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Artworks by women artists on 30 topics
related to Feminism and Contemporary Art


About this topic: Migration

These works focus on women artists' views of the problems of migrants. Women's experiences as migrants and refugees are also important in these works. The different experiences of women in migration debates are often overlooked or not considered. Very different forms of migration across the world are considered by these women in relation to women migrants' journeys, marriages, state policy towards them in their home and host countries, the global movement of labour, issues of safety and refuge.

  1. Chila Kumari Burman (UK) Convenience Not Love  (1986 - 1987) colour silkscreen and laser print. Diptych.  86.4 x 264.2 cm      see Rina Arya Chila Kumari Burman (KT press, 2013)

  2. Zarina Bhimji (UK) She loved to breathe - Pure silence (1987) installation with images sandwiched in plexiglass, latex gloves, spices      

  3. Hung Liu (USA) Reading Room (1988) installation on history of Chinese immigration to the USA, Chinatown, San Francisco      

  4. Chantal Akermann (France) From the East (D'Est) (1993) 35mm film, colour, sound      

  5. Yong Soon Min (USA) DMX Xing (1994) multimedia installation, walled space enclose glass panels with photographs, text on postwar experiences of SouthEast Asian refugees to USA      

  6. Frances Hegarty (Ireland, UK) Gold (1995) 3 screen video /audio installation (Walter McBean Gallery, San Francisco)      

  7. Imelde Cajipe Endaya (USA) Filipina: DH (1995) installation with found objects and plaster-bonded textiles, projected images, text and sound      

  8. Carrie Mae Weems (USA) From Here I Saw What Happened and I Cried  (1995 - 1996) 33 toned prints      

  9. Lisl Ponger (Austria) Passagen / Passages (1996) film, video       

  10. Mali Wu (Taiwan) Collective Dreams (1996) 4000-5000 paper boats on which people wrote their wishes, dreams. The works were collected in the gallery and then floated out to sea. Part of the Hong Kong Arts Festival of 1996.      

  11. Vera Frenkel (Canada) Transit Bar (1997) installation of a working bar, with video/TV, newspapers      

  12. Sue Williamson (South Africa) Messages from the Moat (1997) installation with 1500 glass bottles, net, suspended over a trench     Iziko, South African National Gallery, Capetown 

  13. Penny Siopis (South Africa) My Lovely Day (1997) film presented as installation      

  14. Maria Magdalena Campus Pons (Cuba, USA) Spoken Softly with Mama (1998) installation, embroidered silk and organza over ironing boards with photographic transfers, embroidered cotton sheets, cast glass irons and trivets, wooden benches, six projected video tracks, stereo sound    National Gallery of Canada  

  15. Kim Soo-ja (Korea, USA) A Needle Woman (1999) video installation, produced in different cities and versions      

  16. Ann-Sofi Siden (Sweden) Warte mal! Prostitution after the Velvet Revolution (2000) video installation      

  17. Yasmine Kabir (Bangladesh) My Migrant Soul (2000) video      

  18. Emily Jacir (Palestine, USA) Where we come from (2001 - 2003) photos and text panels      

  19. Hito  Steyerl (Germany) November (2004) video      

  20. Yin Xuizhen (China) Portable Cities (2004) suitcases with interiors rebuilt      

  21. Roshini Kempadoo (UK) Ghosting (2004) digital photography, video project on Carribean histories       

  22. Ursula Biemann (China) Sahara Chronicle (2006 - 2007) video      

  23. Ha Cha Youn (Korea, France, Germany) Balade dan Paris (2006) photographs, video showing plastic bags, cart of homeless      

  24. Lania Joriege (Lebanon) A Journey (2006) video  41 min     

  25. Luz Maria Sanchez (Mexico) 2487: Giving Voice in Diaspora (2006) stereo installation from an 8-channel sound piece, names of people killed on US/Mexico border   website for work  

  26. Berni Searle (South Africa) Seeking Refuge (2008) video  5' 56     

  27. Stephanie Syjuco (Phillipines, USA) The Counterfeit Crochet Project (Critique of a Political Economy) (2008) mixed media installation of crocheted brand name luxury goods      

  28. Tintin Wulia (Indonesia) (Re)Collection of Togetherness  (2008 - 2014) passports, video work, presented in different stages at different exhibitions      

  29. Yael Bartana (Israel) And Europe will Be Stunned… (2009 - 2011) 3 films, presented together, Polish Pavilion, Venice Biennale, 2011      

  30. Jenny Polak (USA) The No-Place: Attic Access Hiding Unit (2010) site specific installation, BRIC Rotunda Gallery, New York      

  31. Jane Jin Kaisen (Korea, Denmark) The Woman, The Orphan and the Tiger (2010) video 72 min