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Artworks by women artists on 30 topics
related to Feminism and Contemporary Art


About this topic: Old Age

Women's old age has provided many representations of dignity and a life-time's experience written onto a woman's face or body as well as foregrounding women's voices about this phase of their lives. These representations challenge many, often negative or stereotyped, media images of older women (old women as hags and crones and their absent from many contemporary media culture) and seeks to recover their role in public discourse, civic participation and political protest. Women's voices, mature women's sexuality, and their own perceptions of ageing and changes in their lives are explored by these women artists.

  1. Jytte Rex (Denmark) The Book of Women (1972) artist's book of photos and text      

  2. Betsy Damon (USA) The 7,000 year old woman (1978) performance, PIAC, Amsterdam with costume of 60 pounds (in bags) of coloured floor attached to body      

  3. Ewa Partum (Poland, Germany) Change. Mein Problem is das Problem Einer Frau / Change. My problem is a problem of a woman. (1979) 16 mm film transferred to video and DVD 7.15 min  Frac Lorraine  

  4. Alice Neel (USA) Self-Portrait (1980) oil on canvas     National Portrait Gallery 

  5. Mary Kelly (USA, Canada) Interim (1984 - 1989) installation, in 4 parts      

  6. Suzanne Lacy (USA) Crystal Quilt (1985 - 1987) large scale performance/installation with women aged 60+, Minnesota    Tate Modern  

  7. Anna Daucikova (Slovakia) Moscow/Women/Sunday (1988 - 1990) 24 b/w photographs 50 x 40 cm      see Gender Check exhibition

  8. Jo Spence (UK) Final Project (1991 - 1992) photographs       

  9. Hannah Wilke (USA) Intra-Venus series (1991 - 1992) Performist self-portraits with Donald Goddard following cancer treatment, chromogenic supergloss print with over laminate each 181.6 x 120.7 cm     

  10. Bailey Doogan (USA) Mass (1991) diptych, oil on canvas 72 x 144 ins.     

  11. Peggy Diggs (USA) Hartford Grandmother's Project (1993 - 1994) paper, ink, twelve by nine inch sheets of scratch off cards in the 16 June 1994 edition of the Hartford Courant. Dialogues between teenagers and elderly women are represented      

  12. Marilena Preda-Sanc (Romania) About Oldness (1995) 11’, Beta SP / Camera: George Oprea / Lumini / Lights: Viorel Coler / Muzica / Music: Cristian Nanu & Florian Nanu / Editing: Dobrică Lospa / Production manager: Velvet Moraru / e-FAV       

  13. Vlasta Delimar (Croatia) Mature Woman (1997) performance, part of Javno Tijelo/Public Body (Zagreb, 1997) 20 mins     

  14. Lily  van der Stokker (The Netherlands) Old People Making Spectacularly Experimental Art (1999) acrylic painting directly on wall, couch      

  15. Tania Antoshina (Russia) Dolly, from Europe series (1999, 2004) canvas, acrylic  150 x 11 com     

  16. Miwi Yanagi (Japan) My Grandmothers (2000) photographic series      

  17. Lisa Steele and Kim Tomczak (Canada) We're Getting Younger All The Time (2001) video 20 min  V-Tape  

  18. Rose Martin and Kay Goodridge (UK) Outrageous Agers (2001) photo series with text      

  19. Ayana Jackson (South Africa, USA) Color de mi Madre (Tita) (2003) photographic series, African by Legacy, Mexican by Birth       

  20. Fran Marno (Australia) How do I Look? (2004) oil paintings      

  21. Ines Doujak (Austria, Germany) Dirty Old Women (2005) collaborative performance in costume with group of older women. Salzburger Kunstverein      

  22. Margaret Dragu with Eileen Kage (Canada) Rent Do (2005) tape, performative video 19.30 min     

  23. Pinar Yolocan (Turkey, USA) Untitled (Maria series) (2007) photographic series, C prints, 32 x 40 ins.       

  24. Lois Weaver (UK) What Tammy Needs to Know… About Getting Old and Having Sex (2008) DVD of performance as alter ego Tammy Whatnot      

  25. Oriana Fox (UK) A Portrait of the Artist as an Old Cunt (2010) performance as Granny Fanny, interrogating audience about sexuality      

  26. Suzanne Lacy (USA) Silver Action (2013) large scale performance/installation with women aged 60+, The Tanks, Tate Britain