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Artworks by women artists on 30 topics
related to Feminism and Contemporary Art


About this topic: Questioning Nationalism

In these works, women artists critique and question nationalism in their own countries. The political and visual rhetoric of nationalism is examined, especially in terms of its exclusions, its construction of forms of masculinity. Women's participation as citizens supporting this rhetoric is also examined.

  1. Faith Ringgold (USA) The Flag is Bleeding (The American People Series) (1967) oil on canvas 183 x 244 cm     

  2. Joyce Wieland (Canada) O Canada (1970) lithographic print on white arches paper 70.5 x 60 cm     

  3. Laurie Anderson (USA) United States (1978 - 1982) performance recorded on DVD, 1983      

  4. Karen Knorr (UK) Gentlemen (series) (1981 - 1983) black and white photoseries and text      

  5. Sanja Ivekovic (Croatia) Personal Cuts  (1982) video 3 min 40 sec    Generali Foundation, Collection, Vienna 

  6. Lotty Rosenfeld (Chile) A Mile of Crosses on the Pavement (Una Milla de cruces sobre el pavimento) (1984) videotape of art action with white tape on roads, Santiago      

  7. Ingrid Pollard (UK) Pastoral Interlude (1986) photoseries and text     Victoria and Albert Museum, London 

  8. Sonia Boyce (UK) Lay back, keep quiet and think of what made Britain so great (1986) charcoal, pastel and watercolour on paper 4 parts, each, 152.5 x 65cm    Arts Council Collection, GB 

  9. Kai Kaljo (Estonia) Loser (1987) video 1' 24"  Available on Vimeo  

  10. Mitra Tabrizian (UK) Surveillance (1988 - 1989) computer manipulated image, gelatin silver print 90 x 250 cm     

  11. Trinh T. Minha (USA, Vietnam) Surname Viet Given Name Nam (1989) film 108 min.  Women Make Movies  

  12. Laura Aguilar (USA) Three Eagles Flying (1990) photograph 24 x 60 ins.     

  13. Jamelie Hassan (Canada) Shame (from The Trilogy) (1990) mixed media installation      

  14. Marina Grzinic and Aina Smid (Slovenia) Bilokacija/Bi-Location (1990) video 12 min 06 sec     

  15. Roshini Kempadoo (UK) ECU: European Currency Unfolds (1992) series of prints, juxtaposing European notes with 3rd world people       

  16. Annie Nash (USA) Borderlands/Respect (1993) acrylic and mixed media on canvas 30 x30     

  17. Flo Oy Wong (USA) Baby Jack Rice Story (1993) Mixed media: rice sack, silkscreen, sequins, thread  20 x 32 ins and 26 x 34     

  18. Lynn Hershman (USA) America's Finest (1994 - 1995) gen, surveillance, software, video capture      

  19. Mare Tralla (Estonia) This is How We Gave Birth to Estonian Feminism (1995) video installation  dimensions variable      read the artist's account of this work in n.paradoxa online archive

  20. Kathy Vargas (USA) My Alamo (1995) photographs with handwritten texts      

  21. Marina Abramovic (Yugoslavia, The Netherlands, USA) Balkan Baroque (1997) Three-channel video (color, sound), cow bones, copper sinks and tub filled with black water, bucket, soap, metal brush, dress stained with blood 24:47 min.  MOMA  

  22. Sanja Ivekovic (Croatia) GEN XX (1997 - 2001) inkjet prints: 6 photoworks with text originally published in small-circulation Croatian magazines such as Arkzin, Zaposlena, Frakcija, Kontura, and Kruh i ruže (Bread and roses) each: 39 3/8 x 27 9/16" (100 x 70 cm).     

  23. Nalini Malani (India) Remembering Toba Tek Singh (1998) four channel video installation, 12 tin truns, sun control film, 20 min      

  24. Rummana Hussain (India) A Space for Healing (1999) installation, addressing Muslim/Hindu conflict in India      

  25. Michele Magema (Congo, France) Oyé Oyé  (2002) video, 2 screen      

  26. Lise Harlev (Germany) To Represent the World (2002) posters produced and displayed at Manifesta 4 using comments by artists about national representation      

  27.  Arahmaiani (Indonesia) Flag Project (2006 - 2010) words "Freedom" and "Kizuma" sewn onto flags in many languages and displayed      

  28. Coco Fusco (USA) A Room of One's Own: Women and Power in the New America (2006 - 2008) performance       

  29. Pam Skelton (UK) Conspiracy Dwellings (2007 - 2010) photographic work      

  30. Anawana Haloba (Norway) The Greater G8 Advertising Market Stand (2007 - 2009) interactive sound installation critiquing "free trade" between nations, dimensions variable       

  31. Washing Up Ladies (Lia Lapithi, Marianna Kafaridou)  (Cyprus) Feminist Issues Still Not at Front Line (2007) banner printed on PVC  150 x 150 cm     

  32. Bani Abidi (Pakistan) Security Barriers A-L (2008) 12 inkjet prints  28 x 44 cm  MOMA, New York  

  33. Anna Jermolaewa (Austria, Russia) Kremlin Doppelganger (2008 - 2009) photoseries  each 50 x 35 cm     

  34. Elodie Pong (USA) After the Empire (2008) HD video, colour, sound  13:50 min     

  35. Ursula Biemann (Switzerland) X Mission (2009) video, colour, sound, 40 min