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Feminist Art Topics
Artworks on 30 Topics

30. Memorials/Monuments

29. Questioning Nationalism

28. Relationships/Between You and Me

27. Confronting Racism

26. War/Conflict

25. Migration

24. Maps, Borders and Cultural geography

23. Land/Landscape

22. Ecology/Ecofeminism

21. Rooms

20. A House

19. Rape/Violence against women

18. Images of/about women from history

17. Women at Work

16. Cleaning/Maintenance Work

15. Food/Cooking

14. Artists' Parents/Grandparents

13. Marriage/Weddings

12. Masquerade/Mask

11. Mannequin/Puppet/Automaton/Cyborg

10. A/The Dress

9. Nude/Naked

8. Ecstatic Bodies

7. Old Age

6. Motherhood/Mothers/Child-rearing

5. Conception/Pregnancy/Childbirth

4. Menstruation/Abortion

3. Girls

2. Images of the phallus

1. Core imagery, vaginas and vulvas

Artworks by women artists on 30 topics
related to Feminism and Contemporary Art


About this topic: Confronting Racism

Patriarchy is brutal and racist, as Sjoo's title indicates. Feminism has protested against racism and sexism in people's lives and argues for a world where neither exists. These works by women artists present critiques of racism and they highlight women as subjects of racism as well as the voices of women in protesting racism. An international perspective on racism is offered, beyond the colour of someone's skin, including racism against Roma and Bosnian women, against Chinese immigrants in Indonesia, against Asian, Afro-Carribean, African and Mexican people in USA and UK.

  1. Monica Sjoo (Sweden) Patriarkatest brutalitet och rasism (1966) painting  102 x 114 cm    Museum Anna Nordlander, Skellftea 

  2. Faith Ringgold (USA) The Wake and Resurrection of the Bicentennial Negro (197) funereal tableau of masks and soft sculpture      

  3. Howardena Pindell (USA) Free, White & 21 (1980) video, colour and sound 12 min     

  4. Linda Nishio (USA) Kikoemasu Ka (Can you Hear Me?) (1980) photo-text work      

  5. Lubaina Himid (UK) We Will Be (1983) wood, paint, drawing pins, wool, collage, silver paper  183 x 91.5 cm    Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool 

  6. Yolanda M. Lopez (USA) Things I Never Told My Son about Being a Mexican (1984 - 1993) mixed media installation 96" x 114"     

  7. Sutapa Biswas (UK) Housewives with Steak Knives (1985) acrylic and pastel and collage on paper mounted on canvas, 274 x 244 cm     Bradford Museums and Galleries 

  8. Lorna Simpson (USA) Twenty Questions (1986) 4 silver gelatin prints, 6 plaques      

  9. Suzanne Lacy (USA) The Dark Madonna (1987) performance, University of California Franklin Murphy Sculpture Garden       

  10. Pat Ward Williams (USA) Accused/Blowtorch/Padlock (1987) magazine page, silver prints, film positive, window frame, paint, text 60" x 100"     

  11. Tracey Moffatt (Australia) Nice Coloured Girls (1987) 16 mm film, drama, 12 or 17 mins.      

  12. Hung Liu (USA) Resident Alien (1988) oil on canvas 152.4 x 228.6 cm    Steinbaum Krauss Gallery, New York 

  13. Carrie Mae Weems (USA) And 22 Million Very Tired and Very Angry People (1989 - 1990) photographic series, text frames      

  14. Katherine Ng (USA) Banana Yellow (1991) artist's book, Women's Building, Cal State Northridge.      

  15. Leah King-Smith (Australia) Patterns of Connection (1991) cibachrome photographic series, each c. 120 x 120 cm dimensions variable   National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne  

  16. Coco Fusco and Guillermo Gomez-Pena (USA) Two Undiscovered Amerindians Visit the West (1992 - 1994) performance, later released as video work, The Couple in the Cage: A Guatinaui Odyssey (1993)      

  17. Adrian Piper (USA) Cornered (1998) single monitor video, upturned table and chairs, presented as installation      

  18. Tracey Rose (South Africa) Love Me, Fuck Me (2001) Lamda print 47 x 47    The Kosmin Collection, New York 

  19. Sejla Kameric (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Bosnian Girl (2003) poster, 84 x 58.8 cm, slogan is a quote from Dutch soldier       

  20. Shelley Niro (Canada) The Shirt (2003) mini DVD colour 5 min     

  21. Julika Rudelius (Netherlands, Germany) Your Blood Is As Red As Mine (2004) Video projection, DVD with English subtitles, and photographs 15:56 min     

  22. Tanja Ostojic (former Yugoslavia) Naked Life (2004) video, artist reads UN report on rights of Roma people      

  23. Berry Bickle (Zimbabwe, Mozambique) Written on Skin 1 (2005) Gelatin Silver Print 51 x 40 cm     

  24. Sri Astari (Indonesia) Armors for the Soul (2011) 5 sculptured kebayas, grey coloured aluminium and stainless steel cloth, referencing attacks on Chinese women in Indonesia in 1998      

  25. Marika Schmiedt (Austria) What Remains…2000-2009 (2011) DVD loop, 20 min, video projection of archival documentation on Roma persecution, State Archive, Berlin