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Notes: Monographs and individual artists' exhibition catalogues are not included in this list, except where they are explicitly feminist and provide a key role model for feminist art practice. You can look at exhibitions and anthologies separately by moving to those pages. For authors' last names use capital letter first. For those beginning with "A", type "A" or use the first 3 letters of their last name.
The country search uses full English names, e.g. The Netherlands, except for USA and UK. "International" (use Capital "I") is the category used for projects where artists from more than 3 countries are involved. Books and exhibitions under "International" are in addition to those listed as individual countries. New sections have been added for geographical regions/ continents: Asia, Africa, Pacific, Middle East, South America, Scandanavia. These categories are in addition to individual countries listed. So, for searches in Africa, look also in Nigeria and Egypt.
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This results of this search will give all books, exhibition catalogues, magazines and special issues, blogs, websites and women's art organisations for a country, including places of exhibition and publication and is compiled from n.paradoxa's database.

The results list is organised with links to organisations/websites first, then journals, then books and exhibition catalogues by date (with most recent first):

2021 Anna  Katz   With Pleasure: Pattern and Decoration in American Art 1972–1985 (June 26 – November 28, 2021)  (Hessel Museum)   

2021 Lauren Fournier   Autotheory as Feminist Practice in Art, Writing, and Criticism  (MIT)   

2021 Apsara  DiQuinzio   New Time: Art and Feminisms in the 21st Century (August 25, 2021–January 30, 2022)  (Berkeley: )   

2021 Connie H.  Choi, Amanda Donnan, and David Strand   Black Refractions: Highlights from The Studio Museum in Harlem (May 22–August 15, 2021)  (Washington: Frye Museum)   

2021 Jodi  Throckmorton and Brittany Webb   Taking Space: Contemporary Women Artists and the Politics of Scale (Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, January 7, 2021–April 11, 2021)  (Philadelphia: Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts)   

2020 Rachel  Seligman and Minita Sanghvi   Never Done: 100 Years of Women in Politics and Beyond (Sep 17, 2020 - Jun 6, 2021)  (Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery at Skidmore College)   

2020 Jennifer  Inacio   MY BODY, MY RULES (Perez Art Museum, Miami, Nov. 19, 2020 – Sept. 5, 2021)  (Miami, Perez Art Museum)   

2020 Feminist Art Coalition   Feminist Art Coalition (2020 Season of feminist art exhibitions across USA, many solo and group exhibitions on this list were postponed into 2021 due to Covid-19 closures)  (Feminist Art Coalition)   

2020 Amy Galpin   House to House: Women, Politics, and Place (Florida International University: Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum)(September 26, 2020 — February 7, 2021)  (Florida International University: Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum)   

2020 Bolton  Colburn   Women, Surrealism, and Abstraction (Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art: August 25, 2020 - July 31, 2021)  (Utah University: Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art)   

2020 Sarah Vargas   Here She Stands: Women Artists from the Permanent Collection (Fresno Art Museum)(August 2020-June 2021)  (Fresno Art Museum)   

2020 Marisa  Sage and Laurel Nakadate   Labor: Motherhood & Art in 2020 (University Art Museum (UAM) at New Mexico State University (NMSU), February 28–December 6, 2020) Virtual tour  (University Art Museum (UAM) at New Mexico State University (NMSU))   

2020 Rebecca  DiGiovanna   Blurring Boundaries: The Women of American Abstract Artists, 1936 – Present (Touring exhibition, South Bend Museum, October 17, 2020 – January 3, 2021)  (Sound Bend Museum)   

2020 Karsten  Lund and Caroline Picard   Nine Lives (Sep 12–Nov 15, 2020)  (Renaissance Society, Chicago)   

2020 Karen  Meninno and Carolyn Wirth   FeministFuturist  (Boston Center for the Arts)   

2020 Barbara Kutis   Artist-Parents in Contemporary Art: Gender, Identity, and Domesticity  (Routledge)   

2020 Amelia Jones   In Between Subjects: A Critical Genealogy of Queer Performance  (Routledge)   

2020 Cressida J. Heyes   Anaesthetics of Existence: Essays on Experience at the Edge  (Duke University Press)   

2020 Deborah Yasinsky   Beasts Like Me: Feminism and Fantasy (October 22-November 21)  (Bronx Art Space)   

2020     positions  ()  '(En)gendering: Chinese Women’s Art in the Making' Vol 28, no 1. (2020) 

2019 Sophie Yadong Hao ed  Of Other Spaces: Where Does Gesture Become Event?  (Sternberg)   

2019 Genevieve Hyacinthe   Radical Virtuosity: Ana Mendieta and the Black Atlantic  (MIT press)   

2019 Gabriela Aceves Sepúlveda    Women Made Visible: Feminist Art and Media in Post-1968 Mexico City  (USA: University of Nebraska Press)   

2019 John  Corso Esquivel   Feminist Subjectivities in Fiber Art and Craft: Shadows of Affect  (Routledge)   

2019 Laura E. Perez   Eros Ideologies: Writings on Art, Spirituality, and the Decolonial.  (Duke University Press)   

2019 Natasha Hoare   Sexual Warfare: Alexis Hunter  (MIT press)   

2019 Elena  Marchevska and Valerie Walkerdine eds  The Maternal in Creative Work: Intergenerational Discussions on Motherhood and Art  (Routledge)   

2019 Alice Wexler, Vida Sabbaghi   Bridging Communities through Socially Engaged Art  (Routledge)   

2019     Women Take the Floor (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, September 13, 2019–November 14, 2021)  (Boston: Museum of Fine Arts)   

2019 Hilary Robinson and Maria Elena Buscek eds  A Companion to Feminist Art  (Wiley Blackwells Companions to Art History series)   

2019 Kathy Battista   New York, New Wave: The Legacy of Feminist Artists in Emerging Practices  (IB Tauris)   

2019     VoCA Journal  ()  (Spring)Women in Media Arts 

2018 Kate Mondloch   A Capsule Aesthetic: Feminist Materialisms in New Media Art  (University of Minnesota Press)   

2018     e-flux journal #92 (June 2018) and #93 (Sept 2018)  ()   

2018 Rachel Middleman   Radical Eroticism: Women, Art, and Sex in the 1960s  (University of California Press)   

2018 Emily L. Newman   Female Body Image in Contemporary Art: Dieting, Eating Disorders, Self-Harm, and Fatness  (Routledge)   

2018     Mfon: Women Photographers of the African Diaspora  (USA: Eye & I Inc.)   

2018 Monika  Fabijanska   The Un-Heroic Act: Representations of Rape in Contemporary Women's Art in the U.S.(September 4–November 3, 2018)  (Anya and Andrew Shiva Gallery at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York)   

2018 Lisa Ryan Musgrave ed  Feminist Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art: The Power of Critical Visions and Creative Engagement  (New York: Springer)   

2018 Kimberley Lamm   Addressing the Other Woman: Textual Correspondences in Feminist Art & Writing  (Manchester University Press)   

2018 Helena Reckitt   The Art of Feminism:Images that Shaped the Fight for Equality, 1857–2017  (Chronicle Books)   

2017 Grace Banks   Play With Me: Dolls, Women and Art  (Lawrence King)   

2017 Julia Bryan-Wilson   Fray: Art and Textile Politics  (University of Chicago Press)   

2017 Quinn Latimer   Like a Woman: Essays, Readings, Poems  (Sternberg Press)   

2017 Michael Darling   Riot Grrrls (Dec 15, 2016–Jun 18, 2017)  (Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago)    More

2017 Catherine  Morris and Rujeko Hockley   We Wanted a Revolution: Black Radical Women, 1965–85 (April 21–September 17, 2017)  (Brooklyn Museum: Elizabeth Sackler Center)   

2017 Elin Diamond, Denise Varney, Candice Amich eds  Performance, Feminism and Affect in Neoliberal Times  (Palgrave MacMillan)   

2017 Greg Gurley ed  Art and Gender: An Intersexual Reader  (USA: Cognella Inc.)   

2017 Richard Grusin ed  Anthropocene Feminism  (University of Minnesota Press)   

2017 Amanda  Ravetz, Alice Kettle, Helen Felcey eds  Collaboration Through Craft  (Bloomsbury)   

2017 Julia Skelly   Radical Decadence: Excess in Contemporary Feminist Textiles and Craft  (Bloomsbury)   

2016 Katherine Behar ed  Object-Oriented Feminism  (University of Minnesota Press)   

2016 Karen Gonzalez Rice   Long Suffering: American Endurance Art as Prophetic Witness  (University of Michigan Press)    More

2016 Amelia  Jones and Erin Silver eds  Otherwise : imagining queer feminist art histories  (Manchester: Manchester University Press)   

2016 Alison  Gingeras   Black Sheep Feminism: The Art of Sexual Politics (17 Jan-March 20)  (Dallas Contemporary)   

2016 Jo-Anne Reske Kirkman and Laura Mayo   WARM Guerrillas: Feminist Visions (February 26th – March 12, 2016)  (Minneapolis: The Grain Belt Bottling House Gallery)   

2016 Lynn Hershman Leeson and Peter Weibel ed  Lynn Hershman Leeson: Civic Radar  (Hatje Cantz / ZKM)   

2016 Sabra Moore   Openings: A Memoir from the Women's Art Movement, New York City 1970-1992 ( forewords by Lucy Lippard and Margaret Randall)  (New York: New Village Press)   

2016 Olga Kopenkina   Feminism is Politics! (Sept 28-Nov 23 2016)  (New York: Pratt Manhattan Gallery)   

2015     ARTnews (June) vol. 114 issue 6  ()  Special issue on sexism, situation of the woman artist. 

2015 Astria  Suparak and Ceci Moss   Alien She (Riot Grrrl Movement)(Sep 3, 2015 – Jan 9, 2016)  (Miller Gallery, Carnegie Mellon and PNCA)   

2015 Uri McMillan   Embodied Avatars: Genealogies of Black Feminist Art and Performance  (New York University Press)   

2015 Christine Gledhill and Julia Knight eds  Doing Women's Film History  (University of Illinois Press)   

2015 Nadya Burton ed  Natal Signs: Cultural Representations of Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting  (Ontario: Demeter Press)   

2015 Guerrilla Girls   Not Ready to Make Nice: Guerrilla Girls in the Artworld and Beyond (1-17 May)  (New York: Abrons Arts Center )   

2014 Andrew D. Hottle   The art of the Sister chapel : exemplary women, visionary creators, and feminist collaboration  (Ashgate)   

2014 Natalie Loveless   New Maternalisms: Maternidades y Nuevos Feminismos (26 June-31 August)  (Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes)   

2014     Brooklyn Rail (online)  () 2014 (4 Sept) (New York) edited by Kara L. Rooney 

2013 Jaishri  Abichandani and Josheen Oberoi   Her Stories: Fifteen Years of the South Asian Women's Creative Collective (Taubman Museum, Roanoke, VA, May 28- August 24, 2013)  (Taubman Museum)   

2013     Women in Art 278 Magazine  (Girona Consulting)  published on issuu as a quarterly visual profiling of selected women artists and their work 

2013 Lisa Darms ed  The Riot Grrrl Collection  (Feminist Press)   

2013 Kate Eichhorn   The Archival Turn in Feminism: Outrage in Order (Riot Grrrls)  (Temple University Press)   

2013 Clare Johnson   Femininity, Time and Feminist Art  (Palgrave)   

2013 Helen  Molesworth and Taylor Walsh   Louise Lawler  (MIT Press (October Files))   

2013 Isabelle Thuy Pelaud, Lan Duong, Mariam B. Lam and Kathy L. Nguyen eds  Troubling Borders: An Anthology of Art and Literature by Southeast Asian Women in the Diaspora  (USA: University of Washington Press)   

2013 Tal Dekel   Gendered: Art and Feminist Theory  (Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing)   

2013 Diana Almeida eds  Women and the Arts Dialogues in Female Creativity  (Blackwells)   

2013 Eleanor Heartney, Helaine Posner, Nancy Princenthal, Sue Scott   The Reckoning: Women Artists of the New Millennium  (Prestel)   

2012 Rachel Epp  Buller ed  Reconciling Art and Mothering  (UK; Ashgate Publishing)   

2012 Meg Linton and Sue Maberry eds  Doing it in Public: Feminism and Art at the Woman's Building  (Los Angeles: Ben Maltz Gallery, Otis College of Art and Design)   

2012 Joani Blank ed  Femalia  (Last Gasp, San Francisco)   

2012 Jill Fields ed  Entering the Picture: Judy Chicago, The Fresno Feminist Art Program and the Collective Visions of Women Artists.  (New York: Routledge)   

2012     Etheria Film Festival (Boston)  ()  Etheria selects and screens the best new short fantasy and science fiction films directed by women from all over the world. It will take place in September 2012 for the first time. Information link only, current website was hacked. 

2012 Cheri Gaulke and Laurel Klick eds  Feminist Art Workers: A History  (LA: Otis College of Art and Design)   

2012 Andrew Mazzaschi   Signs: Virtual issue on Visibility and Visuality: Reframing Gender in the Middle East, North Africa, and Their Diasporas  ()  organised in conjunction with 'The Fertile Crescent: Gender, Art and Society' Rutgers Institute for Women and Art, mid-August 2012-Jan 2013  

2012 Leila Pourtavaf ed  Féminismes Électriques  (Montreal: La Centrale and Les Éditions du rémue-ménage)    More

2012 Hye-Seong Tak Lee and Sherri Cornett  eds  Woman + Body  (Gwangju Cultural Foundation)   

2012 Amelia Jones   Seeing Differently: A History and Theory of Identification and the Visual Arts  (Routledge)   

2012     Frontiers: A Journal of Women's Studies  () 2012 Special issue on Feminist Art and Social Movements: Beyond NY/LA (vol 33, no.2) 

2012 Catherine Morris and Vincent Bonin eds  Materializing Six Years: Lucy R. Lippard and the Emergence of Conceptual Art  (Boston: MIT Press)   

2012 Robert Cozzolino ed  The female gaze : women artists making their world (November 17, 2012-April 7, 2013, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)  (Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts)   

2012 Judith Brodsky and Ferris Olin ed.  The fertile crescent : gender, art, and society  (New Brunswick, N.J. : Rutgers University Institute for Women and Art ; New York, N.Y. : Distributed by D.A.P./Distributed Art Publishers)   

2011 Julia Bryan-Wilson   Art Workers: Radical Practice in the Vietnam War Era  (University of California Press)    More

2011 Myrel  Chernick and Jennie Klein   The M Word: Real Mothers in Contemporary Art  (Ontario: Demeter Press)   

2011 Alicia Gaspar  de Alba, Alma López eds.  Our Lady of Controversy (Alma Lopez)  (University of Texas)   

2011 Marta Zarzycka and Bettina Papenburg eds  Carnal Aesthetics: Trangressive Imagery and Feminist Politics  (London: IB Tauris)   

2011 Lisa Pearson ed  It is Almost That: A Collection of Image+Text Work by Women Artists and Writers  (Siglio)   

2011 Courtney Lee Weida   Artistic ambivalence in clay : portraits of pottery, ceramics and gender  (Newcastle upon Tyne : Cambridge Scholars)   

2011 Nancy Princenthal ed  The deconstructive impulse : women artists reconfigure the signs of power, 1973-1991  (New York : Munich ; New York : Neuberger Museum of Art , DelMonico Books/Prestel)   

2011 Kristine Stiles ed  Correspondence Course: An Epistolary History of Carolee Schneemann and Her Circle  (Duke University Press)   

2011 Jennifer Banta ed  Cultural Confluences: The Art of Lenore Chinn  (San Francisco: APICC)   

2011 Martha  Wilson   Martha Wilson Sourcebook: 40 years of reconsidering performance, feminism, alternative spaces  (Independent Curators International)    More

2011     Bluestockings Film Series (Portland, Maine)  ()  The Bluestocking Film Series is a bi-annual (May/October) screening series committed to finding and showing short works by women directors but with a unique twist as all films must "pass" the Bechdel Test for Women in Movies. The Bechdel Test, Bechdel-Wallace Test, or the Mo Movie Measure, is a sort of litmus test for female presence in movies and TV. The test is named after Alison Bechdel, creator of the comic strip 'Dykes To Watch Out For'. In order to pass, the film or show must meet the following criteria: it includes at least two women... who have at least one conversation... about something other than a man or men. 

2011 Sondra Hale and Terry Wolverton eds  From Site to Vision: The Woman's Building in Contemporary Culture  (Los Angeles: Ben Maltz Gallery, Otis College of Art and Design)   

2011     Women Art Revolution (!WAR) collection: Voices of a Movement  ()  Transcripts and video footage by Lynn Hershman Leeson, used in Women, Art and Revolution 

2010 Kirsten Pail Buick   Child of the Fire: Mary Edmonia Lewis and the Problem of Art History's Black and Indian Subject  (Durham: Duke University Press)   

2010 Sharon Irish   Suzanne Lacy: spaces between  (University of Minnesota Press)    More

2010     Portland Women's Film Festival (Portland, Oregon)  ()  The Portland Oregon Women's Film Festival (POWFest) places a spotlight on women directors by showcasing their work and strengthening the community of women in film. It occurs for three days every March. In addition to films there are also numerous lectures and seminars to support young women in film.  

2010 Suzanne Lacy   Leaving Art: Writings on Performance, Politics and Publics, 1974-2007  (Duke University Press)    More

2010 Vanessa Corby   Eva Hesse: longing,belonging and displacement  (London: IB Tauris)    More

2010 Fabienne Dumont  ed  La rebellion du deuxieme sexe - L'histoire de l'art au crible des theories feministes anglo-americaines (1970-2000)  (Dijon: Les presses du reel)   

2010 Barbara Matilsky   Show of Hands: Northwest Women Artists 1880-2010  (Whatcom Museum, Bellingham)   

2010 Amanda Lock Swarr and Richa Nagar eds  Critical transnational feminist praxis  (Albany : State University of New York Press)   

2010 James Martin Harding   Cutting performances: collage events, feminist artists, and the American avant-garde  (Ann Arbor : University of Michigan Press)   

2010 Sid  Sid Sachs and Kalliopi Minioudaki eds  Seductive subversion : women pop artists, 1958-1968  (University of the Arts ; Abbeville Publishers)   

2010 Laura Hein and Rebecca Jennison eds  Imagination without Borders: Feminist Artist Tomiyama Taeko and Social Responsibility  (Ann Arbor: Center for Japanese Studies, University of Michigan)   

2010 Whitney Chadwick, Bia Markel, Alexandra Reiff eds  Contemporary feminist studies and its relation to art history and visual studies (conference papers, 2007)  (Goteborg: Goteborg Universitet)   

2010 Olga M. Mesropova and Stacey Weber-Feve eds  Being and becoming visible: women performance and visual culture  (Baltimore and London: John Hopkins University Press)   

2010 Kelly Clark Keefe   Invoking Mnemosyne: art, memory and the uncertain emergence of a feminist embodied mythology  (Rotterdam: Sense Publishers)   

2010 Angela Steif ed  Power Up: Female Pop Art  (DuMont Literatur und Kunst Verlag GmbH & Co KG)   

2010 Marcia  Tucker, Liza Lou (Editor) ed  A Short Life of Trouble: Forty Years in the New York Art World  (University of California Press)   

2010 Deborah Willis   Black Venus 2010: They Called Her "Hottentot"  (Temple University Press)   

2009 Midori  Yoshimoto ed  Women & Performance: a journal of feminist theory  ()  vol. 19, no. 3 (2009). Women & Fluxus: Toward a feminist archive of Fluxus, Special issue. guest editor, Midori Yoshimoto  

2009 Mira Schor   A Decade of Negative Thinking: Essays on Art, Politics, and Daily Life  (USA: Duke University Press)   

2009 Andrea Liss   Feminist Art and the Maternal  (University of Minnesota Press)    More

2009     Lady Filmmaker's Festival (California)  ()  Lady Filmmakers aims to celebrate women in key leadership roles in the making of short and feature length films. A woman must fill the role of Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Producer, or Production Designer to be eligible. The festival promotes and screens collaborations between men and women filmmakers. The festival takes place every annually October. 

2009 Sue-Ellen Case   Feminist and Queer Performance: Critical Strategies  (Palgrave Macmillan)   

2009 Mary Schoeser   Rozanne Hawksley: Offerings  (Lund Humphries and Ruthin Craft Centre, Wales)    More

2009 Jane Blocker   Seeing Witness: Visuality and the Ethics of Testimony  (University of Minnesota Press)    More

2008 Margo Machida   Unsettled Visions: Contemporary Asian American artists and the social imaginary  (Durham : Duke University Press)    More

2008 Karen Mary Davalos   Yolanda M. Lopez  (Los Angeles: UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center Press)   

2008 Zdenek Felix and Martina Pachmanova eds  Martha Rosler: Photographic Works, 1965-2008  (Prague: Langhams Galerie)    More

2008 Nancy Prinsenthal and Phillip Earenflight eds  Joyce Kozloff: Co+ordinates  (Pennsylvania: Carlisle, Trout Gallery)    More

2008 Yvonne Rainer, Carrie Lambert, Catherine Lord, Catherine Queloz (editor) ed  Une femme qui...Ecrits, entretiens, essais critiques (French edition)  (JRP Ringier)   

2008 Debra J. Blake   Chicana sexuality and gender: cultural refiguring in literature, oral history, and art  (Durham : Duke University Press)   

2008 Carol Mavor   Reading Boyishly: Roland Barthes, J M Barrie, Jacques Henri Lartique, Marcel Proust and DW Winnicott.  (Durham and London: Duke University Press)    More

2008 Joanna Frueh   Clairvoyance (for those in the desert) Performance Pieces, 1979-2004  (Durham and London: duke University Press)    More

2007 Susan Kozel   Closer: Performance, Technologies,Phenomenology  (Boston: MIT, Leonardo series)    More

2007 Zoe Leonard (Intro: Helen Molesworth)   Analogue  (MIT, Wexner Center for the Arts)    More

2007  American Asian Women Artists Association (AAWAA)   Cheers to Muses: Contemporary Works by Asian American Women  (American Asian Women Artists Association)   

2007     NSWA Journal  ()  Vol. 19, No. 1, Spring, 2007. Special issue on Feminist Activist Art  

2007 Wong Gina See-Yuen   Global feminisms in feminist art and their new challenges  (Hong Kong University, PhD)   

2007 Nadine Käthe Monem   Riot grrrl: revolution girl style now!  (London: Black Dog)   

2007 Kara Walker, Daniela Rossell , Adrian Piper    Witness to Her Art: Art and Writings by Adrian Piper, Mona Hatoum, Cady Noland, Jenny Holzer, Kara Walker, Daniela Rossell and Eau de Cologne  (Bard College)   

2007 Alison Rowley   Helen Frankenthaler: Painting History, Writing Painting  (London: IB Tauris)   

2007 Elinor Gadon, Wendy Tarlow Kaplan, Roobina Karode   Tiger by the Tail! Women Artists of India Transforming Culture  (Massachusetts: Women's Studies Research Center - Brandeis University; New Delhi: Indian Council for Cultural Relations )   

2007     Strategies for contemporary feminism: Exquisite Acts and Everyday Rebellions  ()  conference papers from California Institute for Arts in Valencia, 2007 

2007     Art News  ((USA))   

2007 Joanna Inglot   WARM: A Feminist Art Collective in Minnesota  (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, Weisman Art Museum)   

2007 Karen  Frostig and Kathy A. Halainka eds  Blaze: Discourse on Art, Women and Feminism  (US: Cambridge Scholar)    More

2007 Cornelia Butler   WACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution  (Massachussetts: MIT and Los Angeles: MOCA)    More

2007 Matthew Knagas   Camille Patha: Geography of Desire  (Oregon: Halie Ford Museum of Art, Williamette University)   

2007 Judy Chicago   The Dinner Party: From Creation to Preservation  (London: Merrell)   

2007 Graciele Iturbide   Eyes to Fly With: Portraits, Self- Portraits, and other photographs  (USA: University of Texas Press)   

2007 Terry R. Meyers   Mary Heilmann: Save the Last Dance for Me  (London: Afterall Books)   

2007 Linda  Nochlin and Maura Reilly   Global Feminisms  (London and New York: Merrell and Brooklyn Museum)    More

2007 Laura Elisa  Perez   Chicana art : the politics of spiritual and aesthetic altarities  (Durham, N.C. : Duke University Press ; Chesham)   

2007 Eleanor Heartney, Helaine Posner, Nancy Princenthal and Sue Scott   After the Revolution: Women Who Transformed Contemporary Art  (Munich, Berlin, London and New York: Prestel)   

2007 Victoria Vesna ed  Database Aesthetics: Art in the Age of Information Overflow  (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press)   

2007 Catherine Wood   Yvonne Rainer: The Mind is a Muscle  (Massachusetts and London: MIT Press)   

2007 Anna Brzyski ed  Partisan Canons  (Durham and London: Duke University Press)   

2006  Brian P.  Kennedy and Britta Konau, Margo W. Smith   Dreaming Their Way: Australian Aboriginal Women Painters  (Washington DC: Museum of Women in the Arts)   

2006 Johanna Burton ed  Cindy Sherman  (October Files series Cambridge, Massachusetts: MIT Press)   

2006 Susan Morgan   Joan Jonas: I Want to Live in the Country (And Other Romances)  (London: Afterall Books)   

2006 Yvonne  Rainer   Feeling are Facts: A Life  (Cambridge: MIT Press)    More

2006 Annmarie  Chandler and Norie Neumarkt  eds  At a Distance: Precursors to Art and Activism on the Internet  (Boston: MIT Press)    More

2006 Lisa  Bloom   Jewish Identities in American Feminist Art: Ghosts of Ethnicity  (London & New York: Routledge)    More

2006 Jennifer  Doyle   Sex objects : art and the dialectics of desire  (Minneapolis, Minn. ; London : University of Minnesota Press)   

2006 Amelia  Jones   Self/Image: Technology, Representation and the Contemporary Subject  (London: Routledge)    More

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2006     LA Femme International Film Festival  ()  LA Femme Film Festival is a festival that focuses on women's commercial films in order to broaden their audiences and recognise their work. Equal opportunity in commercial entertainment is the aim and for women to become leaders in the industry as Directors, Writers, Producers or Directors of Photography. This event takes place annually, every October. 

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2005 Irene  von Hardenberg (Photos: Reto Guntli)   Künstlerinnen : Atelierbesuche in Berlin, Moskau, New York  (Hildesheim : Gerstenberg )   

2005     Davis Feminist Film Festival (Davis, California)  ()  Their event in April 2012 marks seven years of this Festival "for under-represented artists - particularly women and people of color - to raise consciousness about gender, race, class, sexuality, and other dimensions of social inequality." 

2005     Women's International Film Festival  ()  The festival takes place in April and includes; full-length features, documentaries, and shorts made by women directors and producers that reflect universal, gender-free themes in addition to women's issues and concerns. Mainly held in Florida, the 12th festival, 2018, will take place in New York. 

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2004     San Francisco Women's Film Festival  ()  The festival was founded in 2004 as an affiliate of San Francisco State University, however afer the success of the first event, the festival spread beyond the limits of the campus. The SFWFF accepts films and video of all lengths and genres: narrative, documentary, experimental and animation. Films and videos must be directed by or co-directed by women. The festival takes place every Spring with a combination of low-fee or free screenings. Now running an online film festival, May 2018. 

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2004     Girl Fest (Hawaii)  ()  Girl Fest's mission is to prevent violence against women and girls through education and art. Currently, Girl Fest is Hawaii's longest-running all-volunteer anti-violence multimedia festival. Girl Fest incorporates music, film, art, dance and spoken word to get its message out to the public. The festival ran every February. Site documents work, 2004-2012. 

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2003     Queer Women of Color Film Festival (San Francisco)  ()  The festival takes place annually around the second week of June. It features films that address the vital social justice issues that concern women of color, authentically reflect their life stories, and build community through art and activism. The Queer Women of Color Film Festival showcases new films created through Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project's free Filmmaker Training Program, as well as films created by other queer women of color around the world. 

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2002     LTTR  () 2008  

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2002     International Black Women's Film Festival (San Francisco)  ()  Founded by Adrienne Anderson, IBWFF aims to show black women presented in film in strong roles and "to celebrate Black women filmmakers from around the world and to show audiences that there are films about Black women that do not involve negative stereotyping, violence toward Black women, and that don't show Black women being berated and exploited." Selected films include those made by Black women filmmakers as well as those where a strong black female performance is included. The festival takes place annually in June over two days. 

2002     San Diego Women’s Film Festival  ()  Organised by the San Diego Women's Film Foundation. Last known to have taken place 2007 (5th festival) and 2008. 

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2002     M/E/A/N/I/N/G online (2002-  (University of Pennslyvania)  Edited by Susan Bee and Mira Schor, the journal is a continuation in a different form of M/E/A/N/I/N/G: a journal of contemporary art issues, (1986-1996) and archived at Beinecke Library,Yale University 

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2001     Reel Sisters of the Diaspora (Long Island)  ()  The festival rigorously selects films made by women of colour which tell of the missing historical, psychological or political point of view of women. The film festival is accompanied by a lecture series each year and takes place in October. Among the many sections of the festival there is a teen genre. 

2001     High Falls Film Festival (Rochester, NY)  ()  Founded in 2001, the High Falls Film Festival is one of the few film festivals worldwide that celebrates the work of women filmmakers, and is one of the longest running women’s film festivals on the East Coast.  

2001 Jacqueline Bobo   Black feminist cultural criticism  (Malden, Mass. ; Oxford : Blackwell)   

2001     Women in Film Dallas, formally Chick Flicks Festival (Dallas)  ()  Each year, Women in Film.Dallas organises the Chick Flicks Festival showcasing short films by female filmmakers. The festival is also an important fundraiser for WIF.D who provide scholarships for women and students in the film industry. Scholarship recipients for the year are presented their monetary award at the conclusion of the festival along with the filmmaker winners. 

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2000     Meridians  () current interdisciplinary journal that offers a forum for scholarship and creative work by and about women of color in United States and international contexts 

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2000     Lunafest (a US touring festival)  ()  Lunafest is a travelling film festival of award-winning short films by, for and about women. Organised by LUNA, the makers of a Whole Nutrition Bar for Women, the aim is to raise money for charity, notably Breast Cancer. In 2012, nine films, filled with stories of reflection, hope and humor, were toured to over 150 cities and screened in front of 20,000 people. 

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1997     San Francisco Transgender Film Festival (San Francisco)  ()  The San Francisco Transgender Film Festival (SFTFF) screens films that promote the visibility of transgender and gender variant people and challenge the mainstream media's negative stereotypes of our communities. We provide opportunities for transgender and gender variant media artists, build community through our film and performance events, and engage our audiences in cross-community dialogue. The festival takes place in November. 

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1991     Women's Film Festival (Battleboro, Vermont)  ()  This festival shows films produced or directed by women. It occurs in mid-March for 10 days.  

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1987     Art Papers  ()  Feminist issue 

1986     Rocky Mountain Women's Film Festival, (Colorado)  ()  The Rocky Mountain Women's Film Festival is the longest continuous-running women's film festival in the US. It showcases documentary, feature, short and animated films that are thought-provoking and enriching, and that encourage global awareness and personal growth. The Rocky Mountain Women's Film Festival honors films and filmmakers that present the world as women experience it and that inspire curiosity, educate, entertain, and stimulate conversation. Founded by Donna Guthrie and Jerre Martin in 1986, the festival takes place every November. 

1986 Judy  Chicago   Through the Flower: My Struggle as a Woman Artist  (NY:Garden City/Doubleday/ Anchor)   

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1985     Through Women's Eyes (Sarasota, Florida)  ()  The festival aims to combine the work of domestic and international female filmmakers during a week-long festival in April. The festival is partnered by the film distributors Women Make Movies (WMM).  

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1983     The Journal of Women and Performance  ((New York)) current  

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1980     Women in Photography  ((Los Angeles))  replaced by f2 eZine online 

1980     Women's Art Registry of Minnesota (WARM) Journal  ((Minneapolis,USA)) 2010 now published online as a blog 

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1971 Jacqueline Skiles and Janet McDevitt ed  A Documentary Herstory of Women Artists in Revolution  (New York: Women Artists in Revolution)   

     WomenArts (formerly) Fund for Women Artists  ()  Based since Summer 2012 in Berkeley, runs SWAN (Support Women Artists Now) days, active since 1994. 

     Guerrilla Girls  ()   

     A.I.R.: Women's art cooperative gallery  ()  founded in 1972 located in New York City 

     IMAN, International Muslimah Women Artists Network  ()  Established by Nora Hammoude and Safiya Godlas, a network and online member's gallery, based in the USA, site no longer operates: 

     IOWA Women Artists Oral History Project  ()  An oral history project of 79 women artists interviewed in 1998-1999 

     Judy Chicago's Through the Flower official website  ()   

     Korean American Women Artists and Writers Association (KAWAWA)  ()  Site - - no longer active. Group still registered in San Francisco. Facebook page has replaced this link. 

     Mary H. Dana Women Artists Series Exhibits  ()  from the Mabel Smith Douglass Library, Douglass College Rutgers-the State University of NJ,USA 

     Midmarch Arts Press  ()   

     National Association of Women Artists USA  ()   

     National Museum of Women in the Arts,Washington DC  ()  also runs the Clara database on women artists  ()  an American-based gallery and list for feminist art history, 2001-2006 (website deleted) 

     African American Women in Cinema (AAWIC) Film Festival (New York)  ()  The festival is held over three days in New York. Specific information on the festival is released on the organisation's website closer to that date. The remit of the festival is work produced by talented women of minorities. 

     The Athena Centre Film Festival (New York)  ()  In connection with the Athena Centre at Barnard University in New York, the film festival will celebrate Women's leadership. The festival happens every year in February.  

     Virago Gallery (formerly Twilight Gallery), Seattle  ()   

     Pan-African Women's Film Festival (Minneapolis)  ()  Open to anyone who registers for the Pan-African Women's Summit, the Film Festival includes films that document the history, culture and life of the black diaspora. There are facilitated discussions to accompany each film hosted by activists and commentators. The summit, festival and related events take place every August.
Site currently down.  

     Baltimore Women's Film Festival  ()  "This non-profit festival is held during October, breast cancer awareness month. 50% of all ticket sale proceeds are donated to breast cancer research and the outreach/survivorship program for breast cancer patients. The Baltimore Women's Film Festival was founded by women who want to merge cinematic creativity, art and innovation surrounding film festival events with a focus on seeking advancement and change in women's health issues." 

     Women's Art Coalition (1989-2003) at New York Public Library, Archives and Manuscripts  ()   

     Broad Humor (Venice, CA)  ()  The festival has recently altered its criteria to allow films with men in one of the three main roles (director, producer or writer). However these films cannot be entered into the prize for best director or best film award to maintain the female focus of the festival. The festival takes place in late September over four days. 

     Chicks Fliks Film Festival (Texas)  ()  Chick Flicks supports the mission of Women In Film Dallas by providing opportunities for female filmmakers to showcase their work.Throughout the year Chick Flicks offers special screenings of features or short films from local and international women.In the fall, Chick Flicks produces an annual Chick Flicks Festival featuring short films by Texas women 

     M.A.L.I. Women's Film & Performance Arts Conference (Austin, Texas)  ()  The MALI Women’s Film & Performance Arts Conference is wholly focused on the contributions of all women, with a special emphasis on womyn of Latin, African, African-American, Asian, Middle Eastern, Pacific Islander, European and Indigenous descent. Held events in 2009 and 2011. 

     Citizen Jane Film Festival  ()  The Citizen Jane Film Festival, an festival celebrating and showcasing the work of female filmmakers from around the world takes place in Columbia, Missouri. CJFF grew out of a collaboration with Stephens College. 

     Womanhouse  ()  Faith Wilding's site about the Womanhouse (Los Angeles, 1972) project, with works, photos, essays describing it. 

     National Art Education Association's Women's Caucus  ()  Founded in 1973, this organisation compiled in 2019 a booklist of (US) sources on Zotero for teaching feminisms in art education.  

     Pen and Brush  ()   

     American Women Artists' Association  ()   

     Women Artists in Revolution records, 1970-1978 (at Archives of American Art, Washington, DC)  ()   

     Miriam Schapiro Papers on women artists at Rutgers University  ()   

     Feminist Art Coalition  ()  FAC fosters collaborations between arts institutions that aim to make public their commitment to social justice and structural change. It seeks to generate cultural awareness of feminist thought, experience, and action.  

     The Dinner Party Institute  ()  A week long workshop held to consider Judy Chicago's The Dinner Party in 2016. 

     Wild Women Artists (Reno, USA)  ()  Founded in 1995, holds 2 annual shows a year. 

     Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon on Feminism and Art  ()   

  Siglio Press   The Feminist Portal: the heterodoxical, sprawling expanse of work by women  (Ruver Hudson Valley: Siglio Press)  This feminist portal lists additional information on women artists covered by Siglio Press 

     Las Comadres: A Feminist Collective  ()  1998-2013, San Diego/Tijuana 

     Go! Push Pops  ()  The Push Pops are a radical, transnational queer performance feminist art collective (started 2010). 

     New York Society of Women Artists (1925- )  ()   

     The Coven  ()  (2012 - 2016) 

     Art Baby Gallery  ()  Art Baby Gallery is a digital exhibition space founded by Grace Miceli 2011-2017, and organising exhibitions in different venues in Asia, USA and UK. 

     Kentucky Foundation for Women  ()   

     Art Table  ()  ArtTable is a national membership organization dedicated to advancing women's professional leadership in the visual arts.  

     Arkansas Committee: National Museum of Women in the Arts: Artist Registry  ()  A registry of US artists 

     South Asian Women’s Creative Collective (SAWCC)  ()   

     Sisters Arts Organisation  ()  founded 2015. Former group: Women Artists of Bend, Oregon (2012). 

     Anonymous was a Woman  ()  This organisation offers awards of an unrestricted grant of $25,000 that enables women artists, over 40 years of age and at a significant juncture in their lives or careers, to continue to grow and pursue their work. 

     Feminist_Art_Base at Elizabeth Sackler Centre for Feminist Art, Brooklyn Museum, New York  ()  Beginning with the artists in Global Feminisms, the database has expanded considerably in recent years especially on several generations of artists in New York. 

     International Foundation for Women in the Arts  ()   

     International Museum of Muslim Women: Muslima: Muslim Women's Art & Voices  ()  An offshoot of the Global Fund for Women aiming to profile Muslim women's voices in art and culture 

     Feminist Fiber Art (Boston)  ()   

     National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington DC, Artist's Profiles (formerly Clara database, now focused on their collection)  ()   

     Girls Like Us  ()   

     Women's Art Resource of Minnesota (WARM)  ()   

     Moore Women Artists  ()  network for women artists from Moore College of Art and Design, Canada 

     The Feminist Museum  ()  2013-2014, activities of exhibitions organised by 5 women at University of Oregon: Britt Bowen, Cat Bradley, Stephanie Johnson, Mattie Reynolds, and Sarah Turner. 

     Bunny Collective  ()   

     She Loves Collective (Los Angeles)  ()   

     Asian American Women Artists Association  ()  Organises exhibitions, publications, education projects and administers a support network for its US-wide members 

     Madcat Film Festival (San Francisco)  ()  MadCat has established a strong reputation for programming series of acute and insightful films audiences would be hard pressed to find anywhere else. MadCat sets itself apart from other women's festivals by curating its programs thematically as opposed to looking for films solely about women's issues. The festival takes place in September. 

     Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art at the Brooklyn Museum  ()  Permanently houses and presents Judy Chicago's The Dinner Party alongside a rolling programme of exhibitions, projects and events. 

     Retracing the Feminist Art Program  ()  a site exploring the history of women artists involved in the Feminist Art program in the early 1970s 

     San Francisco women artists association and gallery  ()   

     Women Art and Revolution  ()  Website for Lynn Hershman Leeson's film Women, Art and Revolution 

     Feminist Art Project (at Rutgers University)  ()  started in 2006 to list events and commemorate historic anniversaries in the American Women's Art Movement from the 1970s, continues as news service, archived site and annual day of events at College Art Associations' annual conferences. Aims to Recognise the Aesthetic and Intellectual Impact of Women on the Visual Arts and Culture. 

     Varo Registry formerly, the Women Artists Online Registry  ()   

     Women Artists Archives National Directory (WAAND)  ()  A database of archives of women artists in the USA which possess material on or about women artists, run by Rutgers University 

     The Women's Building, Los Angeles, USA  ()  see also e-book From Site to Vision 

     Women Artists page of Women's Resource Project, North Carolina  ()   

     Women in the Arts Foundation (WIA)  ()  founded in 1971, incorporated in 1973 as a not-for-profit. 

     Women Make Movies  ()  A non-profit feminist distributor of more than 400 films and videotapes 

     Women Painters of Washington  ()  founded 1930 

     Women Printmakers of Austin  ()  A US printmakers group 

     WomEnhouse  ()  a virtual Womanhouse project curated/edited by Amelia Jones et al.
Site currently down. 

     Womens Caucus for the Arts  ()  A national organisation for women in the arts 

     Women's Environmental Artists Directory  ()   

     Women's Studio Workshop  ()  since 1974 has provided working studios, artists residencies, artists book publishing. Located in the Hudson Valley ninety miles from NYC. 

     Women Artists of the West, Inc  ()   

     World's Women On-line  ()  a project by Muriel Magenta 

     The Women's Film Festival (Philadelphia)  ()  2016- 

     Woman Made Gallery, Chicago  ()   

     Mommy by Susan Silas and Chrysanne Stathacos  ()  Interviews with contemporary women artists working for more than 20 years. 

     Central Illinois Feminist Film Festival, Women Resources Center, Eastern Illinois University  ()  The festival screenings take place in late March. CIFFF have several facebook pages.