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Artworks by women artists on 30 topics
related to Feminism and Contemporary Art


About this topic: Maps, Borders and Cultural geography

In this group of works, the work often marks a boundary, surveys a territory, looks again at questions of politics and culture invested in geography. This includes where national borders between countries are marked, the line of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), the shifting relations of "mapping" territories given historical-political shifts, aerial views of city maps, online photographic mapping projects, GPS tracking, displacement of objects from one site to another and the earth seen as a globe/planet in space.

  1. Pauline Cummins (Ireland) Inis t'Oirr (1985) Slide projected installation with sound     Irish Museum of Modern Art 

  2. Pam Hall (Canada) The Coil: A History in Four Parts  (1988 - 1993) installation with fish net, cord, framed elements of various media including colour photocopy, 24 dye coupler prints (Ektacolor), coloured pencil and graphite on wove paper  dimensions variable  National Gallery of Canada  

  3. Lia Perjovschi (Romania) Endless Collection (1990) installation of approx 1000 objects, shaped as or containing the image of the world as a globe      

  4. Tina Sherwell (Israel) Map of Palestine (1990) mixed media and fabrics      

  5. Anne Bean (UK) O Degrees (1992) laser line marking Meridian of GMT, Greenwich       

  6. Hung Liu (USA) Map no. 33 (1992) 41 shaped canvases based on 1839 map of San Francisco, permanent installation Moscone Convention Center, San Francisco      

  7. Joyce Kozloff (USA) Los Angeles Becoming Mexico City Becoming Los Angeles (1993) watercolor, collage, lithographs/paper, 22 x 87”      

  8. Mona Hatoum (UK, Lebanon) Present Tense (1996) installation on floor - map of Palestinian/Israeli terroritories - made from soap and glass beads 4.5 x 229 x 241 cm     

  9. Adriana Verejão (Brazil) America (1996) oil on canvas and linen 77 x 65 in    Private Collection 

  10. Kathy Prendergast (Ireland, UK) Cities drawings (1997) pencil drawings of capitals of the world from aerial maps      

  11. Anne Tallentire (UK) Altered Tracks (1997) performance, recorded on video      

  12. Judith Barry (USA) Malestron: Max Laughs (1998) video, sound projection      

  13. Katrin Sigurdardottir (Iceland) Birthmark series (1999) digital prints, artist's birthmarks as cartography     ASI Art Museum, Reykjavik 

  14. Ayse Erkmen (Turkey) Shipped Ships (2001) video      

  15. Ingrid Mwange (Kenya, Germany) Static Drift (2001) photographic diptych      

  16. Cornelia Parker (UK) Series: « Meteorite Lands in the Middle of Nowhere, The American Series » (2001) map with burn marks   FRAC Lorraine  

  17. Isabelle Monde (France) Découvrir le monde  (2001 - 2003) photographic series each 50 x75  FRAC Lorraine  

  18. Zarina Hashmi (India, USA) Atlas of My World (2001) portfolio of six black and white woodcuts, Urdu text, Kozo paper      

  19. Ulrike Ottinger (Germany) Southeast Passage: A Journey to New Blank Spots on the Map of Europe (2002) film, Part 1, Wroslaw-Varna, Part 2, Odessa, Part 3, Istanbul 360 min     

  20. Catharina van Eetvelde (Belgium, France) Cruise (Sluice Chapter V) (2003) Film d'animation, couleur, sonore 8 min  FRAC Lorraine  

  21. Emily Jacir (Palestine, USA) Ramallah/New York (2004 - 2005) two channel video installation      

  22. Yto Barrada (Morocco) Tectonic (2004 - 2010) wooden model with movable continents 122 x 200 cm     

  23. Antonia Hirsch (Germany, Canada) World Map Project (2004)        

  24. Lucy Wood (UK) Map 272183 (2004) installation, map of London's 33 boroughs made using guns surrendered by gun amnesty from Metropolitan Police, City Hall, London      

  25. Janet Cardiff (Canada) Her Long Black Hair (2004) audio tour, Public Art Fund, New York City, audience given compact disc player, map and set of snapshots for their tour      

  26. Paula Levine (USA) Shadows from Another Place: San Francisco <->Baghdad (2004) project developed through website, maps, GPS devices, site locations in San Francisco      

  27. Anawana Haloba (Zambia, Norway) Road Map (2007 - 2008) Sound/sculptural/drawing interactive installation       

  28. Nezaket Ekici (Turkey, Germany) Work in Progress - Personal Map (2008) performance, mixed media installation 4 x 3 m     

  29. Maryam Jafri (USA, Denmark) World Map (2008) 2 posters 44 x60 cm each     

  30. Lou Cabeen (Canada) Public Display (2009) artist's book, locating 24 sightings of Virgin Mary of Guadeloupe      

  31. Marianna Christofides (Cyprus) Blank Mappings (2010 - 2011) 3 laser engravings on BFK Rives paper, 3 worktables, LED panels, plexiglass sheets, projected compass rose      

  32. Annea Lockwood (USA) A Sound Map of the Housatonic River (2010) sound work, exhibited 4-channel sound installation, 1 hr. 17'     

  33. Reena Saini Kallat (India) Untitled(Map/Drawing) (later, Woven Chronicles) (2011) site-specific wall installation, electric wires, fittongs, 10 min. audio loop, 132 x 456 ins. first presented Goteborg Biennale, Sweden      

  34. nichola feldman-kiss (Canada, Germany, Jamaica) until the story of the hunt is told by the lion/ facing horro and the possibility of shame (2011 - 2013) installation: 61 digital photographs, 3 channel sound composition, electro-luminescent back-light media, speakers, pasitcs, wood, electronics, programming      

  35. Layla Curtis (UK) Antipodes (2013 - 2014) constantly updating online artwork which pairs webcams images from places on exact opposite sides of the globe      Online Site for project