilson-Bryant (2008) 
The botanical thread
MA, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA

Kathleen Gless (2008) 
A critique of testimonies and an art of surviving: Rwandanese genocidal rape survivors, incest and stranger rape survivors
M.E, George Mason University, USA

D. Akil Houston (2008) 
A DJ Speaks with Hands: Gender Education and Hiphop Culture.
PhD, Ohio University, USA

Leisha Jones (2008) 
Girling the Girl: Visual Culture and Girl Studies.
PhD, Penn State University, USA

Rachel Jones (2008) 
Evolution: The Progress of a Painter.
MFA, University of New Orleans, USA

Joetta L Maue (2008) 
The Conflict of Desire.
MA, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA

Katrinka Cleora Somdahl (2008) 
Dancing in place: the radical production of civic spaces: Radical production of civic spaces.
PhD, University of Texas – Austin, USA

Laura C Gardner (2008) 
Preservice art education: Art making, reflecting, learning art teaching
PhD, Union Institute and University, USA

Mingqing Chen (2008) 
(Chinese/Eng. title) Writing the body:Carolee Schneemann’s 'Eye Body'
MA, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

Sandra Escohotado Gil (2008) 
Autorretrato, arte y mujer
PhD, Universidad Complutense, Madrid, Spain

Claire Nihill (2008) 
Escape artists : the female visual artist within contemporary women's fictions
MA, Deakin University, Australia

M. Pridmore (2008) 
Reinventing Rapport: An Investigation of the Mother- Daughter Dyad within Contemporary Figure Painting
MA, University of Tasmania, Australia

Chloe Clarce (2008) 
Entre deux mondes: métissage, identité et histoire: sur les traces de Sonia Robertson, Sylvie Paré et Rebecca Belmore ou les parcours artistiques de trois femmes artistes autochtones, entre la mémoire et l'audace
MA, UQAM, Canada

Genevieve Fullum-Locat (2008) 
L’esthétique relationnelle: une étude de cas: les actions artistiques de Sylvie Cotton
MA, UQAM, Canada

María Lourdes Santamaría Blasco (2008) 
Figuras del exceso y políticas del cuerpo. Riesgos, prejuicios y represión de la visibilidad de los placeres. Representaciones de sexualidades extremas en el arte y la cultura del siglo XX. Figures of excess and body politics.
PhD, Universidad Politécnica de València, Spain

Renata Butryn (2008) 
Art therapy and eating disorders: Introducing feminist post-structuralist perspectives
MA, Concordia University, Canada

Joni L Murphy (2008) 
Beyond sweetgrass: The life and art of Jaune Quick-to-See Smith
PhD, University of Kansas, USA

Merav Yerushalmy (2008) 
The state of relations : issues of relationality and practices of documentation in contemporary art
PhD, University of Essex, UK
See also by same author, 'Alternative Views - Utopian Relations and Relational Practices in the Work of Nan Goldin,Yvonne Droge Wendel and Andrea Zittel' (n.paradoxa vol 16 53-61, 2005)

Joanna Sara Walker (2008) 
Nancy Spero : An Encounter in Three Parts- Performance, Poetry and Dance
PhD, University College London, UK
See also by same author, Nancy Spero, Encounters (Ashgate Press, 2011)