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Feminist Art Topics
Artworks on 30 Topics

30. Memorials/Monuments

29. Questioning Nationalism

28. Relationships/Between You and Me

27. Confronting Racism

26. War/Conflict

25. Migration

24. Maps, Borders and Cultural geography

23. Land/Landscape

22. Ecology/Ecofeminism

21. Rooms

20. A House

19. Rape/Violence against women

18. Images of/about women from history

17. Women at Work

16. Cleaning/Maintenance Work

15. Food/Cooking

14. Artists' Parents/Grandparents

13. Marriage/Weddings

12. Masquerade/Mask

11. Mannequin/Puppet/Automaton/Cyborg

10. A/The Dress

9. Nude/Naked

8. Ecstatic Bodies

7. Old Age

6. Motherhood/Mothers/Child-rearing

5. Conception/Pregnancy/Childbirth

4. Menstruation/Abortion

3. Girls

2. Images of the phallus

1. Core imagery, vaginas and vulvas

Artworks by women artists on 30 topics
related to Feminism and Contemporary Art


About this topic: Images of the phallus

This topic lists images of male genitalia, the Phallus, scrotum and penis. These works by women artists not only question masculine self-representation and power but they also question female self-representation. The Phallus is not only or not just a representation of a penis, it represents symbolic power vis-a-vis masculinity in men and in women, heterosexual and lesbian. Vulnerability, sexuality and power are depicted in nude/naked men, in the head turned into a phallus, in the phallus as an excessive or fetishised object and as the visual sign for a power which has been comically parodied or criticised.

  1. Alice Neel (USA) Joe Gould (1933) oil on canvas 39 x 31 inches / 99 x 78.7 cm  Private Collection on loan to Tate Modern  

  2. Germaine RICHIER (France) Don Quichotte à la lance / Don Quixote with Lance (1949) bronze 17 1/4 x 6 x 6 3/4 inches / 44 x 16 x 17.5 cm     

  3. Yayoi Kusama (Japan) Accumulation No. 1  (1962) sewn stuffed fabric, paint, and chair fringe  37 x 39 x 43  MOMA  

  4. Louise Bourgeois (USA) La Filette (1968) latex over plaster  23 1/2 x 11 x 7 1/2  MOMA  

  5. Nancy Grossman (USA) Head Sculpture (1969 - 1970) leather over carved wood life-size     

  6. May  Stevens (USA) Big Daddy Paper Doll (1970) acrylic on canvas  78 x 168 ins  Brooklyn Museum  

  7. Margaret Harrison (UK) Captain America (I am a Fantasy series) (1971 - 1997) watercolour and graphite on paper      

  8. Faith  Wilding and Janice Lester (USA) Cock and Cunt  (1972) performance, Womanhouse project, Los Angeles      

  9. Ruth Francken (France) Eros et Civilisation (1972) metal, monkey skin, gelatin silver print on canvas, plywood, plexiglas  153 x 119 x 6 cm.  see Lightning Archive project for documentation  

  10. Judith Bernstein (USA) Two Panel Vertical (1973) charcoal on paper 12.5 ft x 12.5 ft     

  11. Alison Saar (USA) Man Club (1973) wood, copper, misc., objects and tar 86 x 22 x 15 ins     

  12. Lynda Benglis (USA) Advert in Artforum (1974) photographic advert      

  13. Sylvia Sleigh (USA) At The Turkish Bath (1976) oil on canvas  76” x 100”    David and Alfred Smart Museum of Art, University of Chicago 

  14. Renate Bertlmann (Germany) Reliquie des Hl.Erectus  (1978) mixed media object     Sammlung Verbund 

  15. Diane Torr (USA) Man for a Day Workshops (1980 - 1990) performance workshops for women to cross-dress as men      

  16. Mandy Havers (UK) Framed Figure (1980) leather and mixed media   Treadwells   shown in Women's Images of Men (ICA, 1980)

  17. Renate Bertlmann (Germany) CONTEMPLATIO  (1981) sculpture, latex, wood, paint      

  18. Esther Ferrer (Spain) Jugetes educativos: Pistola com bandaras (1983 - 1989) plastic object with gun, dildo and pin flags  30 x 5 cm     

  19. Riet van der Linden and 12 other women (The Netherlands) Feminist action with pricks as nosepieces to denounce the under-representation of women artists at opening of Edy de Wile's exhibition La Grande Parade, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, 15 Dec 1984 (1984) feminist protest, see catalogue of exhibition, Rebelle (Arnhem, MMK, 2010)      

  20. Elisabeth Frink (UK) Walking Man, (Riace 1) (1986) bronze, modelled in plaster  H: 211 cm (83 in)    Commission for W.H. Smith, company headquarters, Swindon, Wiltshire 

  21.  Orlan (France) Origine de la Guerre (Origin of War) (1989) aluminium-backed cibachrome 34 2/3 x 41 1/3ins    Vincent Gregoire Collection 

  22. Helen Chadwick (UK) Piss Flowers (1991 - 1992) bronze and cellulose lacquer sculptures 70 x 65 x 65 mm approx. each  University of Brighton collection  

  23. Della Grace (UK) The Three Graces (1992) black and white fibrebased chromobromide print 20 x 24 inches      Read: Parveen Adams The Emptiness of the Image: Psychoanalysis and Sexual Difference (1996)

  24. Zofia Kulik (Poland) All Things Converge in Time and Space;To Disperse,To Converge, To Disperse, and So On (I) version I (1992) photography  150cm x 150cm     

  25. Sam Taylor-Wood (UK) Brontosaurus (1995) video    Tate  

  26. Mona Hatoum (UK) Testimony (1995 - 2002) video    

  27. Sarah Lucas (UK) One Armed Bandits (1995) mixed media, toilet, chair, men's underwear      

  28.  Icelandic Love Corporation (Iceland) Blow Job (1997 - 2000) performance      

  29. Karolina Wysocka (Poland) Klejnot (Jewel) (2006) DVD  7 min loop     

  30. Claire Lambe (Australia / UK) Ultra Primo (2009) Installation at Ocular lab Bronze, plaster, wax, wood, silicone      

  31. Aidan Salahova (Salakhova) (Russia, Azerbaijan) Minarety (2010 - 2012) white and black marble sculptures of phallic minarets, censored when on display at Azerbaijan Pavilion, 2011 Venice Biennale      

  32. Sarah Maple (UK) Cock series (2011 - 2015) photography series, posters