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Artworks by women artists on 30 topics
related to Feminism and Contemporary Art


About this topic: Ecstatic Bodies

The works in this topic explore a contrast between external appearance and an internal self-narrative or exploration of particular emotions. The representations explore what it means to "be" a woman: judged by physical appearance while thinking, feeling and acting in the world in particular ways. The subversion of external appearance (and conventions of representation) as the exploration of a key feminist slogan "the personal is political" is central to all these works. These works are not about the production of a "feminine" subject as a singular entity but one which is plural, fractured and has many facets. The works also ask how a subject and their interior/exterior view of subjectivity may be shared, communicated, analysed or projected to an audience with the aim of shifting their understandings of what it means to be a woman.

  1. Lene Adler Petersen with Bjørn Nørgaard (Denmark) From the series The Female Christ (1969) performance documented in photo, film of Petersen, naked, carrying cross through Copenhagen Stock Exchange    Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen  

  2. Canon Club (Denmark) Damenbilleder (1970) performances on different days, Danish Art Academy      

  3. Kirsten Justesen and Jytte Rex (Denmark) Sleeping Beauty (1971) film, 7 women present their dreams in stylised tableau   Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen  

  4. Joan Jonas (USA) Vertical Roll (1972) video 19.07 min  Video Data Bank  

  5. Ana Mendieta (USA, Cuba) Siluetta series, made in Mexico (1973 - 1977) photographs of performance actions creating body shapes in landscapes      

  6. Lynda Benglis (USA) Female Sensibility (1973) video 13.05 min  Video Data Bank  

  7. Katharina Sieverding (Germany) Transformer (1973) video installation, 8 slide projectors    MOMA  

  8. Gina Pane (France) Action Autoportrait(s): mise en condition/contraction/rejet, 11 Jan 1973 (1973) multiple photographs documenting actions, 100 x 300 cm     MNAM, Paris 

  9. Lisa Steele (Canada) Birthday Suit: with Scars and Defects (1974) black and white video, 12 min      

  10. Ulrike Rosenbach (Germany) Glauben sie Nicht, dass ich eine Amazone bin: Don't Believe I am an Amazon (1975) installation with photography, video documenting a performance in Paris in 1975, fifteen arrows shot into reproduction of Madonna of the Rose Bower (1435-1440)     Museum Kunst Palast, Dusseldorf 

  11. Rebecca Horn (Germany) Dreaming Under Water: Exercises in Nine Pieces (1975) 35 mm film      

  12. Carolee Schneemann (USA) Interior Scroll (1975) performance, East Hampton, New York      

  13. Martha Rosler (USA) Vital Statistics of a Citizen Simply Obtained (1977) video, colour, sound 40 min     

  14. Friederike Pezold (Pezoldo) (Austria, Germany) Toilette (1977 - 1979) book, film, photography      

  15. Anne Gauldin and Cheri Gaulke (USA) The Malta Project (1978) performance at pre-historic temples in Malta      

  16. Kate Craig (Canada) Delicate Issue (1979) black and white film, 12 mins      

  17. Terry Wolverton (USA) An Oral Herstory of Lesbianism (1979) theatre/performance, Lesbian Art Project, Women's Building     Women's Building archive, Otis College of Art and Design 

  18. Ewa Partum (Poland) Selbstidentifikation : gedruckt, aus der gleichnamigen 12-teiligen Serie (1980) 12 photographs of performance on street      

  19. Dara Birnbaum (Germany, USA) Technology/Transformation: Wonder Woman (1983) video 5.45 min  Video Data Bank  

  20. Judith Barry (USA) First and Third (1987) video/sound projection      

  21. Cathy Sisler (Canada) Aberrant Motion #1- Aberrant Motion #4 (Face Story, Stagger Stories) (1993) four videos, approx 10 mins each   V-Tape  

  22. Mona Hatoum (UK) Corps Etranger (1994) 1 structure cylindrique, 1 videoprojecteur, 4 haut-parleurs, 1 bande vidéo, PAL, couleur, with stéréo, 30 min   Centre Pompidou  

  23. Alicja Zebrowska (Poland) Onone - a world after the world (1995) video and photographs    Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw  

  24. Marina Grzinic and Aina Smid (Slovenia) Troubles with Sex, Theory and History (1997) Interactive CD-ROM/DVD, produced with ZKM, Art Intact      

  25. Pipilotti Rist (Switzerland) Extremitaten (Weich, Weich), Extremities (Smooth, Smooth) (1999) audio/video installation      Flick Collection 

  26. Sigalit Landau (Israel) Barbed Hula (2000) DVD  1.52 min     

  27. Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook (Thailand) Reading for Female Corpse (2001) single channel video of performance 5.54 min     

  28. Itziar Okariz (Spain) Mear en espacious publicos o privados (2001 - 2006) 9 actions, 1 video  1 min     

  29. Elena Kovylina (Russia) Waltz / Walse (2001) video of performance  5. 57 min     

  30. Dorota Nieznalska (Poland) Passion / Pasja (2001) video installation     

  31. Shilpa Gupta (India) Untitled (2004) video installation, interactive   Daimler Art Collection  

  32. VALIE EXPORT (Austria) glottis (2007) DVD, multi-screen installation, THE PAIN OF UTOPIA, La Biennale di Venezia. 52nd International Exhibition 2007      

  33. Zanele Muholi (South Africa) Faces and Phases (2007) photos and video shown at Documenta 13, Kassel