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ADD your feminist art thesis

Please use this form to send us information
about a PhD or MA on feminist art,
especially if you are the author or supervisor.

We are collecting information about PhD and MA theses on feminist art (post-1968); women's art movement/collectives/exhibitions (post-1968); women artists (studies of women artists working post-1960); gender and representation, including queer/lesbian studies; cyberfeminism; feminist art history (excluding those from pre-1960); feminism/ aesthetics/ contemporary art; art education studies (informed by feminist/critical pedagogy) about women students (post-16).
N.B. We do not include theses in feminist art history about women artists working prior to 1960.

If you wish to submit more than one thesis, you can return to this form at the end of the process

About the thesis, I want to suggest:

Note: Please give Original title (use latin script).
Include an English translation of title and names of artists discussed to aid "discovery" in searches.

Note: This list is for PhDs, MPhils, and MA/M.F.A theses of 10,000+ words.

Note: Please only give URL for the PDF in University Repository or National e-thesis collection.
We are not listing personal websites, bitstreams or blogs – only open access repositories. Remove http:// to enter URL, or write "none", if not available as e-thesis.

We are collecting information on publications which arise from theses or about where they have been published, please add: