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Artworks by women artists on 30 topics
related to Feminism and Contemporary Art


About this topic: Land/Landscape

This topic looks at women artists who have intervened in "landscape" as a tradition and challenged its premises. This includes the work of women artists identified with the land art movement in the USA and as public artists producing large-scale projects for particular spaces, building (even virtual) gardens, new parks. It also includes works where protests about land rights of indigenous peoples are key. In land art/landscape what can be "seen", literally how a site or vision of the world is presented to us, and the point of view given by the artist to the audience are important ideas to consider.

  1. Georgia O'Keefe (USA) Sky Above Clouds III/Above the Clouds III (1963) Oil on canvas, 48 x 84 inches.       

  2. Bonnie Sherk (USA) Portable Park (1970) San Francisco, temporary installation with grass, hay, tree, cows (in street)      

  3. Nancy Graves (USA) Sun Tunnels (1973 - 1976) Great Basin Desert, North West Utah      

  4. Mary Miss (USA) Sunken Pool (1974) wood, steel, water, 13 ft high, 20 foot diameter       

  5. Alice Aycock (USA) Simple Network of Underground Wells and Tunnels (1975) earth, timber, concrete, 28 x 50 feet, audience can crawl and enter tunnels.      

  6. Nancy Holt (USA) Pine Barrens (1975) 35 mm film 32 min     

  7. Vija Celmins (USA, Latvia) Ocean (1975) photograph   Tate Modern  

  8. Theresa Hak Yung Cha (USA) Passages Paysages (1978) three-channel video      University Art Museum, University of California, Berkeley 

  9. Lynn Silverman (USA) Horizons (Southern End, Birdsville Track, South Australia) (1979) black and white photographic prints      

  10. Lorraine Leeson and Peter Dunn (UK) Docklands Community Poster Project (1981 - 1984) photo collage, posters 400 x 600 cm     

  11. Kate Blacker (UK) Local Landscape, Local Lady (1983) painted, corrugated metal floor/wall installation 175 x 200 x 100 cm     

  12. Renee Green (USA) Site/Scene (1990) postcards, binoculars, plexiglas, wood, stands 66" x 66" x 135"     

  13. Jin Me-Yoon (Canada) Souvenirs of the Self (1991) 6 postcards in a perforated strip, project for Banff Centre, Canada      

  14. Shelley Niro (Canada) This Land is Mime Land (Judge Me Not, 500 Year Itch, Love Me Tender, Survivor, Camouflaged) (1992) series of 12 panels, each with a hand-tinted gelatin silver print, a sepia-toned gelatin silver print, and a gelatin silver print in a hand-drilled mat, 36 x 28 cm each photograph      

  15. Lorna Green (UK) Meet Sit and Talk (1995) public art: sandstone, polished granite, gravel, planting, Chancellors Court, University of Leeds 100 x 125 x 3 metres     

  16. Char Davies (Canada) Osmose (1995) immersive virtual environment of landscape, experienced through head mounted display      

  17. Sarah Morris (UK) Capital (2000) 16 mm film, colour, sound, 18 mins, 18 sec       

  18. Elisabeth Ballet (France) Carrefour du Pot d'Etain (2001) white granite and black basalt paving in streets of la Ville de Pont-Audemer      

  19. Susan Silton (USA) tornado in a jar (2003) LCD monitor, stand, video projection      

  20. Christine and Margaret Wertheim (USA) The Institute for Figuring Companions: Crochet and Anemome Garden (2005) Coral Reef project reconstructed in craft techniques      

  21. Yee I-Lann (Malaysia) Sulu Stories (2005) photographic series of Sulu peninsula, collaged images      

  22. Tea Mäkipää (Finland) 10 Commandments for the 21st Century (2006) poster, print, website      

  23. Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook (Thailand) Dow Song Duang (the Two Planets Series) (2008) video, colour, sound, 18:30 min      

  24. Emily Floyd (Australia) Our Community Garden (2009) five black plinths with sculptural elements, acrylic paint, beeswax on wood, hemp rope      

  25. Sofie Thorsen (Denmark) The Achromatic Island (2010) video    Statens Museum for Kunst  

  26. Inoue Hiroko (Japan, Germany) Mori: Forest (2011) photographic series, juxtaposing forest in Japan and Germany      

  27. Eve Fowler (USA) IT IS SO, IS IT SO (2014) LAND Manifest Destiny Billboard Project, Houston, Texas - billboards with quotes