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Diane Collet (2002) 
Laughing my arts off: The origins of humour in my art
MA, Concordia University, Canada

Kathryn Hourin Faber (2002) 
Thesis (D.Litt.), Drew University, USA

Jeanne M Laiacona (2002) 
Postmodern puddles: A method for understanding the presence and meaning of bodily fluids in contemporary culture, and in artistic works of women, African-American, Latino and gay artists of the nineteen eighties and nineteen ninetie
Thesis (D.A.), State University of New York at Albany, USA

Tina Toshiko Takemoto (2002) 
Traumatic repetition: Mimicry, melancholia, performance
PhD, University of Rochester, USA

Heather Michelle Veltman (2002) 
Alternative art education: A feminist teaching experiment with college students
MA, Concordia University, Canada

Janice Anderson (2002) 
Creating room: Canadian women's mural painting and rereadings of the public and the private
PhD, Concordia University, Canada

Kathleen Loren Batstone (2002) 
Breaking the mould : cooking semiotics and heterogeneity
PhD, University of Manitoba, Canada

Lisa Coulthard (2002) 
Trauma talk : theorizing violence and victimization in contemporary performance
PhD, University of Toronto, Canada

Shuhua Lai (2002) 
(Chinese/Eng. title) The Origin of Life — The research of Pictorial Signs and Creation
MA, Taipei Teachers College, Taiwan

Aulikki  Eromaki  (2002) 
Weiblichkeit und ästhetisches Handeln bei zeitgenössischen bildenden Künstlerinnen 1975-1990 / Femininity and aesthetic activity among contemporary women artists between 1975-1990
PhD, Universität der Künste Berlin, Germany

Lorrie Anne Miller (2002) 
Constructing voices : a narrative case study of the processes and production of a community art performance
MA, University of British Columbia, Canada

Judith Batalion (2002) 
Twisted sisters, tweaked spaces : women's collaboration in the visual arts (1970-2000)
MA, Courtauld Institute, London, UK
See also by same author, Mad mothers, fast friends, and twisted sisters : women's collaborations in the visual arts, 1970-2000 (, )

Naomi Skelton (2002) 
Ruth Francken : la coupure et la coherence
MA, Courtauld Institute, London, UK

Sheena Gourlay (2002) 
Feminist/art in Quebec, 1975-1992
PhD, Concordia University, Canada

Christiane  Koenig (2002) 
Ein Blick auf die Rückseite der Leinwand : feministische Perspektiven zur Produktion von Weiblichkeit im Diskurs "Film"
PhD, Tübingen, Germany

Andrea Schmidt-Niemeyer (2002) 
Frauen zwischen Petticoat und Werkbank ... : Geschlechterverhältnisse in der deutschen Nachkriegsgesellschaft ; eine Analyse anhand exemplarischer Paardarstellungen (Schwerpunkt 1945 - 1960)/Women petticoat and Workbench...: gender relations in German pos
PhD, Heidelberg University, Germany

Yvonne  Bauer (2002) 
Sexualitat-Korper-Geschlecht : Befreiungsdiskurse und neue Technologien
PhD, Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg, University of Oldenburg, Germany

Jane H. Carpenter (2002) 
Conjure woman : Betye Saar and rituals of transformation, 1960-1990
PhD, University of Michigan, USA

Bronwen Calvert (2002) 
Virtual bodies : technology and embodiment in cyberpunk fiction
PhD, University of East Anglia, UK

Suzanna Shau-Wai. Chan (2002) 
De/centering whiteness, gender and 'Irishness' : representing 'race', gender and diaspora in Irish visual art
PhD, University of Ulster, UK

Ruth Jones (2002) 
Liminality, risk and repetition : towards a feminine becoming in contemporary art practices
PhD, University of Ulster, UK
See also by same author, Holy hiatus : ritual and community in public art (Parthian, 2010)

Divya Praful Tolia-Kelly (2002) 
Iconographies of diaspora : refracted landscapes and textures of memory of South Asian women in London
PhD, University of London, UK
See also by same author, Landscape, race and memory : material ecologies of citzenship (London: Ashgate, 2010)

Nedira Yakir (2002) 
Wilhelmina Barns-Graham & Margaret Mellis : the gendered construction of 'St Ives' display, positioning and displacement
PhD, University of Plymouth, UK

Joyce Michelina Centofanti  (2002) 
A single-subject multiple baseline and feminist intertextual deconstruction of gender differences among kindergartners in learning the alphabet using clay and a tactual/kinesthetic multiple intelligence and Montessori pedagogy
MA, Texas Tech University, USA

Sandra Chesterman  (2002) 
Figure work : the nude and life modelling in New Zealand art
PhD, University of Auckland, USA

Yvette Deseyve  (2002) 
Der Kunstlerinnen-Verein Munchen e.V. und seine Damen-Akademie : eine Studie zur Ausbildungssituation von Kunstlerinnen im spaten 19. und fruhen 20. Jahrhundert
PhD, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München / Munich, Germany

Eva Fernández (2002) 
Collaboration, demystification, Rea-historiography: the reclamation of the black body by contemporary indigenous female photo-media artists
MA, Edith Cowan University, Australia

Annette Iggulden  (2002) 
Women's silence : in the space of words and images
MA, Deakin University, Australia

Annette Kubitza (2002) 
Fluxus, Flirt, Feminismus? : Carolee Schneemanns Korperkunst und die Avantgarde
PhD, University of Hamburg, Germany

Susan Ann Richmond (2002) 
Put-ons and take-offs : Lynda Benglis, feminism and representations of the body, 1967-1977
PhD, University of Texas at Austin, USA

Annette Maie Rups-Eyland  (2002) 
Centre of the storm : in search of an Australian feminist spirituality through performance-ritual
PhD, University of Western Sydney, Australia

Bizhu Chen (2002) 
(Chinese/Eng. title) The Influence of the Education about the Appreciation of Women's Art on the Sixth-Grade Students in the Elementary School
MA, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

Nomen Gmach (2002) 
Tatouages berbères : corps voilés, corps dévoilés
PhD, Paris 1, France
See also by same author, La Mediation Du Signe, Les Lieux Du Corps (, 2011)

Annie-Claude Banville (2002) 
La polysensorialité dans les environnements immersifs. étude d’installations de Charlotte Davies et Luc Courchesne
MA, UQAM, Canada

Tamar Tembeck (2002) 
Corporéités transgressives: une étude féministe des représentations du corps chez trois artistes: Mona Hatoum, Kiki Smith et Marie Chouinard
MA, UQAM, Canada

Vanessa Jane Corby (2002) 
Establishing losses encountered' : towards a detail of Eva Hesse
PhD, Leeds University, UK

Lisa Ryan Musgrave (2002) 
Critical feminist aesthetics: Explorations in contemporary aesthetics and politics
PhD, Purdue University, USA

Victoria Turner (2002) 
The Factors Affecting Women's Success in Museum Careers: A Discussion of the Reasons More Women Do Not Reach the Top, and of Strategies to Promote their Future Success
Diss., University College London, UK
See also by same author, 'The Factors Affecting Women's Success in Museum Careers: A Discussion of the Reasons More Women Do Not Reach the Top, and of Strategies to Promote their Future Success' vol. 8, pp.6–10 (Journal of Conservation and Museum Studies, 2002)

Brita Eskeland (2002) 
”The damned beautiful”: Hannah Wilke’s kunst sett i lys av feministisk resepsjon: ”The damned beautiful”: Hannah Wilke’s art seen in the light of feminist reception
MA, University of Bergen (UiB), Norway