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Feminist Art Topics
Artworks on 30 Topics

30. Memorials/Monuments

29. Questioning Nationalism

28. Relationships/Between You and Me

27. Confronting Racism

26. War/Conflict

25. Migration

24. Maps, Borders and Cultural geography

23. Land/Landscape

22. Ecology/Ecofeminism

21. Rooms

20. A House

19. Rape/Violence against women

18. Images of/about women from history

17. Women at Work

16. Cleaning/Maintenance Work

15. Food/Cooking

14. Artists' Parents/Grandparents

13. Marriage/Weddings

12. Masquerade/Mask

11. Mannequin/Puppet/Automaton/Cyborg

10. A/The Dress

9. Nude/Naked

8. Ecstatic Bodies

7. Old Age

6. Motherhood/Mothers/Child-rearing

5. Conception/Pregnancy/Childbirth

4. Menstruation/Abortion

3. Girls

2. Images of the phallus

1. Core imagery, vaginas and vulvas

Artworks by women artists on 30 topics
related to Feminism and Contemporary Art


About this topic: Girls

This topic collects together women artists' views of a young girl's dreams and fantasies before they become women. Most works explore their vulnerabilities and their hopes, their anxieties, the girl in fairy tales, aspirations (political and personal) and the need to reflect upon this transition in all women's lives and the emotional significance of it.

  1. Joyce Wieland (Canada) Young Woman's Blues (1964) painted construction 20 1/2 x12 1/4 x 8 1/2"  Canadian Art Database  

  2. Kate Walker (UK) Sweet Sixteen (1975) installation, Women's Free Art Alliance, London      

  3. Sally Mann (USA) At Twelve (1983 - 1985) black and white photographic series       

  4. Paula Rego (UK, Portugal) The Maids (1987) acrylic on canvas-backed paper 213 x 244 cm     

  5. Clarissa Sligh (USA) Seeking Comfort, I sucked my thumb (1989) cyanotype 30 x 23"     

  6. Sadie Benning (USA) Jollies (1990) video 11 min  Video Data Bank  

  7. Rineka Dijkstra (The Netherlands) Kolobrzeg, Poland, July 26 1992 (1992) Photograph, colour, Chromogenic print, on paper 1370 x 1070 mm  Tate Collection  

  8. Lucy Gunning (UK) Climbing Around My Room (1993) video with sound, 7.5 mins      

  9. Inez van Lamsweerde (The Netherlands) Final Fantasy series (1993) series of C-print and perspex 100 x 150 cm     

  10. Eija-Liisa Ahtila (Finland) If 6 was 9 (1995) 35 mm film and 3 channel DVD projections with sound 10 min     

  11. Collier Schorr (USA) The Purloined Dick (1995) C-print 61 x 46 cm     

  12. Anna Gaskell (UK) Untitled (wonder) (1996) series of C-prints dimensions variable     

  13. Mako Idemitsu (Japan) Kai! Act Like a Girl (1996) film       

  14. Sharon Lockhart (USA) Goshogaoka Girls Basketball Team (1997) 16 mm film, color/sound, 63 minutes      

  15. Hellen van Meene (The Netherlands) Untitled (series) (1997 - 2000) C-prints 39 x 39 cm     

  16. Elodie Pong (USA, Switzerland) Pretty, Pretty (1998 - 2004) slideshow and video work presented together       

  17. Gillian Wearing (UK) 10-16 (1999) video projection, colour, sound, 15 min.      

  18. Sue de Beer and Laura Parnes (USA) Heidi 2: The Unauthorised Sequel (1999) 2 channel video installation      

  19. Lee Bul (Korea) Amateurs (1999) video, shown at Korean Pavilion, Venice Biennale      

  20. Lena Cronqvist (Sweden) Operation (2000 - 2001) oil and tempera on canvas     

  21. Laura Stasiulyte (Lithuania) From the Life of Young Ladies (2001) video based on 80 letters from girls asking advice from a gynaecologist    National Gallery of Art, Lithuania  

  22. Julika Rudelius (Germany, The Netherlands) The Highest Point (2002) video  12.34 min     

  23. Jaki Irvine (Ireland) The Actress (2003) single-channel video projection  3.40 min     

  24. Esra Ersen (Turkey, Germany) Which One You Choose (2003) DVD, 17.30 mins.      

  25. Julie Nord (Denmark) Nothing's Real (2003) drawing, pen, paper      Statens Museum for Kunst 

  26. Cao Fei (China) COSplayers (2004) video, 8 mins and C-prints, series  75 x 100 cm each     

  27. Tomoko Sawada (Japan) School Days (2004) series of C-prints of artist, taking all the roles of a school group photo each 130 x 180 mm     

  28. Miwi Yanagi (Japan) Fairy Tale (2004) series of gelatin silver prints each 100 x 100 cm     

  29. Laura Parnes (USA) Blood and Guts in High School (2004 - 2006) video 40 min     

  30. Kesa Kivel (USA) The Girl's House Art Project (2005 - 2006) installation, community project with girls 12-13 years of age, modelled on Womanhouse (1972)     

  31. Maura Biava (Italy, The Netherlands) Polly's Graduation Night (2006) 41 gouaches on aluminium  each 26.6 x 35 cm     

  32. Jessica Stoller (USA) Untitled (2006) installation, with Ponygirl and pink      

  33. LA Raeven (The Netherlands) Echoes of Despair (2007) video, 4 colour photos  70 x 50 cm each     

  34. Ursula Kraft (Germany) Emerentia I and II (2008 - 2014) photographic image panels 105.5 cm x 52.5 cm x 300     

  35. Maria Eichhorn (Germany) Militant (2010) 1-channel video, HD, 16:9, 06:29 min, loop, colour, stereo sound      

  36. Fiona Tan (The Netherlands, Indonesia) Nellie (2013) video installation      

  37. Sharon Hayes (USA) Richerchez: three (2013) video installation, shown at 55th Venice Biennale, 2013, interviewing young women about their sexuality      

  38. Patricia Cronin (USA) Shrine for Girls (2015) site specific installation, using clothes, Chiesa san Gallo, Venice