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Artworks by women artists on 30 topics
related to Feminism and Contemporary Art


About this topic: Rooms

The works all feature, explore or create rooms. These rooms form the work or are central to the subject of the artworks. Many are temporary constructions or installations, some are built as complex interactive environments. Ilya Kabakov's concept of a "total installation" was inspired by Irina Nakhova's project.

  1. Carolee Schneemann (USA) Eye/body: 36 Transformative Actions for Camera (1963) loft environment, built in New York, photographed performance actions      

  2. Marta Minujin (Argentina) La Menesunda (1965) built gallery environment, audience interaction recorded on 16 mm Film, digitalised  8.09 min     

  3. Yayoi Kusama (Japan) Kusama's Peep Show or Endless Love Show (1966) Mirrors, coloured lights  210 x 240 x 205 cm     

  4.  Gego (Venezuela) Reticulárea (ambientación) (1969) Installation at Museo de Bellas Artes, Caracas       

  5. Dorothea Tanning (France) Chambre 202: Hotel du Parot (1970) Bois, tissus, laine, papier peint, tapis, ampoule électrique 340,5 x 310 x 470 cm  Centre Pompidou AM-1977-204  

  6. Anna Sjodahl (Sweden) Var Dags liv: Mitt alternativ / Everyday Life: My Alternative (1973) installation with paintings and objects from the artists home, Konstframjandet, Stockholm   Moderna Museet  

  7. Francesca Woodman (USA) Untitled: Providence, Rhode Island (1975 - 1976) series of photos      

  8. Rejsning Gruppe (Denmark) Kvindendstillingen XX pa Charlottenberg (1975) collaborative installation of rooms transforming one floor of exhibition       Read about this in Monika Kaiser Neubesetzungen des Kunst-Raumes

  9. Lydia Schrouten (The Netherlands) Kooi / Cage (1978) performance, 30 mins inside cage of 2x2x2m with built in watercolour pencils, performed 3 times in Holland and France      

  10. Amalia Mesa-Bains (with Lomas Garga) (USA) Frida Kahlo Altar (1979) altar and mixed media installation, Galeria de la Raza, San Francisco      

  11. Sophie Calle (France) L'Hotel (1981) 7 Epreuves chromogènes contrecollées sur papier et texte, 7 épreuves gélatino-argentiques contrecollées sur papier, 1 texte   Centre Pompidou AM 2000-9 (1-8)  

  12. Vera Frenkel (Canada) The Secret Life of Cornelia Lumsden: a Remarkable Story (reconstruction of Her Room in Paris) (1981) video installation in which author plays 4 different roles, reconstruction of room      

  13. Ingrid Ernst (Germany) Jede Frau tragt ein Zimmer (1982) performance production, Unbeachtete Produktionsformen, Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, recorded on Super 8   Film Portal Germany  

  14. Irina Nakhova (Russia, USA) Rooms (1983 - 1987) installations using paper, paint and collage, the first "total installations" in Russia      

  15. Helen Chadwick (UK) Ego Geometria Sum (1984) installation, 10 objects, 10 photos presented at Aspex Gallery, Plymouth      

  16. Miriam Cahn (Germany) Frauen, FrauenRaume, Etat de Guerre, Das Wilde lieben (1984) room installation of paintings, Galerie Stampa Basel      

  17. Hannah O'Shea (UK) Hannah's at Home (1985) performance using contents of artists' home displaced to gallery      

  18. Louise Bourgeois (USA) Cell (Eyes and Mirrors) (1989 - 1993) sculpture, steel, limestone and glass   Tate Collection  

  19. Lynn Hershmann, Sara Roberts (USA) Room of One's Own (1990 - 1993) interactive installation      

  20. Cornelia Parker (UK) Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View (1991) Wood, metal, plastic, ceramic, paper, textile and wire 4 x 5 x 5 m  Tate Collection  

  21. Ana Viera (Portugal) Environment (1992) installation, print on veils/fabric      

  22. Alison Marchant (UK) Living Room (1994) bookwork/artwork about 2 major housing initiatives comprising oral histories and photos (book: London: Working Press, 1997)      

  23. Pipilotti Rist (Switzerland) Das Zimmer/ The Room (1994) video installation       

  24. Maureen Connor (USA) Love (at first) Site (Balcony, Bachelors Pad, Bedroom) (1997 - 1998) 3 installations, with built and projected elements triggered by sensors, installed for All You Need is Love (Laznia, Gdansk, 2000)      

  25. Rosemarie Trockel (Germany) Sleeping Pill  (1999) installation,German Pavilion, Venice Biennale      

  26. Monica Bonvicini (Italyu) I Believe in the Skin of Things as in That of Woman (1999) installation, drywall panels, aluminium studs, wood panels , graphite      

  27. Priscilla Monge (Costa Rica) Cuarto de Aislamiento y proteccion: Room for Isolation and Restraint (2000) installation with sanitary napkins, 49th Venice Biennale, 201      

  28. Chiharu Shiota (Japan) During Sleep (2000) installation, string and beds, with artist sleeping, Kunstraum Maximilianstrasse, Stadtforum München       

  29. Koo Jeong-A (Korea) Untitled  (2001) Medium, néon, plastique, papier, métal   Centre Pompidou AM 2002-288  

  30. Simryn Gill (Singapore, Australia) Dalam (series) (2001) 260 chromogenic prints  23.5 x 23.5 cm  Singapore Art Museum  

  31. Rita Duffy (UK) Veil (2001) installation, lights, pigment, salt and glass, 6 metal doors from Armagh Women's Prison 183 x 91 cm     

  32. Cristina Iglesias (Spain) Untitled (Passage II) (2002)    Centre Pompidou AM 2004-182  

  33. Karen Knorr (UK) Fables  (2003 - 2008) Lamda C type Fuji Crystal Archive Paper 122 x 152 cm     

  34. Monika Sosnowska (Poland) Corridor (2003) installation, Istanbul Biennale, 2003      

  35. Mariko Mori (Japan) Wave UFO (2003) Aluminum, magnesium, carbon fiber, Technogel, and fiberglass,  16 x 37 x 17 ft     

  36. Sheela Gowda (India) Darkroom (2006) Shanty fort constructed of metal tar drums from construction sites      

  37. Kim Soo-ja (Korea) Mirror Room (2011) Venice Biennale, Korean pavillion      

  38. Liina Siib (Estonia) A Woman Takes a Little Space (2011) installation, Estonian Pavilion, Venice