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Feminist Art Topics
Artworks on 30 Topics

30. Memorials/Monuments

29. Questioning Nationalism

28. Relationships/Between You and Me

27. Confronting Racism

26. War/Conflict

25. Migration

24. Maps, Borders and Cultural geography

23. Land/Landscape

22. Ecology/Ecofeminism

21. Rooms

20. A House

19. Rape/Violence against women

18. Images of/about women from history

17. Women at Work

16. Cleaning/Maintenance Work

15. Food/Cooking

14. Artists' Parents/Grandparents

13. Marriage/Weddings

12. Masquerade/Mask

11. Mannequin/Puppet/Automaton/Cyborg

10. A/The Dress

9. Nude/Naked

8. Ecstatic Bodies

7. Old Age

6. Motherhood/Mothers/Child-rearing

5. Conception/Pregnancy/Childbirth

4. Menstruation/Abortion

3. Girls

2. Images of the phallus

1. Core imagery, vaginas and vulvas

Artworks by women artists on 30 topics
related to Feminism and Contemporary Art


About this topic: Food/Cooking

Food preparation, styles of eating, and different world cuisines are at the centre of the works in this topic. Women's role in the cultivation and preparation of food are explored but in this exploration by women artists, questions of pleasure, notions of excess, cultural rituals. Ideas about sexuality, ethnicity, race and class are explored alongside how food epitomises differences in wealth, world trade, globalisation. What we eat is a question of local, regional and international food production and consumption.

  1. Meret Oppenheim (Switzerland) Cannibal feast (1959) installation (Surrealist object) for opening of the International Surrealist exhibition in Paris      

  2. Natalia LL (Poland) Consumer Art (1972 - 1975) black and white photo series 100 x 100 cm    Collection Frac Lorraine, Metz 

  3. Susan Frazier, Vicki Hodgetts, Robin Weltsch (USA) Nurturant Kitchen, WomanHouse (1972) installation      

  4. Martha Rosler (USA) Semiotics of the Kitchen  (1975) video 6.09 min.      

  5. Su Richardson (UK) Burnt Breakfast (1975 - 1977) crocheted wool, Feministo project, 1977 approx 23 cm     

  6. Kate Walker (UK) Keep Smiling Chocs (1975) contribution to Feministo project, 1977      

  7. VALIE EXPORT (Austria) Homo Meter II  (1976) action, documented in photos      

  8. Bobby Baker (UK) An Edible Family in a Mobile Home (1976) life size installation made from cake of artists' family and home, 13 Conder Street, Stepney, London      

  9. Nil  Yalter (France) Le Sexisme dans la cuisine turque ou la volupte culinary d’une empire  (1978) posters, photographs, text      

  10. Frances Leeming and David Porter (Canada) He was on the make, but She was on the Bake (1978) performance, Mercer St, Toronto       read J. Householder and Tanya Mars Caught in the Act (YYZ Books, 2004)

  11. Helen Escobedo (Mexico) Give Us This Day our Daily Bread (1983) installation in ex-convent of Saint Teresa, Mexico City, 40 loaves of bread, 2 tons of rubble, 20 metres of white cloth      

  12. Janine Antoni (USA) Gnaw (1992) 600 lbs (270 kg) chocolate in a large block, gnawed by the artist      

  13. Sarah Lucas (UK) Two Fried Eggs and a Kebab (1994) installation of table, fried eggs, kebab      

  14. Hanne Neilson and Birgit Johnsen (Denmark) Grinding Onions (1995) video work      

  15. Nao Bustamente and Coco Fusco (USA) Stuff (1996 - 1998) performance      

  16. May Chan (Canada) Chop, Chop, Chop (1997) sound performance, KAAI, Kingston, Ontario      

  17. Gloria Friedmann (France) G7 1997 (1998) photograph of leaders of G7 mounted in steel cage with cold meats hanging from the cage      

  18. Martine Aballea (France) Produits fantomes / Phantom products (1998) black and white photography, coloured and printed each 30 x 40 cm     

  19. Susan Shantz (USA) Satiate (1998) sculpture, found objects, tomato paste, fibreglass 212 x 862 x 154 cm     

  20. Alla Georgieva (Bulgaria) Dolce Vita (1999) installation/performance object, box of handmade chocolates      

  21. Fatima Tuggar (Nigeria, USA) Fusion Cuisine (Cocina de Fusion) (2000) DVD 15 min 30 sec     Dimitris Gigourtakis and BintaZarah Studios collection 

  22. Julita Wójcik (Poland) Oberanie ziemniakow / Peeling Potatoes (2001) documentation of performance 10.05 min    Zacheta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw 

  23. Nao Bustamente with Miguel Calderon (USA) The Chain South (2002 - 2003) performance, documented in photos, video      

  24. Gaye Chan and Nandita Sharma (Hawai'i) Eating in Public (2003) public art project involving farming on public land, street interventions, posters, leaflets, free seeds      

  25. Esther Polak and Ieva Auzina with Marcus The (Latvia) MILK (a transnational milkline between Latvia and The Netherlands) (2004) GPS, internet, multimedia installation      

  26. Chila Kumari Burman (UK) It's a Stitch Up/Make me an Offer/Hard to Get (2006) ice-cream van, decorated for Candy Pop and Juicy Lucy exhibition, Stephen Lawrence Gallery, University of Greenwich       see Rina Arya Chila Kumari Burman (KT press, 2013)

  27. Catherine Bell (Australia) Baby Drop  (2007) series of cakes styled as babies made and deposited to public places, results documented in photos      

  28. Rachel Epp Buller (USA) The Food Landscape (2007 - 2008) food screen prints, bound in 10 accordion-fold books      

  29. Marilyn Minter (USA) Green Pink Caviar (2009) HD video 7.45 min     

  30.  Brown Council (Australia) Mass Action: 137 Cakes in 90 Hours (2012) live performance over 90 hours, Sydney       

  31. Trine Mee Sook Gleerup (Denmark) Racial Representation (2013) selection of food and advertising, packaging about racial stereotypes and representation