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Natalia Jara Parra (2012) 
Los proyectos críticos de Marta Traba y Nelly Richard: Trayectos de la escritura sobre arte en Latino américa
MA, Universidad de Chile, Chile

Katrine Couvrette (2012) 
Le graffiti à Montréal: pratique machiste et stratégies féminines
MA, UQAM, Canada

Vinicios Kabral  Ribeiro (2012) 
Engordurando o Mundo: o corpo de Fernanda Magalhães e as poéticas da transgressão / Fattening the world: Fernanda Magalhãesbodies and the Poetics of Transgression
PhD, Universidade Federal de Goiás, Brazil

Ana Flora  Schlindwein (2012) 
Dos periódicos oitocentistas ao ciberfeminismo : a circulação das reivindicações feministas no Brasil/ From the nineteenth-century periodicals to cyberfeminism : the dissemination of feminist demands in Brazil.
PhD, Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil

Tessa Elizabeth Jordan (2012) 
Branching Out, 1973--1980: Canadian Second-Wave Feminism, Periodical Publishing and Cultural Politics
PhD, University of Alberta, Canada

Alisdair MacRae (2012) 
Joane Cardinal-Schubert: aboriginal Woman Artist
MA, Carleton University, Canada

Catherine Margaret Mastin (2012) 
Beyond "the Artist's Wife": Women, Artist-Couple Marriage and the Exhibition Experience in Postwar Canada
PhD, University of Alberta, Canada

Sonya I Ocampo-Gooding (2012) 
The Sheela-na-gig: An Inspirational Figure for Contemporary Irish Art
MA, Concordia University, Canada

Dossa Shama (2012) 
Re(art)iculating Empowerment: Cooperative Explorations with Community Development Workers in Pakistan
PhD, University of Toronto, Canada

Dorothy Woodman (2012) 
Bodies and texts, spaces and borders: women re-envision breast cancer
PhD, University of Alberta, Canada

Laura Wyper (2012) 
R.A.G.E. Reflections on Acts of Gendered violence and our Educational lives
MA, University of Toronto, Canada

Zulis Yalte (2012) 
The Song of the Soul: transforming Disabling Illness Through Art
M.N., University of Victoria, Canada

Graciela Arguelles (2012) 
Dignidad Rebelde : the (re)writing of a modern day Chicana and Chicano codex
MA, San Francisco State University, USA

Ruby Christine Bogaard (2012) 
Ambivalent aspects of the Goddess in selected examples of contemporary South African women’s art
MA, University of Johannesburg, South Africa

G.L. Falconer (2012) 
Future clan: The dynamics of adolescence and mothers
MA, University of Tasmania, Australia

S.J. Pinkerton (2012) 
The Feminine Touch: Female Street Artists Redefine Dominant Conceptualizations of Art and the City
MA, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Liao Suchen (2012) 
A Study of Feminist Creative Trends of Female Artists in 20th Century – From Chen Jin, Pan Yi Lang to Georgia O’Keeffe
MA, Chinese Cultural University, Taiwan

Amanda Evassy Tumusiime (2012) 
Art and gender : imag[in]ing the new woman in contemporary Ugandan art
MA, University of South Africa (UNISA), South Africa

Sara Ablinger (2012) 
TRANS*NORM (Claude Cahun / Catherine Opie / Del LaGrace)
Hochschulschrift (Diplomarbeit), University of Vienna / Universität Wien, Austria

Megan Ampe  (2012) 
Martha Rosler's Bringing the War Home: House Beautiful, 1967-1972: An Interrogation of the American Dream
MA, University of Oregon, USA

Emma Louise Benson (2012) 
Feminist art practice: the photograph and its role in contemporary art
MA, University of Portsmouth, UK

Dina El-Najjar (2012) 
Hochschulschrift (Diplomarbeit), University of Vienna / Universität Wien, Austria

Simone Vacaro Fogazzi (2012) 
Da sensação : fragmentos e cromocrônicas de uma professorartista
MA, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Brazil

Karin Julia Haas (2012) 
Katerina Šedá und die Veränderung von Menschen und Orten
Hochschulschrift, University of Vienna / Universität Wien, Austria

Felicia Hayden (2012) 
Grenzgänge (Wiener Gruppe, Wiener Aktionismus und VALIE EXPORT, Expanded Cinema)
Hochschulschrift (Diplomarbeit), University of Vienna / Universität Wien, Austria

Andrea Imler (2012) 
Über das transgressive Moment in der weiblichen Performance
Hochschulschrift (Diplomarbeit), University of Vienna / Universität Wien, Austria

Jennifer Moreland (2012) 
Quilting: An Examination of Harriet Powers and Elizabeth Hobbs Keckley (Faith Ringgold)
MA, University of New Mexico, USA

Kathrin Klöckl  (2012) 
Fragmentieren, Animalisieren und Verdinglichen (Elfriede Jelinek, Maria Lassnig)
Hochschulschrift (Diplomarbeit), University of Vienna / Universität Wien, Austria

Maria Laura Rosa (2012) 
Fuera de discurso: el arte feminista de la segunda ola en Buenos Aires
PhD, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, Spain

Susanne  Sæther (2012) 
Play Me, I'm Yours : en undersøkelse av byen og Internett som arenaer for publikumdeltagelse
MA, University of Oslo, Norway

Elizabeth  Speight (2012) 
Concepts of the father in the art of women (Mary Kelly)
MA, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Lucia Täubler (2012) 
Studien zu Audrey Flacks skulpturalem Werk
Hochschulschrift (Diplomarbeit), University of Vienna / Universität Wien, Austria

Meredith A. Brown (2012) 
A history of A.I.R. Gallery : feminism and the American art institution
PhD, Courtauld Institute, London, UK

Tessa  Huging (2012) 
Traversing borders : the gendered geographies of Ursula Biemann's early video works
MA, Courtauld Institute, London, UK

Estay Cofré Tamara (2012) 
Tejer y destejer : aproximación a la producción artística textil desde ua perspectiva de género
Thesis, Universidad de Chile, Chile

Maria Luísa de Sousa Coelho (2012) 
The feminine in contemporary art: representation and contamination in the work of Helen Chadwick, Michèle Roberts and Helena Almeida
PhD, Universidade do Minho, Portugal

Julie Crenn (2012) 
Arts textiles contemporains : quêtes de pertinences culturelles
PhD, Bordeaux 3, France

V.C. Fonseca (2012) 
Paula Rego, a prospective retrospective: Bodies, Visuality, Becoming
PhD, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Jamie L. Ratliff (2012) 
Visualizing female agency : space and gender in contemporary women's art in Mexico.
PhD, University of Louisville, USA

Melissa Rachel Schwartz (2012) 
Embodied Ethics : Transformation, Care, and Activism Through Artistic Engagement
MA, University of North Florida, USA

Jamie Libby Boyle (2012) 
Acting Alone: Solo Female Performers, Their American Audiences, and Embodiment
PhD, University of South Carolina, USA

Loie Hollowell (2012) 
Reflections on Sexuality, Sensuality, and Painting
MFA, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA

T K. Widmer (2012) 
Performing Transition: Depictions of the Transgender Experience
MFA, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA

Karin "Kakan" Hermansson (2012) 
Girls Club : en uppsats om kvinnoseparatistiska utrymmen, konsthantverk och lite om rnb-estetik
MA, University College of Arts / Konstfack, Sweden

Wendy Davis Beccue-Barnes (2012) 
War brides: a practice-based examination of translating women's voices into textile art
PhD, Kansas State University, USA

Usa Beer  (2012) 
Zwischen Avantgarde und Auftrag : bildende KunstlerInnen und ihre Kompetenzen als gesellschaftliches Potenzial
PhD, Hildesheim Universität , Germany

Paula Cameron (2012) 
Seamfulness: Nova Scotian Women Witness Depression through Zines
PhD, University of Toronto, Canada

Tamar Reva Einstein (2012) 
Sew it seams: Wearing the symbols of distant neighbors
PhD, Lesley University, USA

Elizabeth Allison Ferrell (2012) 
The Ring around 'The Rose': Jay DeFeo and her Circle
PhD, University of California, Berkeley, USA

Sharkey Willow (2012) 
Love Meetings: Impersonality and Intimacy in the Art of Sharon Hayes
MA, California State University, Chico, USA

Rebecca Mary Baillie (2012) 
A nest of empty boxes : women and melancholy made visible
PhD, University of Essex, UK

Rebecca Breen (2012) 
Sin titulo : contemporary women artists from Latin American & testimonio (Ana Mendieta, Doris Salcedo, Teresa Margolles)
PhD, University of Cambridge, UK

Tetriana Ahmed Fauzi (2012) 
Botany and metaphor
PhD, University of East London, UK

Nina Hoechtl (2012) 
If only for the length of a lucha : queer/ing, mask/ing, gender/ing and gesture in lucha libre
PhD, Goldsmiths' College, University of London, UK

Jenny Keane (2012) 
Between fear and fascination : the horrific in women's contemporary video installation
PhD, University of Ulster, UK

C. E. C. Kinsey (2012) 
Skins\screens\circuits : how technology remade the body
PhD, University College London (UCL), UK

Talya Leodari (2012) 
Between two worlds : performance, politics & the role of art in social change
PhD, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

Catherine Maffioletti (2012) 
Beyond the mirror : towards a feminised (cartographic) process of spatiality in moving-image & installation based art (self and Martha Rosler, Louise Bourgeois, Mona Hatoum and Pipilotti Rist)
PhD, University of the Arts London, UK

Clare Amelia Mulvey (2012) 
Art and the Divine
PhD, Loughborough University, UK

Frances Hatherley (2012) 
Bodies of Abject Abundance: Figuring Feminine Ageing and Corpulence in Contemporary Art and Visual Culture
MA, Birkbeck College, University of London, UK

A. Fournier (2012) 
The urban veil: image politics in media culture and contemporary art
PhD, FGw: Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (ASCA), The Netherlands

Barbara Anne Christina Garrie (2012) 
(Dis)Orientation: Identity, Landscape and Embodiment in the work of Roni Horn
PhD, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Durga de Silva (2012) 
Along the pricked line
MFA, University of Manitoba, Canada

Megan Breen Dwyre (2012) 
To Be "High" and "Fine": Quilts, Art, and Power, 1971-1991
MA, University of Maryland, USA

M.A Glosowitz (2012) 
Bio-cartography: Towards a New Theory of Portraying
MA, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Dinah Holtzman (2012) 
Portrait of the postmodern artist as hysteric: Cindy Sherman, Matthew Barney, and Kara Walker
PhD, University of Rochester, USA

D.G.S. Kerckhoffs (2012) 
Resisting the Colonization of 'Life': Technoscience, Feminist Critique and Contemporary Art
MA, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Kathryn Marie Maddux (2012) 
QWERTY : WOMAN :: ABCDEF : MAN or clear syntax is offline in foxholes or how i learned to live my life as a conjunction (Painting)
MFA, University of Texas – Austin, USA

Elizabeth Nicole Marterre (2012) 
Chicana political visionaries : a review of political art, cultural resistance and Chicana aesthetics
MA, University of Texas – Austin, USA

Catriona Fay McAra (2012) 
'Some parallels in words and pictures': Dorothea Tanning and visual intertextuality.
PhD, University of Glasgow, UK

Elizabeth Gillette Offensend (2012) 
Crafting a Space: A Feminist Analysis of the Relationship Between Women, Craft, Business and Technology on
MA, Portland State University, USA

Filipa Lowndes Vicente  (2012) 
A arte sem historia : mulheres e cultura artistica (seculos XVI-XX)
PhD, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal

Adrienne M. White (2012) 
Performed absence and a pre-formed audience: Martha Rosler's postcard novels and their implications for feminist art practice from the seventies to today
MA, Public Art Studies, University of Southern California, USA

Hanna Yoo (2012) 
In and out of character : Eleanor Antin's role-playing project, 1972-87
MA, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, USA

Heather Leigh Barfield (2012) 
Artaud's Daughters" : "Plague and Cruelty" as feminist performance practices of transformation
PhD, University of Texas – Austin, USA

Stephanie Lynne Finkelstein (2012) 
Ana Mendieta- a search for identity .
MA, University of Missouri, Kansas City, USA

Valerie Garlick (2012) 
Cutting Edge: Re-reading Iconography in Body Worlds.
MA, University of Connecticut, USA

Carrie Elizabeth Johnson (2012) 
Visual Anatomy of a Transient Self.
MFA, Savannah College of Art and Design, USA

Brittany Lockard (2012) 
Size Matters: Imagery of the Fat Female Body in the Art of Lucian Freud, Jenny Saville, Joel-Peter Witkin, Laurie Toby Edison, Leonard Nimoy, and Laura Aguilar.
PhD, University of Kansas, USA

Dora C May (2012) 
Personal archaeology : an autoethnographic illumination of a late-blooming feminist artist.
MA, Western Carolina University, USA

Janise G Roselle (2012) 
Bodies Under Empire: The Territory of American Feminism.
PhD, University of California, Riverside, USA

Genevieve Yue (2012) 
Medusan optics: film, feminism, and the forbidden image.
PhD, University of Southern California, USA

Amelia McCauley Kraehe (2012) 
Creating art: creating selves: Negotiating professional and social identities in preservice teacher education
PhD, University of Texas at Austin, USA

Maria Alejandra Almonacid Galvis (2012) 
Dialogos entre arte y feminismo, la critica de arte feminista como herramienta didactica
MA, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia

María Jesús Abad Tejerina (2012) 
La representación del cuerpo femenino en la fotografía española: artistas fotógrafas de la colección de arte contemporáneo del Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (1990-2010): aplicaciones didácticas en el ámbito universitario
PhD, Universidad Complutense, Madrid, Spain

María Ángeles Alonso Garrido  (2012) 
Mujeres y arteterapia (Diane Arbus, Louise Bourgeois, Frida Kahlo, Ana Mendieta)
PhD, Universidad Complutense, Madrid, Spain

Marta Pol Rigau  (2012) 
Anàlisi de l’obra plàsticovisual i poèticotextual de Fina Miralles: L’arbre com a reflex de la seva cosmologia
PhD, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona - UAB Barcelona, Spain

Marilyn Reneric-Chauvin Reneric (2012) 
Relecture des multiples facettes du féminin sacré et profane / Review of the multifaceted feminine, both sacred and secular.
PhD, Toulouse 3, France

Sara Sadeghinia (2012) 
Défis de quelques pratiques artistiques contemporaines de la jeune scène iranienne
PhD, Montpelier 3, France

Stephanie Schwarbe (2012) 
Identité et mémoire : art contemporain en RDA et dans les nouveaux Länder à partir de 1971 : Lutz Dammbeck, Karla Sachse
PhD, Rennes 2 University - Université Rennes 2, France

Marcela  Zamenova Etavard (2012) 
Le tabou féminin dans l'art contemporain : contexte social et artistique de la féminité dans l'oeuvre des femmes artistes contemporaines
PhD, Paris 1 and Université Masaryk, France, Czech Republic

Lysanne Duguay-Patenaude (2012) 
La mise en relief du caractère construit et normatif de la figure féminine dans les images de mode de Cindy Sherman par l'utilisation de stratégies du grotesque
MA, UQAM, Canada

Valerie Pineau (2012) 
Au-delà de la controverse, la série Immediate family de Sally Mann: l’«image pensive»comme outil d’analyse de la photographie contemporaine
MA, UQAM, Canada

M. Yokoigawa (2012) 
Biografía y autobiografía de la mujer en tránsito en la expresión audiovisual contemporánea
PhD, Universidad Politécnica de València, Spain

Wendy Davis Beccue-Barnes (2012) 
War brides: A practice-based examination of translating women's voices into textile art
PhD, Kansas State University, USA

Tessa Elizabeth Jordan (2012) 
'Branching Out', 1973-1980: Canadian Second-Wave Feminism, Periodical Publishing and Cultural Politics
PhD, University of Alberta, Canada

Dora C May (2012) 
Personal archaeology: An autoethnographic illumination of a late-blooming feminist artist
MA, Western Carolina University, USA

Tabitha A Morgan (2012) 
A 'living art': Working-class, transcultural, and feminist aesthetics in the United States, Mexico, and Algeria, 1930s
PhD, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA

Jennifer L Motter (2012) 
Feminist art curriculum: Politicizing the personal via cyberpost activism
PhD, Pennsylvania State University, USA

Jamie L Ratliff (2012) 
Visualizing female agency: Space and gender in contemporary women's art in Mexico
PhD, University of Louisville, USA

Ylva  Sommerland (2012) 
Tecknad tomboy : kalejdoskopiskt kön i manga för tonåringar / Cartoon tomboy: kaleidoskopic sex in manga for teenagers
PhD, Gothenburg University  / Göteborgs Universitet, Sweden

Kate Antosik-Parsons (2012) 
Remembering and Forgetting: Memory and Gender in Contemporary Irish Time-Based Arts
PhD, University College Dublin , Ireland

Carol Hunt (2012) 
Re-tracing the archive - materialising memory
PhD, Leeds University, UK

Gilda Williams (2012) 
Towards a definition of the Gothic in contemporary art : haunted time and dark vision in the work of Andy Warhol, Louise Bourgeois, and Tacita Dean
PhD, Open University, UK

April Cheetham (2012) 
A veiling of identity : anamorphosis as double vision in contemporary art practice (Eva Hesse, Hannah Wilke, Richard Hamilton, Rachel Whiteread, Christine Borland and Shirazeh Houshiary)
PhD, Liverpool John Moores University, UK

Alexandra Kathleen Litaker (2012) 
Interrelationship of identity and ecology : mapping the journey as a means of knowing
MA, Iceland Academy of Arts, Iceland

Guðbjörg Hjartardóttir  Leaman (2012) 
Selshamurinn (a photo project about art, immigration, women, The Seal Pelt)
MA, Iceland Academy of Arts, Iceland

Shir Aloni Yaari (2012) 
Brushstrokes: Hair in the Work of Women Artists 1970-2010
PhD, Courtauld Institute of Art, UK

Hilde Berteig Rustan (2012) 
Cell (Arch of Hysteria): Representasjon av hysteri i utvalgte verk av Louise Bourgeois sett i lys av kunstneriske og fotografiske fremstillinger
MA, University of Oslo (UiO), Norway