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The Hypertext of HerMe(s)

Judy Freya Sibayan

ISBN: 978-0-9926934-0-4
378-474 pp. 70 illus. 350+ hyperlinks.
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In this ebook, Judy Freya Sibayan reflects on 39 years of her work as an artist, curator, writer, editor of Ctrl+P and teacher. Inspired by Hélène Cixous, the figure of HerMe(s) is invoked for a new kind of artistic autobiography, hyperlinked to the internet and a practice, evident in major works like Scapular Gallery and Museum of Mental Objects, which developed from her development of a distinctive form of institutional critique.

Judy Freya Sibayan is based in the Philippines. She is the editor of the contemporary art journal, Ctrl+P. Her work was included in the 'Gwangju Biennale' (2002) and in Hans Ulrich Obrist and Hou Hanru's exhibition 'Cities on the Move' (1997).

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