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De-/Anti-/Post-colonial Feminisms in Contemporary Art and Textile Crafts


ISBN: 9780992693473

210 mm x 148 mm, 184 pages





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12 essays discussing De-/Anti-/Post-colonial Feminisms in contemporary art and textile craft
Katy Deepwell - Inter-related and Divergent paths;
Françoise Vergès - Decolonial Antiracist Feminism (Trans: Melissa Thackway); Madina Tlostanova - Decolonial AestheSis and the Post-Soviet Art; Dalida María Benfield- Other Originalities: Collective Pedagogies of Epistemic Disobedience; Sharlene Khan - Art on our Mind: South African Women: Creatives-of-Colour Talking Creatively; Ayanna Dozier - Mnemonic Aberrations: An Essay on the CounterPoetics of Black Feminist Experimental Film; Shanna Ketchum-Heap of Birds - Decolonial Theory and Spiderwoman Theater’s Missing and Murdered Women; Aarti Kawlra - The Question of Women and Craft, Pre- and Post-Independence India; Neelam Raina - Women’s Tacit, uncoded knowledge: Ownership and Value in Conflict Zones; Fatima Hussain - Recognizing Choice in the Practices of Making; Michelle Williams Gamaker - A Particular Reality (APR): Developing a Nuanced Pedagogical Methodology within Practice-Based Higher Education Courses and Leslie C. Sotomayor II - The Practice of Feminist Art Education

Supported by ACI Faculty, Middlesex University


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