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Claudia Fournier (2006) 
Revisioning body image as experienced by five women artists and in my own art practice
MA, Concordia University, Canada

Julie Nagam (2006) 
Re-inventing art practices: Indigenous women artists building community through art and activism in rural and remote Manitoba
MA, University of Manitoba, Canada

Mildred Van Bergen (2006) 
Creative control: When women make art
MA, State University of New York, Empire State College, USA

Nicole Elaine Anaka (2006) 
Women on the verge, sounds from beyond: extended vocal technique and visions of womanhood in the vocal theatre of Meredith Monk, Diamanda Gala's, and Pauline Oliveros
MA, University of Victoria, Canada

Zhang Li  (2006) 
(Chinese/Eng. title) A study of women's body-images in contemporary feminist art in Taiwan
PhD, National Changhua University, Taiwan

Julia Skelly (2006) 
No strangers to beauty: contemporary black female artists, Saartje Baartman and the Hottentot Venus body
MA, McGill University, Canada

Dara Anne Hartman Muldoon (2006) 
MA, University of Montana, USA

Kristin Marie Brockmann (2006) 
Constructive Alienation and Terror: An Analysis of Martha Rosler’s A Simple Case for Torture (Or How to Sleep at Night) (1983), Harun Farocki’s Inextinguishable Fire (1969), and Eye/Machines (2001-3)
MA, University of Cincinnati, USA

Susan Bruce (2006) 
Everyday matters : my body of work in experimental video
MFA, University of South Australia, Australia

Annelien Keen (2006) 
Kunst met een boodschap. Een geschiedenis van het Vrouwen Kunst Kollektief 1982-1992.
PhD, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Barbara Wagner  (2006) 
Corporeal identity : die Medialisierung des Korperbildes in der Kunst um 1970 ; Identitatsfragen und deren Reflexion mittels verfremdeter Korperbilder
PhD, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Julia  Antivilo Peña  (2006) 
“Entre lo sagrado y lo profano se tejen rebeldías”: Arte feminista latinoamericano. México.1970-1980
MA, Universidad de Chile, Chile

Anne Louise Johnson (2006) 
Bracha Ettinger's theory of the matrix : contexts and commentary
PhD, University of Leeds, UK

Asta Kuusinen (2006) 
Shooting from the Wild Zone : A Study of the Chicana Art Photographers Laura Aguilar, Celia Álvarez Muñoz, Delilah Montoya, and Kathy Vargas
PhD, University of Helsinki, Finland

Katarina Wadstein MacLeod (2006) 
Lena Cronqvist: Reflections of Girls
PhD, Malmö University - Malmö högskola, Sweden
See also by same author, Lena Cronqvist: Reflections of Girls (Sekel Bokförlag, Kalendegatan 4, 211 35 Malmö 2006, )

Maren Godzik (2006) 
Avantgarde - Männersache? : Künstlerinnen im Japan der 50er und 60er Jahre des 20. Jahrhunderts
PhD, Bonn, Germany

Iva  Popovicova (2006) 
New body politic : Czech and Polish women's art of the 1990s
PhD, State University of New Jersey, USA

Maria Teresa Aguilar  Garcia (2006) 
El status del cuerpo en Occidente (Orlan) / The status of the body in the West (Orlan)
PhD, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, Spain

Elizabeth Michele Jones (2006) 
The unknown struggle : a comparative analysis of women in the Black Power movement.
MA, University of Louisville, USA

Carol Archer (2006) 
Frames, flows, feminist aesthetics : paintings by Judy Watson, Cai Jin and Marlene Dumas
PhD, University of Hong Kong , Hong Kong

Morwenna Bronwyn Bosch (2006) 
Telling tales, allowing the body to speak : redefining the art of flesh in feminist performance art
MA, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Nina Weibul (2006) 
Spegling och skapande : En studie i Lena Cronqvists "Målaren och hennes modell" / Reflections and Creativity : A Study of Lena Cronqvist's "The Painter and Her Model" (English)
PhD, Stockholms Universitet / University of Stockholm, Sweden

Susan B. Marks (2006) 
An exploration of the hierarchical divisions and the implications of gender within the visual arts through an analysis of contemporary quiltmaking
PhD, University of Sunderland, UK

Mitra. Memarzia (2006) 
Contemporary Iranian women artists : a practice based analysis of identity
PhD, Sheffield Hallam University, UK

Vesna Milanovic (2006) 
Re-embodying the alienation of exile : feminist subjectivity, spectatorship, politics and performance
PhD, University of East London, UK

Mo Throp (2006) 
Trauma, performativity, and subjectivity in art practice
PhD, University of the Arts London, UK

Tracey Karen Warr (2006) 
Creative acts : curating and writing with artists
PhD, University of Plymouth, UK
See also by same author, The artist's body (Phaidon, 2012)

Jill R. Chancey  (2006) 
Elaine De Kooning : negotiating the masculinity of abstract expressionism
PhD, University of Kansas, USA

Jillian Patricia Cowley (2006) 
The mesa and the moon : O'Keeffe, landscape, and gender
PhD, University of New Mexico, USA

Jennifer Ann Dudley (2006) 
Traversing the boundaries? : art and film in Indonesia with particular reference to Perbatasan/Boundaries : Lucia Hatini, paintings from a life
PhD, Murdoch University, Australia

Aliza Rachel Edelman  (2006) 
The modern woman and abstract expressionism : Ethel Schwabacher, Elaine De Kooning, and Grace Hartigan in the 1950s
PhD, Rutgers University, USA

Nilza Belita Grau Haertel (2006) 
Landscape and nature in American prints : transformations in form and meaning in the work of contemporary women artists
PhD, Indiana University, USA

Patrick Lee Jones (2006) 
Mythical speech of Janine Antoni
MA, West Virginia University, USA

Devon P.  Larsen  (2006) 
Rethinking the Monumental: The Museum as Feminist Space in the Sexual Politics Exhibition, 1996
MA, University of South Florida, USA

Sheridan Linnell (2006) 
Towards ethical 'arts of existence' : through art therapy and narrative therapy
PhD, University of Western Sydney, Australia

Sara Elaine Wichtendahl (2006) 
Places of vulnerability: an investigation of restroom symbols, labels, and gender neutrality
MA, Iowa State University, USA

Sarah Buckius (2006) 
From Marks of Conformity to Acts of Transgression: An Artistic M.F.A. Thesis of Autobiographical Reenactments for the Camera.
MFA, University of Michigan, USA

Patrick L. Jones (2006) 
Mythical speech of Janine Antoni.
MA, West Virginia University, USA

Devon P Larsen (2006) 
Rethinking the Monumental: The Museum as Feminist Space in the Sexual Politics Exhibition, 1996.
MA, University of South Florida, USA

Stacie M Lindner (2006) 
Janine Antoni: Finding a Room of Her Own.
MA, Georgia State University, USA

Margaret Randolph Wilkerson (2006) 
Making God: Incarnation and Somatic Piety in the Art of Kiki Smith .
PhD, University of Maryland, USA

S. Wood (2006) 
Creative embroidery in New South Wales, 1960 - 1975
PhD, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia

Anna Creissels (2006) 
Le travail du mythe dans l'art contemporain : la différence des sexes en question / The work of myth in contemporary art : gender differences in question
PhD, EHESS, Paris, France

María Desamparados Cubells Casares (2006) 
Identidad femenina, sexualidad, y violencia en el videoarte de mujeres
PhD, Universidad Politécnica de València, Spain

PD Gonçalves De Paula (2006) 
Graffiti hip hop femenino en España a finales del siglo XX: la singularidad como significancia.
PhD, Universidad Politécnica de València, Spain

Stephanie Ann Karamitsos (2006) 
The art of Janine Antoni: Labor, gender and the object of performance
PhD, Northwestern University, USA

Kathleen Wentrack (2006) 
The Female Body in Conflict. U.S. and European Feminist Performance Art, 1963-1979: Carolee Schneemann, Valie Export, and Ulrike Rosenbach.
PhD, City University of New York, USA

Siona Wilson (2006) 
The Filmic Mode: Feminist Art Practices and the Avant Garde in North America and Britain during the 1970s.
PhD, Columbia University, USA
See also by same author, Art Labor, Sex Politics (Minnesota, 2015)

Kate Antosik-Parsons (2006) 
Our Portable Selves: Identity and Language in the Work of Orla Barry
MA, University College Dublin, Ireland