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Artworks by women artists on 30 topics
related to Feminism and Contemporary Art


About this topic: Rape/Violence against women

Violence against women, particularly sexual violence against women and the need to protest against it, is the subject of these works. These works protest against rape, without sensationalising it, and draw attention to the levels of domestic and sexual violence against women throughout the world, regardless of colour, creed, class or education. These works include collective responses amongst women to the subject of rape, highlighting the victims' point of view. They explore questions about double standards, about the lack of justice, and about how society - particularly the media - regards the perpetrators and the crime committed against women.

  1. Yoko Ono (USA, Japan) Rape (1968) film, made with John Lennon      

  2. Suzanne Lacy (USA) Rape is (Two Views) (1972) limited edition book, Cal Arts, Feminist Art project       

  3. Judy Chicago, Suzanne Lacy, Sandra Orgel, Aviva Rahmani (USA) Ablutions (1972) performance, Venice, California, documented in photographs      

  4. Ana Mendieta (USA) Rape scene (1973) photo-documentation of performance, Moffit Street, Iowa City, Iowa      

  5. Faith Ringgold (USA) Slave Rapes/ Tankas (1973) masks, brocade frames, quilts      

  6. Nancy Spero (USA) Torture of Women (1976) gouache, typewritten texts, collage, and handprinting on laid paper  60.7 x 292 cm each framed     

  7. Betsy Damon and Carole Fisher (USA) Mutilation Images: A Garden and Self Images: Terrible Mother of Blood River (1976) installation, in exhibition Changes, College of St. Catherine, St. Paul, Minnesota      

  8. Leslie Labowitz and Suzanne Lacy (USA) In Mourning and In Rage  (1977) public performance, Los Angeles City Hall      

  9. Suzanne Lacy and Leslie Labowitz (USA) Three Weeks in May (1977) performances in Los Angeles over 3 weeks, culminated in In Mourning and In Rage     

  10. Alexis Hunter (UK) Dialogue with a Rapist (1978) photo-text work      

  11. Margaret Harrison (UK, New Zealand) Rape (1978) acrylic and collage on canvas 2 parts, total, 223.7 x 244cm 1 - Part a, 174 x 239.5 x 2.2cm 2 - Part b, 30.6 x 239.5 x 2.2cm    Arts Council Collection, GB 

  12. Diamela Eltit (Chile) Zona de Dolor I / Maipu (1980) video performance, Santiago 5.08 min  Re.Act.Feminism  

  13. Cecilia Vicuna (Columbia, USA) What is Poetry to You? (1980) film, Bogota      

  14. Barbara Kruger (USA) Untitled ("We have received orders not to move") (1982) black and white photo 72 x 48     

  15. Gloria Bornstein (USA) Porno-Graphics (1984) installation in shop windows in New York and Seattle against the Green River serial murders in Washington of young women      

  16. Lydia Schouten (The Netherlands) Sleeping Beauties (1990) multimedia installation 10 x 2.5 x 3m    Collection W. Rieff, Maastricht 

  17. Barbara Kruger (USA) All Violence is the Illustration of a Pathetic Stereotype (1991) installation, Mary Boone Gallery, New York      

  18. Peggy Diggs (USA) The Domestic Violence Projects (1991 - 1992) range of public art projects, including billboards (Berkshire County, Massachusetts) and a milkcarton project on milk (New Jersey and New York), culminating in exhibition of mixed media objects.      

  19. Sue Williams (USA) Irresistible (1992) rubber 12 x 57 x 24"      

  20. Kiki Smith (USA) Tale (1992) wax, pigment, papier-mache 160 x 23 x23     

  21. Annika von Hausswolff (Sweden) Back to Nature (Tilbaka till Naturen) series (1992) chromogenic prints     Skiovde Konsthall and Konstmuseum, Sweden 

  22. Doris Salcedo (Columbia, USA) Atrabilarios (1992 - 2004) shoes in concrete      

  23. Lutz Bacher (USA) My Penis (1992) video tape-loop of a short fragment from William Kennedy Smith’s televised trial testimony      

  24. Jenny Holzer (with Tibor Kalman) (USA) Lustmord (1993 - 1994) photographs of handwriting in ink on skin 32 x 22 cm     

  25. Canan Senol (Turkey) Transparent Police Station/ Seffaf Karakol (1998) photograph on transparent film, plexiglass      

  26. Ursula Biemann (Switzerland) Performing the Border (1999) video essay 43 min     

  27. Rebecca Belmore (Canada) Vigil (2002) performance about more than 50 women murdered in Vancouver's East End, many First Nations women      

  28. Sanja Ivekovic (Croatia) Women's House (Sunglasses) (2002 - 2004) Photo-text works, juxtaposing fashion photography with first-hand accounts of domestic violence, extension of larger project Women's House.      

  29. Teresa Margolles (USA) Lote Bravo (2005) project including installation of mud bricks from sand at 100 locations in and around Ciudad Juarez where sexually abused women's bodies have been found      

  30. Mary Coble (USA) Untitled 2 (from Note to Self) (2005) Inkjet print, taken after 12 hour performance, names of 428 LGBTQ victims of hate crimes written on artist's body Sheet: 19 11/16 x 14 3/4 in. (50 x 37.5 cm).  Brooklyn Museum  

  31. Alma Quinto (The Philippines) The House of Comfort (2006) workshops with survivors of abuse and sexual violence      

  32. Grace Ndiritu (Kenya/UK) My Blood Self: Blood Painting (2006 - 2007) one of series of video works, titled My Blood Self, on violence, slavery, war      

  33. Sally Gutierrez (Spain) Crying Room /Patchwork Dreams (2007) video installation, premiered in Trauma Interrupted (Philippines Cultural Center, 2007)      

  34. Ito Tari (Japan) One Response - Bae Bong-gi and the Countless Other Women (2010) performance, about the Japanese Comfort Women, military sex slaves, of WWII      

  35. Zanele Muholi (South Africa) Untitled  (2011) Series of artworks about the murder of women, blood on fabric 220 x 119 cm     

  36. Suzanne Lacy and Leslie Labowitz (USA) Three Weeks in January (2012) performances and public art project in Los Angeles, part of Pacific Standard Time     

  37. Fiona Rukschcio (Austria) Retaped Rape (2012) video following and reconstructing Yoko Ono's Rape (1968), presented at Vienna Secession