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Caroline Phillips (2017) 
Materialising feminism: object and interval
PhD, University of Melbourne, Australia

A. Joannides (2017) 
Material bodies and the complications of desire
PhD, RMIT, Australia

Harriet Maher (2016) 
Looking back: contemporary feminist art in Australia and New Zealand
MA, University of Melbourne, Australia

Cigdem Aydemir (2015) 
Image and Voice: Muslim women in Contemporary Art
MFA, University of Sydney, Australia

Courtney E. Coombs (2015) 
It's complicated: Romancing the [male] modernist canon
PhD, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Anita Holtsclaw (2014) 
To see and be seen : cinematic constructions of gender and spectatorship in contemporary screen-based art
PhD, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Wulandani Dirgantoro  (2014) 
Defining experiences : feminisms and contemporary art in Indonesia.
PhD, University of Tasmania , Australia

Louise Mayhew (2014) 
A history of women-only art collectives and collaboration in Australia 1970-2010
PhD, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

Laura Castagnini  (2014) 
'Parafeminism' and parody in contemporary art
MA, University of Melbourne, Australia

Courtney Pedersen (2013) 
THE INDEFINITIVE SELF: subject as process in visual art (Tracey Moffatt, Mona Hatoum, Pipilotti Rist)
PhD, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Caroline Phillips (2013) 
Placing the body: towards a subjectivity of the feminine in sculpture
MA, University of Melbourne, Australia

Deborah Tjikalyi Kim Prior (2013) 
The anatomical Venus exquisite disgust & desire : crafting the body in contemporary art practice
PhD, University of South Australia, Australia

Victoria Lawson (2013) 
Embodied artistic interventions into the tourist field
PhD, University of Sydney, Australia

Kate  Just (2013) 
The Texture of Her Skin: A Studio Project Excavating and Reweaving Visions of Female Subjectivity
PhD, Monash University, Australia

G.L. Falconer (2012) 
Future clan: The dynamics of adolescence and mothers
MA, University of Tasmania, Australia

Jade Wildy (2011) 
Shades of green: changes in the paradigm of environmental art since the 1960s.
MA, University of Adelaide, Australia

Penelope Jane Trotter (2011) 
Fantasy fulfilment and pressing politics: ethical communication as performance.
PhD, Monash University, Australia

Jessica Kritzer (2010) 
A little gathering (Yayoi Kusama, Bridget Riley...)
MA, University of Melbourne, Australia

Margaret Mayhew (2010) 
Modelling Subjectivities: Life Drawing, Popular Culture and Contemporary Art Education
PhD, University of Sydney, Australia

Emily  Wakeling (2010) 
“Girls are dancin’”: sho-jo culture and feminism in contemporary Japanese art
MA, University of Queensland, Australia

Meggan Frauenstein (2010) 
[in vain] : performing her for herself
MA, Massey University, Australia

Anitra Gorris-Hunter (2010) 
Wired and dangerous : maternal bodies in cyber(cultural)space
MA, University of Tasmania, Australia

Anne Riggs (2010) 
The creative space : art and wellbeing in the shadow of trauma, grief and loss
PhD, Victoria University, Australia

Sian Torrington (2010) 
Making space : speleology : an exegesis presented with exhibition
MA, Massey University, Australia

Judy Anderson (2010) 
A Place Opens: An Exploration of Touch
PhD, Griffith University, Australia

Alex Martinis Roe (2010) 
Collective difference: re-presentation as feminist practice
PhD, Monash University, Australia

Annabelle M. Solomon (2010) 
A creative imaginary for personal and cultural change explored through a feminist spirituality and women's textile art
PhD, University of Western Sydney, Australia

Kirsten Hudson (2009) 
Articial sweetness : investigating the transgressive nature of feminine artifice
PhD, Curtin University of Technology, Australia

Dawn Whitehand (2009) 
Evoking the sacred : the artist as shaman
PhD, University of Ballarat, Australia

Pamela Garrard (2009) 
Avoiding the archetype: reading and writing the female artist (Margaret Atwood, Jessica Anderson)
PhD, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia

Penelope Hanley (2009) 
The female Bohemian artist in 20th century Australia : ’Telling what can be told’ ; Forty shades of green
PhD, University of Canberra, Australia

Amanda Bell (2008) 
Our unending heritage: a critical biography based on the life of Ella Osborn Fry (nee Robinson) 1916-1997
PhD, University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Claire Nihill (2008) 
Escape artists : the female visual artist within contemporary women's fictions
MA, Deakin University, Australia

M. Pridmore (2008) 
Reinventing Rapport: An Investigation of the Mother- Daughter Dyad within Contemporary Figure Painting
MA, University of Tasmania, Australia

Lynn Patricia Brunet (2007) 
Terror, trauma and the eye in the triangle: The Masonic presence in contemporary art and culture
PhD, University of Newcastle, Australia

M. Peacock (2007) 
Under the bitumen the river: translating the imagination
Mres, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia

Sasikala Victoire (2007) 
Through the Looking Glass
PhD, James Cook University, Australia

Jennifer Ann Dudley (2006) 
Traversing the boundaries? : art and film in Indonesia with particular reference to Perbatasan/Boundaries : Lucia Hatini, paintings from a life
PhD, Murdoch University, Australia

Sheridan Linnell (2006) 
Towards ethical 'arts of existence' : through art therapy and narrative therapy
PhD, University of Western Sydney, Australia

Susan Bruce (2006) 
Everyday matters : my body of work in experimental video
MFA, University of South Australia, Australia

S. Wood (2006) 
Creative embroidery in New South Wales, 1960 - 1975
PhD, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia

Lycia Danielle Trouton (2005) 
An intimate monument (re)-narrating 'the troubles' in Northern Ireland: the Irish Linen Memorial 2001-2005
MA, University of Wollongong, Australia

Annette Seeman (2005) 
The domestic muse and the unheroic object
MFA, University of Western Australia, Australia

Michelle Nikou  (2005) 
Un/Disclosed : concepts of disclosure and critical distance in contemporary autobiographical theory informing a studio-based sculptural practice
MVisual Arts, University of South Australia, Australia

Luisa Bieri  (2005) 
Artistic Pathways – Transiting Borders, Transforming Lives Poetics of Knowledge: Creating Feminist Art.
MA, Utrecht University, Australia

Hannah Broom (2005) 
Aggressive Flesh: The Obese Female Other
MA, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Anna Harris (2005) 
The anatomy lesson: an examination of the medical body as represented in contemporary anatomical art
MA, University of Melbourne, Australia

Claire Edwards  (2005) 
I just want to melt away : 'treatment' of women with eating issues : a critical feminist informed view of art therapy and the exploration of an alternative approach.
MA, University of Western Sydney, Australia

Kathryn Andrea Faludi Ball (2004) 
Vena casa : the defloration of maternity : an exploration through sculpture of ambivalence, abjection and melancholia within the mother and daughter dyad
MA, University of Tasmania, Australia

Camilla C. Loveridge  (2004) 
Resisting aggression : graphic re-presentations for other bodies
MA, Edith Cowan University, Australia

Julie Robson (2004) 
Songs of knowledge : Sirens in theory and performance
MA, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Beata Batorowicz (2004) 
Undoing Big Daddy art : subverting the fathers of Western art through a metaphorical and mythological father/daughter relationship / Beata Agnieszka Batorowicz
D.V. A., Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, Australia

Wendy Beatty (2004) 
Nude and naked : refiguring voyeuristic structures through feminist photographic techniques
MA, Deakin University, Australia

Wendy Gay Pearson (2004) 
Calling home : queer responses to discourses of nation and citizenship in contemporary Canadian literary and visual culture
PhD, University of Wollongong, Australia

Penelope Jane Trotter (2003) 
Automaton : a visual exploration of the body as social identity
MFA, Monash University, Australia

Annette Maie Rups-Eyland  (2002) 
Centre of the storm : in search of an Australian feminist spirituality through performance-ritual
PhD, University of Western Sydney, Australia

Eva Fernández (2002) 
Collaboration, demystification, Rea-historiography: the reclamation of the black body by contemporary indigenous female photo-media artists
MA, Edith Cowan University, Australia

Annette Iggulden  (2002) 
Women's silence : in the space of words and images
MA, Deakin University, Australia

Natalya Lusty (2001) 
Surrealism, feminism and psychoanalysis: the crisis of representation in the work of Leonora Carrington, Claude Cahun and Cindy Sherman
PhD, University of Sydney, Australia

Deborah Wood (2001) 
Frida's moustache : making faces in women's self-portraiture, an exegesis
MA, Victoria University, Australia

MG Scott (2001) 
Surface and tactility : new approaches to picturing the female body.
MA, University of Tasmania, Australia

Lucy Elliott (2000) 
Performing gender tracing the body from classical texts and images to contemporary images and contexts
PhD, Monash University, Australia

Rosemary McLaren (1999) 
Rethinking the body-spaces for change : a qualitative analysis of textual and visual representations of menopause
PhD, Curtin University of Technology, Australia
See also by same author, Menopause, art and the body : contemporary tales from the daughters of hysteria (Australia: Post Pressed, Flaxton, Qld, 2001)

Elaine d'Esterre (1999) 
Feminist poetics: Symbolism in an emblematic journey reflecting self and vision
MA, Deakin University, Australia

Emma Jane Grahame  (1998) 
Making something for myself : women, quilts, culture and feminism.
MA, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

Penelope Josephine Collet (1998) 
Picturing artists : feminist poststructuralist study of nine women
PhD, La Trobe University, Bendigo, Australia

Gwen Phillips (1997) 
The pedagogical significance of the life and work of artist Helen Grey-Smith
MA, Edith Cowan University, Australia

Suellen Symons (1997) 
MA, University of Western Sydney, Australia

Shay Ryan (1996) 
Pots of red jam : a performance-as-research project with older women.
MA, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Sharni Lloyd (1996) 
Exploratory surgery of the female psyche.
MA, Deakin University, Australia

Kendal Murray (1995) 
The use of abstract and figurative images to evoke emotive qualities characteristic of women's sexuality (Mary Kelly, Janine Antoni)
MA, University of Western Sydney, Australia

Deej  Fabyc (1995) 
Where are You Sucker?: Hypervigilance and Enmity
MFA, University of New South Wales, Australia

EA Jeppe (1994) 
Gals, guys and gender construction : what's in it for art therapy.
MA, Edith Cowan University, Australia

Katherine Hattam (1993) 
The studio, the breast, the phallus, and me
MFA, University of Melbourne, Australia

Cherry Tennant (1992) 
On being a woman artist: glimpses into the lives of four women working in Victoria between 1930 - 1950
MA, University of Melbourne, Australia

J. Rosewarne (1990) 
A critique of recent writing on women's art.
MA, Bundoora Vic, La Trobe University, Australia

Merilyn  Fairskye (1989) 
Drive - I’ve got something to show you!
MA, Sydney College of the Arts, Australia

Anne Bennett (1986) 
Imposition and disposition : paintings M.F.A. submission (on Witches / Witch-hunts)
MFA, University of Tasmania, Australia

Christine  Cheyne (1985) 
The Politics of Art-making: A Socialist-feminist Critique
MA, Massey University, Australia