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Carol L. Chur (2005) 
The Raquette River quilters: A case study of cultural biases and contemporary quiltmaking production from a feminist perspective (New York)
MA, State University of New York at Buffalo, USA

Jung Jun Jung Jun (2005) 
(English title of Korean text) Seuteurindeuberi and Kim Woo-Jin works, by the subject of comparative research
MA, Seoul National University, Korea

Michelle Maryanne Meagher (2005) 
Framing the artist: Cultural analysis and the myths of Cindy Sherman
PhD, George Mason University, USA

Carmel Zehavit (2005) 
The evolution of the installation 'Archetypal Serenity'
MALS, State University of New York, Empire State College, USA

Linda Hoeptner Poling (2005) 
Georgia Collins: Career and commitment in the context of gender issues in art education
PhD, Kent State University, USA

Mary Anne Rose (2005) 
Expatriate experience and American women artists: Creative lives and creative work in context
Thesis (Ed.D.), Columbia University, Teachers College, USA

Carol Beer Houpert (2005) 
Female body and identity: a critical reflection into the art of mid-life
MA, Concordia University, Canada

Andrea D. Fitzpatrick (2005) 
Approaching the dying and the dead: an analysis of contemporary, lens-based artworks and the potential for ethical intersubjectivity
PhD, McGill University, Canada

Mariana Meloni Vieira  Botti (2005) 
Espelho, espelho meu? : auto-retratos fotograficos de artistas brasileiras na contemporaneidade
MA, Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil

Julie Lavigne (2005) 
L'art féministe et la traversée de la pornographie: érotisme et intersubjectivité chez Carolee Schneemann, Pipilotti Rist, Annie Sprinkle et Marlene Dumas
PhD, McGill University, Canada

Cynthia Roblin (2005) 
Crossfire : gender, cyberfeminism and World Wide Web visual culture
MA, Concordia University, Canada

So Ra Lim (2005) 
Da imagem à palavra : medo e ousadia em Hye Seok Rha, Tarsila do Amaral e Frida Kahlo
MA, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul , Brazil

Luciana Gruppelli Loponte (2005) 
Docência artista : arte, estética de si e subjetividades femininas
MA, Universidade de Santa Cruz do Sul, Brazil

Barbara Josepha Scheuermann (2005) 
Erzählstrategien in der zeitgenössischen Kunst. Narrativität in Werken von William Kentridge und Tracey Emin
PhD, Cologne University / Universität zu Koln, Germany

Alda Maria Petersen  Vidiri (2005) 
Poeticas visuais do feminino na atualidade brasileira : ideia de um percurso rumo as neotecnologias ; Visual poetics from feminine in brazilian current time, an idea from a path...
MA, Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil

Gaubeca Vidorreta  Itxasné (2005) 
Representación de las mujeres en obras paradigmáticas del arte de vanguardia del siglo XX.
PhD, Universidad de Chile, Chile

Linda Fagerstrom (2005) 
Randi Fisher - svensk modernist
PhD, Lunds Universitet / Lund University, Sweden
See also by same author, Randi Fisher - svensk modernist (Ellerströms förlag, Fredsgatan 6, 222 20, Lund, 2005, )

Johanna  Monighan-Schaefer (2005) 
Offenbarung 12 im Spiegel der Zeit : eine Untersuchung theologischer und künstlerischer Entwicklungen anhand der apokalyptischen Frau / Revelation 12 in the mirror of time: a study of theological and artistic developments based on the apocalyptic woman
PhD, Philipps-Universität Marburg / University of Marburg, Germany

Sarah Bednarek (2005) 
We Believe in Nothing
MFA, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA

Jennifer T. Bridges (2005) 
From Typologies to Portraits: Catherine Opie's Photographic Manipulations of Physiognomic Imagery
MA, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA

Luisa Bieri  (2005) 
Artistic Pathways – Transiting Borders, Transforming Lives Poetics of Knowledge: Creating Feminist Art.
MA, Utrecht University, Australia

Hannah Broom (2005) 
Aggressive Flesh: The Obese Female Other
MA, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Pamela Bowman (2005) 
Ideals and Realities
MFA, Brigham Young University - Provo, USA

Katherine Battista (2005) 
Women's work : feminist artists in 1970s London
PhD, Birkbeck College, University of London, UK

Rachel Duncan (2005) 
Genital sensation : abrasive bodies in feminist performance
PhD, University of Leicester, UK

Andrea Susan Wheeler (2005) 
With place love begins : the philosophy of Luce Irigaray, the issue of dwelling, feminism and architecure
PhD, University of Nottingham, UK

Diana Mary Florence Looser (2005) 
Freeing the natural voice? : performance, gender, society. (Karen Finley, Laurie Anderson)
PhD, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Adele Adendorff (2005) 
Nomadic figurations of identity on the work of Berni Searle
M (Visual Studies), University of Pretoria, South Africa

Claire Edwards  (2005) 
I just want to melt away : 'treatment' of women with eating issues : a critical feminist informed view of art therapy and the exploration of an alternative approach.
MA, University of Western Sydney, Australia

Victoria Estrada-Berg  (2005) 
Art criticism and the gendering of Lee Bontecou's art : 1959-1964
MA, University of North Texas, USA

Anna Harris (2005) 
The anatomy lesson: an examination of the medical body as represented in contemporary anatomical art
MA, University of Melbourne, Australia

Eva Heisler (2005) 
Reading as sculpture: Roni Horn and Emily Dickinson
PhD, Ohio State University, USA

Laura Sutton Leffler (2005) 
Life in the Dollhouse: Laurie Simmons’s Early Work as a Display of Constructed Hierarchies
MA, University of Cincinnati, USA

Michelle Nikou  (2005) 
Un/Disclosed : concepts of disclosure and critical distance in contemporary autobiographical theory informing a studio-based sculptural practice
MVisual Arts, University of South Australia, Australia

Annette Seeman (2005) 
The domestic muse and the unheroic object
MFA, University of Western Australia, Australia

Lycia Danielle Trouton (2005) 
An intimate monument (re)-narrating 'the troubles' in Northern Ireland: the Irish Linen Memorial 2001-2005
MA, University of Wollongong, Australia

Anne-Laure Vernet (2005) 
Des femmes à l'oeuvre: mise en regard des conditions sociales d'accès des femmes à la création et à la reconnaissance artistique, et des biographies et oeuvres de Diane Arbus, Frida Kahlo, et Niki de Saint Phalle
PhD, Paris 8, France

Susana García Rams (2005) 
La visión creativa femenina del mundo: la coniunctio alquímica y su canal expresivo en la animación
PhD, Universidad Politécnica de València, Spain

Ariane de Blois (2005) 
La voix dans les promenades audio de Janet Cardiff : étude de cas d’une utilisation renouvelée de la voix acousmatique
MA, UQAM, Canada

Rachel Lauzon (2005) 
Le corps comme lieu de questionnement de la notion d’identité dans le travail de Rineke Dijkstra et deVanessa Beecroft
MA, UQAM, Canada

Maria SILVESTRE MARCO  (2005) 
La imagen de la preadolescente y su representación en el arte
PhD, Universidad Politécnica de València, Spain

Jung Jun  Jung Jun  (2005) 
(English title of Korean text) Seuteurindeuberi and Kim Woo-Jin works, by the subject of comparative research
MA, Seoul National University, Korea

Katherine M Lawrence (2005) 
The impact of psychology on feminist performance art: The work of Suzanne Lacy
MIDS, Roosevelt University, USA

Ulrike von Rosen (2005) 
Ladyfest, Linjen for Visuel Kommunikation
MA, København : Danmarks Designskole, Denmark

Tone Johannesen (2005) 
Synliggjøring, mangfold og identitet: Fin Serck-Hanssens og Lill-Ann Chepstow-Lustys fotografier. En billedanalyse med utgangspunkt i tradisjonell homoforskning og queer teori; Visibility, Diversity and Identity, Fin Serck Hanssen’s and Lill-Ann Chepstow
MA, University of Oslo (UiO), Norway