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Artworks by women artists on 30 topics
related to Feminism and Contemporary Art


About this topic: Mannequin/Puppet/Automaton/Cyborg

The puppet/the automaton/the doll/the cyborg have become important figures through which to question many ideas about designated or alloted roles for women in the world. These figures stand in for, mimic or project ideas about power, judgement and performance. The figures become a tableau or are used in environments from which women artists can explore rituals, stereotypes and question women's cultural objectification.

  1. Hannah Hoch (Germany) Fremde Schonheit (Strange Beauty) (1929) photomontage 32 x 23 cm    Private collection, Paris 

  2. Claude Cahun (UK, France, Jersey) Self-Portrait (1949) gelatin silver print      

  3.  Marisol (USA, France, Venezuela) Self-Portrait (1961 - 1962) painted wood sculpture      

  4. Kate Millett (USA) The Trial of Sylvia Likens (1965 - 1978) found objects, paint, photocopies, tape recordings (reinstalled, Bingham Center in 2010)   Duke Library (Reconstruction, 2010)  

  5. Eva Aeppli (Switzerland) Groupe de 13/Homage a Amnesty International (1968) mixed media sculptures presented as installation     Centre Pompidou AM-2008-174 

  6. Godo Sawako (Japan) Mutant turned to a Mother (1970) sculpture 50 x 250 x 22.5 cm      see Reiko Kokatsu's exhibition

  7. Karla Woisnitza (Germany) Face-Painting Action (before/after) (1978 - 1979) photo-collages, 38.5 x 28.5 cm       

  8. Ana Maria Pacheco (UK) Some Exercise of Power (1980) wooden sculptures 360 x 360 ins      see Women's Images of Men

  9. Monica Ross (UK) Mannequins presented as part of the group installation, FENIX exhibition (1980) FENIX, Birmingham Arts Lab      

  10. Gabriele Stotzer (Germany) Gesicht Ich/Face I (photographed by Heike Stephan) (1982) 20 b/w photographs, 65 x 95 cm      

  11. Lynn Hershman (USA) New Acquisitions (1985) performance, a simulated museum acquisition of Greek sculptures with Valerie Houston Dance theatre dancers, Santa Barbara Museum      

  12. Cindy Sherman (USA) History Portraits (1988 - 1990) photographs, C-prints      

  13. Zoe Leonard (USA) Wax Anatomical Model (Shot Crooked from Above)  (1990) black and white photograph   Tate Collection  

  14. Emma Rushton (UK) English Clergy 92 (1992) wax figures, fabric, leather, hair, MDF, each in series 20 ins. High      

  15. Annette Messager (France) Les Piques (1992 - 1993) mixed media, fabric     Centre Pompidou AM-1994-85 

  16. Nadine Tasseel (The Netherlands) Untitled: diptych (1992) black and white photograph       see Catherine de Zegher Inside the Visible

  17. Marie Ange-Guilleminot (France) Mes Poupees (1993) video, colour sound   Frac Lorraine  

  18. Yun  Suknam (Korea) Son, son , son (1993) sculpture, wood and print      

  19. Tatiana Nazarenko (Russia) Passage (1995 - 1996) multifigure compositions, oil on plywood of Russian men and women        see exhibition catalogue, Zen D'Art

  20. Joan Semmel (USA) Pedestal (1996 - 2001) oil  66" x 58"     

  21. Ilona Nemeth (Hungary) Polyfunctional Woman (1996) installation, bed, velvet, sound 200x 260 x 50 cm    Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest 

  22. Jemima Stehli (UK) Chair (1998 - 1999) photographic re-enactment of Allen Jones' Chair (1969)      

  23. Lee Bul (Korea) Cyborgs W1 - W4 (1998) white polyurethene sculptures      

  24. Su-Mei Tse (Luxembourg) La Marionette (1999) video, colour, sound 1.44 min  Collection Metz  

  25. Katerina Vincourova (Czech Republic) Love the Love Doll Jane (2002) installation with inflatable sex dolls, clothing, computers and mirrors     Jiri Svesbta Gallery, Prague 

  26. Mathilde ter Heijne (Germany, The Netherlands) F.F.A.L. (Fake Female Artist Life) (2003 - 2007) sound sculptures, fake female artists and biographies       

  27. Cathy Wilkes (UK) Non verbal (version) (2006) installation: oil on canvas, mannequins, aluminium tray, corn oil, LCD screen, pram, motorcycle helmet and mixed media      

  28. Fan Xiaoyan (UK) Physical attachment  (2008) series of large stainless steel sculpture of cyborg armed mannequins      

  29. Nge Lay (Myanmar) The Relevancy of Restricted Things (2010) photographic series of artist dressed in a male mask/costume in Thuyedan with families who have lost male relatives      

  30. Nathalie Djurberg and Hans Berg (Sweden, Germany) The Parade of Rituals and Stereotypes (2012) Clay animation, digital video, installation   Preview clip at Walker Arts Center  

  31. Kirsten Justesen (Denmark) PLANK, FLOOR, SHADOW, WALL, SCULPTRESS (2013) C-print, referencing Sculpture after Charles Ray (1953) Plank Piece I-II, 1973┬ámounted on dibon/3mm. mat acrylic, 122x175cm      

  32. Sri Astari (Indonesia) Pendopo: Dancing the Wild Seas (2013) Bedoyo dancer figures and costumes arranged on a stage, Indonesian Pavilion, Venice Biennale