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Artworks by women artists on 30 topics
related to Feminism and Contemporary Art


About this topic: Relationships/Between You and Me

In this group of work, two kinds of relationship are foregrounded. One, an investigation into heterosexual relationships between a man and a woman and two, relationships between the woman artist and their audience, with works requiring participation from the audience in the making of the work. In the first notion, ideas of autonomy and inter-dependence are explored. The second notion of relationship does not conform to ideas of "relational aesthetics"; the contribution of the audience forms part of the work itself and their contribution exists as part of the work, after they leave.

  1. Yoko Ono (USA, Japan) Cut Piece (1964) performance, Yamachi Concert Hall, Kyoto      

  2. Carolee Schneemann (USA) Fuses (1964 - 1967) film      

  3. Lygia Clark (Brazil) Clothing-Body-Clothing "the I and the You" (1967) touch dialogue between a man and a woman linked with a rubber umbilical cord, who each discover in the pockets of the other's suit metaphorical suggestions of their own gender.      

  4. VALIE EXPORT (Austria) Tapp und Tastkino (Touch Cinema) (1968) street performance, with costume      

  5. Lygia Clark (Brazil) Estruturas Vivas (Living Structures) (1969) performance with 4 people in Paris, web of elastic bands      

  6. Adrian Piper (USA) Catalysis pieces (1970) performance actions recorded on photo      

  7. Iola de Freitas (Brazil, Italy) Duel (1973) photographs      

  8. Joan Semmel (USA) Intimacy-Autonomy (1974) oil on canvas 127 x 249 cm  Brooklyn Museum  

  9. Marina Abramovic (former Yugoslavia) Rhythm O (1974) performance, Studio Morra, Naples      

  10. Ketty La Rocca (Italy) You, You (1974) photograph      

  11. Lydia Schouten (The Netherlands) How does it feel to be a sex-object (1975) performance/installation    Stedelijk  

  12. Marianne Wex (Germany) Weibliche und Mannlicke Korpersprache (1977) photographs arranged on panel of male and female body language 50 x 150 cm, 8 panels     

  13. Jenny Holzer (USA) Truisms (1977 - 1979) posters, fly-posted on streets of New York, later LED displays      

  14. Candice  Breitz (USA) Him + Her (1978 - 2008) Seven-Channel video installation      

  15. Eugenie Balcells (Spain) Boy Meets Girl (1978) film      

  16. Jill Orr (Australia) Split/Fragile relationships (Women at Work) (1980) performance with Chris Mearing, George Paton Gallery, University of Melbourne      

  17. Linda Montano and Tehching Hseih (USA) A Year Tied Together at the Waist (1983 - 1984) performance, 1 year duration      

  18. Martha Rosler (USA) If You Lived Here (1989) multi-part exhibition project and installation, Dia Art Foundation       

  19. Angela Bulloch (UK) Rules series (1992 - 1997) presented as printed text panels, posters on different sites      

  20. Gillian Wearing (UK) Take Your Top Off (1993) 3 c-type prints mounted on aluminium      

  21. Shelly Silver (USA) small lies, Big Truth (1999) video tape    V-Tape  

  22. Irina Nakhova (Russia) Be with me (2002) interactive object for one visitor to enter at a time      

  23. Rivane Neuenschwander (Brazil) I Wish your Wish (2003) screenprinted textile ribbons, drilled holes in wall, installation      

  24.  Arahmaiani (Indonesia) Soho Baby (2004) street performance, audience invited to write on her body      

  25. Umida Tukhtamuradovna Akhmedova (Uzbekistan) Women and Men: From Dawn to Dusk (2007) 111 photo of rural Uzbekistan      

  26. Monica Ross (UK) Anniversary - an Act of Memory (2008 - 2013) solo, collective and multi-lingual recitations from memory of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights a performance series in 60 Acts      

  27. Zanele Muholi (South Africa) Difficult Love (2010) Video documentary, co-directed by Peter Goldsmid and Zanele Muholi, shown in documenta 13 (2012) 25 min.