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Artworks by women artists on 30 topics
related to Feminism and Contemporary Art


About this topic: Images of/about women from history

In these works, the subject of each work is a different kind of identification with women from history, be they artists or rulers, leaders, scholars or ordinary working women. Many of these works explore exceptional women, but not all. In considering women's histories, they participate in the general recovery of women's lives in history that is the mark of much feminist scholarship since the 1970s. The past is explored as a means to a new kind of identification in and for the present: a new historically-informed understanding of women's lives.

  1. Dorothy Iannone (USA, Germany) The Next Great Moment in History is Ours (1971) silkscreen 73 x 102 cm     

  2. Mary Beth Edelson (USA) Last Supper: Some Living American Women Artists (1972) offset print collage, paper  66 x 132 cm     

  3. Judy Chicago (USA) Dinner Party (1974 - 1979) installation, ceramic, porcelain, textile 576" x 576"  Brooklyn Museum  

  4. Sister Chapel (USA) Sister Chapel (1975 - 1978) oil and acrylic on canvas, 11 sections arranged as a room, with door to enter, each section contains a life-size portrait of a woman artist, 270 x 150 cm       see Andrew D. Hottle The Art of the Sister Chapel Exemplary Women, Visionary Creators, and Feminist Collaboration (Ashgate, 2014)

  5. May Stevens (USA) Ordinary/ExtraOrdinary (1976 - 1984) paintings / prints series (published in catalogue, same name)   Reynolda House: Museum of American Art  

  6. Hannah O'Shea (UK) A Litany for Women Artists (1980 - 1981) performance work       available online as MP3 recording

  7. Lorraine O'Grady (USA) Nefertiti/Devonia Evangeline (1981) performance      

  8. Rose Garrard (UK) Tumbled Frame I-IV (1983 - 1985) mixed media, video, installation      

  9. Sue  Williamson (South Africa) A Few South Africans (1983 - 1985) Series of photo etchings/screenprint collages, women involved in struggle against Apartheid Image: 41 x 84 cm / Paper: 55 x 94 cm     

  10. Tanya Mars (Canada) Pure Virtue (1984) performance      

  11. Martha  Wilson (USA) Nancy Reagan (1985) performances      

  12. Cheri Gaulke (USA) Postcard project: Celebrating our Heroines, Women's Graphic Centre, Los Angeles (1987) postcards   Otis, Woman's Building Collection  

  13. Rose Frain (UK) Sappho Fragments: love songs to Adonis and the community of women (1989) artist's book     Victoria and Albert, National Art Library collection 

  14. Renee Green (USA) Seen (1990) installation      

  15. Hanne Darboven (Germany) Quartett '88 (1990) artist's book and exhibition dedicated to Marie Curie, Rosa Luxemburg, Gertrude Stein, and Virginia Woolf       see Isabelle Graw's essay on Hanne Darboven in Catherine de Zegher (ed) Inside the Visible

  16. Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons (USA, Cuba) The Seven Powers Come by the Sea (1992) installation, performance, Boston ICA      

  17. Tania Mouraud (France) WOMANISBEAUTIFUL (1992) installation in Atrium of L'Ecoles des Beaux Arts de Tourcoing, luminescent paint and 20 placards with women's names      

  18. Celia Herrera Rodriguez (USA) Before Columbus, Colonialism, After Columbus (1994 - 1999) details from Altar a las Tres Hermanas      

  19. Grupo Identidad/Diferencia (Argentina) Fifty Women Without a Story/Cincuenta mujeres sin cuento (1994 - 1996) collaborative project on women's history, book, public interventions      

  20. Jill Scott (Australia) Frontiers of Utopia (1995) interactive installation with projectors, screens, computers, metal encasement, video, audio       see interview with Jill Scott in n.paradoxa's online archive

  21. Christine Tamblyn (USA) Mistaken Identities (1995) Interactive CD Rom   Video Data Bank  

  22. Lynn Hershman (USA) Conceiving Ada (1997) 35 mm film      

  23. Simone Aaberg Kaern (Denmark) Sisters in the Sky (1997 - 2004) large installation of paintings and video work recording Russian fighter pilots of World War II      

  24. Andrea Geyer/Sharon Hayes (USA) Cambio de lugar_Change of Place_Ortwechsel (2000 - 2002) 52 VHS tapes, played in multi-screen installation of women speaking about the women's movement      

  25. Unni Gjertsen (Norway) Creative History (2003 - 2004) posters, screen prints 100 x 70 cm     

  26. Gulsun Karamustafa (Turkey) Memory of a Square (2005) Two channel synchronized video, single channel audio 17.07 min     

  27. Mathilde ter Heijne (Germany, The Netherlands, Germany) Woman to Go (2006 - 2007) installation, seven postcards racks with 180 different cards to take away      

  28. Agnes Thurnauer (France) Portraits Grandeur Nature (2007 - 2009) resin, paint and epoxy plaques displayed on wall, each 120 cm     

  29. Asa Elzen (Sweden) Mary Wollstonecraft's Scandanavian Journey 1795 Re-Traced (2008 - 2012) installation, book, timeline      

  30. Nusra Latif Qureshi (Pakistan) Did you come here to find history? (2009) 20 digital prints on transparent film 70 x 870 cm     

  31. Annushka Brochet (Russia) The Dreams of Vera Pavlovna (2009) video installation projected over tables and painted crockery      

  32. Tanya  Ury (UK, Germany) Masha Bruskina (2014) two large banners