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Artworks by women artists on 30 topics
related to Feminism and Contemporary Art


About this topic: Ecology/Ecofeminism

Some examples of projects where protest about the abuse of the ecology of the earth and its resources is central in women artists. Only some of these artists would identify themselves as eco-feminists. Ecology here is about cycles of growth and entropy, how we recycle or produce energy, how artists have made interventions in city eco-systems, how different natural environments work to sustain themselves against pollution or sterility and how humans manage waste or pollution. Ecology here is distinguished from attention to the human use of land (see next topic) and land art.

  1. Helen and Newton Harrison  (USA) Lagoon Cycle (1974 - 1984) 360 foot photographic cycle in 50 parts       

  2. Mierle Ukeles (USA) Touch Sanitation  (1979 - 1980) performance work shaking the hands of Sanitation Workers, New York City      

  3. Bonita Ely (Australia) Murray River Punch (1980) punch made from Murray River, recipe and performance - part of a larger project on Murray River's ecology    National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne  

  4. Helène Aylon (USA) Earth Ambulance (1982 - 1992) 800+ pillowcases with dreams and nighmares of women, earth from nuclear sites, an ambulance installed in many sites with many contributors      

  5. Agnes Denes (USA) Wheatfield - A confrontation Battery Park landfill, Downtown Manhatten (1982) wheatfield, public art project, New York      

  6. Cornelia Hesse-Honneger (Germany) 51 verschiedenen Fliegenrücken /51 Diptera, Wild Flies, Different Species (1984) watercolour, minature technique 43 x 57 cm     

  7. Jill Orr (Australia) Walking on Planet Earth (1989) performance      

  8. Betsy Damon (USA) Living Water Garden (1995 - 1998) water garden, Fun-Nan River, Chengdu       

  9. Rose Garrard (UK) The Spring Water Arts project (1996 - 2008) exhibition on ecology leading to restoration of springs, well dressing festivals, investigation into history and celebration of legacy of Malvern Springs      

  10. Shawna Dempsey and Lorri Millan (Canada) Lesbian National Parks and Services (1997) performance as "official Park Rangers" with lesbian geography of flora and fauna       

  11. Natalie Jeremijenko (USA) OneTree(s) (1998) 20 genetically identical (cloned) trees planted in San Francisco Bay Area Neighbourhoods    NYU website description  

  12. Julie Bargmann/Stacy Levy (USA) Testing the Waters (1998) sandblasted glass panels in galvanised steel frames       

  13. Mierle Ukeles with Kathy Brew and Roberto Guerra (USA) Penetration and Transparency: Morphed (2001 - 2002) 6-channel video work, start of FreshKills park work as artist-in-residence      

  14. Mali Wu (Taiwan) Taipei Tomorrow As A Lake Again (2008) installation at 2008 Taipei Biennial      

  15. Boryana Rossa (Bulgaria) A Garden of One's Own (2008) installation and balcony garden in Bulgaria made from seeds of foreign (imported) fruits, also called Bootleg Garden      

  16. Daniela Kostova with Olivia Robinson (Bulgaria, USA) Waste to Work (2008) installation producing electricity from sweat     

  17. Sigalit Landau (Israel) Salt works, linked to Salt Route Bridge, project (2010 - 2015) objects (dresses, shoes, violins) suspended in Dead Sea salts       

  18. Mary Miss (USA) Broadway: 1000 steps  (2011) installation of mirrors, signs over 1 km Broadway drawing attention to ecology of living city       

Additional References

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