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The results list is organised with links to organisations/websites first, then journals, then books and exhibition catalogues by date (with most recent first):

2017 Heather Davis   DESIRE CHANGE: Contemporary Feminist Art in Canada  (McGill-Queen's University: Mentoring Artists for Women's Art, Canada)    More

2016 Blair Fornwald, Jennifer Matotek and Wendy Peart   Material Girls (February 3 - April 9, 2016)  (Dunlop Art Gallery/Doris McCarthy Gallery, UTC)   

2016  Northern Contemporary Toronto, Ontario   Girls Girls Girls: A Feminist Art show (25 Feb-6 March)  (Toronto: Northern Contemporary)   

2015 La  Centrale eds.  Impact Feministe sur l'art actuel/Feminist Impact on Contemporary Art (contributions by Nicole Burisch, Barbara Clausen, Jen Leigh Fisher, Anne Golden, k.g. Guttman, Anne-Marie Proulx, Thérèse St-Gelais, Eliana Stratica-Mihail, Tamar Tembeck and Elvan Zabunyan)  (Montreal: La Centrale)   

2015 La Centrale    Impact féministe sur l'art actuel - Feminist Impact on Contemporary Art. 40 years of La Centrale  (La Centrale)   

2015 Nadya Burton ed  Natal Signs: Cultural Representations of Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting  (Ontario: Demeter Press)   

2014 Laura White ed  Herstory: Art by Women in the University of Winnipeg Collection  (Canada: ABC Art Books Canada Distribution)   

2014     Recherches Feministes: Où en sommes-nous avec le féminisme en art? : Volume 27, numéro 2, 2014  ()   

2014 Natalie Loveless   New Maternalisms: Maternidades y Nuevos Feminismos (26 June-31 August)  (Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes)   

2014 Julie Lavigne   La traversée de la pornographie : politique et érotisme dans l'art féministe  (Montréal, Québec : Éditions du Remue-ménage)   

2013     Yiara Online  (out of Concordia University)  an annual student-run publication from Concordia that discusses feminist art and art history 

2012 Natalie Loveless   New Maternalisms  (FADO, Toronto)   

2012 Leila Pourtavaf ed  Féminismes Électriques  (Montreal: La Centrale and Les Éditions du rémue-ménage)    More

2012 Amelia Jones   Seeing Differently: A History and Theory of Identification and the Visual Arts  (Routledge)   

2011 Myrel  Chernick and Jennie Klein   The M Word: Real Mothers in Contemporary Art  (Ontario: Demeter Press)   

2008 Paul Couillard ed  Ironic to Iconic: The Performance of Tanya Mars  (Toronto: FADO performance)    More

2006     Reel Femme (Edmonton)  ()  The Reel Femme festival ran for four days in April. 2005-2010. The event was run by the Edmonton Women's Film Society, all films produced, directed or written by a woman are eligible.

2006 Jayne  Wark   Radical Gestures: Feminism and Performance Art in North America  (Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press)    More

2005 Louise Pouissant and Ernestine Daubner eds  Art & Biotechnologies: 2 volumes plus A DVD Anthology of Biotech & A-Life Artworks  (Montreal: Presses de l'Universite du Quebec)    More

2005     Vancouver Women in Film Festival  ()  The festival happens every March. All films screened at VWIFF must be created by women in at least three of the key creative roles (one woman may serve in more than one role): Writer, Producer, Director, Director of Photography, Lead Actor, Lead Animator / Editor, or Lead Composer. Submissions featuring strong female characters and stories are selected. Over fifty films are screened during the festival in various genres, such as; animation, documentary, feature and short. 

2004     .dpi: Feminist Journal of Art and Digital Culture  (Studio XX) current  

2004  Johanna  Householder and Tanya Mars eds  Caught in the Act: an Anthology of Performance Art by Canadian Women  (Toronto:YYZ Books)    More

2001  La Centrale   Pink Link ou la proposition rose, 1999-2001  (Montreal: La Centrale)   

2001     Female Eye Film Festival (Toronto)  ()  2012 is the 10th film festival of FeFF. "The Female Eye Film Festival established in 2001, is Ontario's one and only annual international independent film Festival showcasing films directed by women. We present high caliber films in drama, comedy, sci-fi, action, documentary, experimental and animation. The Female Eye is a juried competitive film festival and presents films by debut, emerging and internationally recognized directors." 

2000 Louise May ed  The feminist reconstruction of space (Essays from a symposium entitled Arch '96 held at the St. Norbert Arts and Cultural Centre, Sept. 27-29, 1999)  (St. Norbert, Man. : St. Norbert Arts and Cultural Centre)   

1999 Kathryn  Elder ed  The Films of Joyce Wieland  (Toronto: Cinematheque Ontario)   

1999     The Fairy Tales International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (Alberta)  ()  Fairy Tales hosts the largest queer film festival in Alberta with audiences numbering over 2,500 per year, highlighting the diversity of gay, lesbian, bisexual, two-spirited and transgendered film and video making in documentary, shorts and features. The festival takes place in the last week of May, annually. 

1998  La Centrale   Multiplier: Points de vue sur l'art actuel des Femmes  (Montreal: La Centrale (Galerie Powerhouse))   

1998 Judy  Garfin   Natural Disguise/Deguisement Naturel Works/Oeuvres, 1973-1998  (Montreal: Vehicule Press)   

1998 Annette  Van Den Bosch and Alison Beale eds  Ghosts in the Machine: Women and Cultural Policy in Canada and Australia  (Toronto: Garamond Press)    More

1998 Alison  Wilding. Curator: Renee Baert   Territories: Alison Wilding  (Canada, Edmonton Art Gallery & York University)   

1998 Alison  Beale and Annette Van Den Bosch eds  Ghosts in the Machine: Women and Cultural Policy in Canada and Australia  (Toronto: Garamond Press)   

1997     HTMlles (Quebec)  ()  Founded in 1997 and produced by Studio XX, the media arts festival and network practices HTMlles explores the many facets of digital technology and the Web as a medium of creation and exhibition for works created by women. The festival occupies the singular position of being one of the few events in Quebec and Canada dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of independent media artworks, its uniqueness is reinforced by its feminist commitment. The event aims to share and reveal to the public the current wealth of creation by women producers in diverse forms of digital media. The festival takes place in November every year. 

1997 Martha  Fleming and Lynne Lapointe    Studiolo: The Collaborative Work of Martha Fleming & Lynn Lapointe  (Art Gallery of Windsor, and Canada,Montreal : Artextes)   

1997 Mary  Kelly. Curator: Judith Mastai   Social process--collaborative action : Mary Kelly 1970-75  (Vancouver : Charles H. Scott Gallery)   

1997 Mary  Kelly   Imaging Desire: Mary Kelly:Selected Writings  (MIT Press)    More

1996  La Centrale(Galerie Powerhouse)   Trans mission  (Montreal: La Centrale)   

1996 Eva  Schmidt and Sigrid Schade   Vera Frenkel: Body Missing  (Germany: Bremen, Gesellschaft fuer Aktuelle Kunst)   

1996 Peggy  Gale and Lisa Steele   Video Re/View  (Canada Toronto: Art Metropole & VTape)   

1996  Agnes Etherington Centre, Kingston   Femscript : transcript of the proceedings of the Symposium on Feminist Art Practice, 1995  (Symposium on Feminist Art Practice, Kingston, Ont. Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Kingston, Ontario, Organization of Kingston Women Artists)   

1996 Barbara  Amesbury   Survivors: In Search of a Voice: The Art of Courage  (Canada: Wood Lawn Arts Foundation)   

1995 Janine  Marchessault ed  Mirror Machine: Video & Identity  (Canada: Tornot: YYZ Books & CRCCII)   

1994, 1995  Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Kingston   The female imaginary   (Canada, Kingston, Ontario : Agnes Etherington Art Centre)   

1994 Atkinson College Dept of Fine Arts   Atkinson College Department of Fine Arts & Founder's College Department of Women's Studies present (Other) Art (Arthur Haberman Gallery, Founder's College, York University, February 26 - March 11, 1994)  ([Downsview, ON : York University)   

1993 Dot  Tuer and M. Winzen    Vera Frenkel: Raincoats, Suitcases, Palms  (Canada: Toronto: Art Gallery of York University)   

1993 Renee Baert ed  Territories of Difference  (Alberta: Banff, Walter Philips Gallery)   

1993 Christine  Mason Sutherland and Beverly Mason Rasporich   Woman as Artist : Papers in Honour of Marsha Hanen  (University of Calgary Press)   

1992     At the Crossroads: Black Women's Art Magazine  ((Toronto)) 1997  

1992 Maria  Tippett   By a Lady: Celebrating 3 Centuries of Art by Canadian Women  (Canada: Penguin Books)   

1991     Capilano Review  ()  (Fall) 2: 67 'Women Artists and Writers in British Columbia' 

1991 Diana  Nemiroff   Jana Sterbak: States of Being/Corps a Corps  (National Gallery of Canada)   

1991 Arthur  Kroker and Marilouise Kroker   The Hysterical Male: New Feminist Theory  (Macmillan)   

1990  La Centrale(Galerie Powerhouse)   Instabili : La Question du Sujet : The Question of Subject  (exhibition catalogue, celebrating 15 years : Montreal: La Centrale)   

1990     Canadian Woman Studies: Les cahiers de la femme  ()  (Spring) 11:1 'Feminism and Visual Art' 

1990 Bridget  Elliott and Janice Williamson   Dangerous Goods: Feminist Visual Art Practices  (Edmonton: Edmonton Art Gallery)   

1990     Matriart: A Canadian Feminist Art Journal  (WARC) 1998  

1990 Diane Peters   Women and the visual arts  (Waterloo, Ont. : The Library, Wilfrid Laurier University)   

1989     herland Feminist Film and Video Workshop (Calgary)  ()  herland operated as a film festival from 1989-2007 and was committed to supporting work by women from diverse backgrounds, including aboriginal women, women of colour and lesbian/bisexual women. In 2015, it restarted as a film workshop and mentoring programme for women. History of the Project 

1989 Marie  Carani and Nycole Paquin, Marie Rose Arbour   Creation/ femmes  (Quebec: Galerie d'Art du Grand Theatre de Quebec)   

1989     St. John's International Women's Film Festival  ()  The festival was first held in 1989 in St. John, Newfoundland, Canada. The event takes place over a week with over 4,000 participants. Any film directed, produced and written by a woman is eligible for inclusion. In addition to the annual festival, held every October, there are numerous other screenings and events taking place throughout the year. 

1989     Art Monthly  ((UK))  Feb, No.123 

1988 Patricia Smart   Les Femmes du Refus Global  (Montreal: Boreal)   

1988 Patricia Smart   Les femmes du Refus global  (Montreal: Boreal)   

1987     Canadian Woman Studies: Les cahiers de la femme  ()  (Spring) 18:1 'Women and Media' 

1987  Art Gallery of Ontario   Joyce Wieland  (Toronto,Art Gallery of Ontario)   

1986 Janice E. Hayes   Bibliography on Canadian feminist art  (Montreal : Graduate School of Library and Information Studies, McGill University)   

1986     Féministe toi-même, féministe quand même  (Québec : Chambre blanche gallery)   

1983 Nicole  Dubreuil-Blondin   'Feminism and Modernism Paradoxes' in B.Buchloh, S.Guilbaut, D.Solkin (eds) Modernism and Modernity: Vancouver Conference Papers  (Nova Scotia College of Art and Design Press)   

1983 Mary  Kelly   Post-Partum Document  (London: Routledge)   

1982     Fireweed  ((Canada))  (Winter) 'After the Dinner Party' 

1982 Marie  Rose Arbour   Art et Feminisme  (Canada: Quebec, Musse d'Art Contemporain, Montreal & Ministere des Affaires Culturelles)   

1981     London Lesbian Film Festival (London, Ontario)  ()  The festival takes place over three days annually in April. Each screening usually lasts 2-3 hours. Submissions are open but they must have lesbian content. The London Lesbian Film festival is organized every year by the Reeling Spinsters. 

1975     Communique (French Canada)  ()  May, no.8 

1975     Art Magazine  ((Canada))  Dec, Vol 7. No.24 

1975 Mayo  Graham   Some Canadian Women Artists  (Canada: National Gallery of Canada)   

1973     Art Magazine  ((Canada))  (Fall) Vol 5. No.15 

1971 Joyce  Wieland   True Patriot Love/ Veritable Amour Patriotique  (National Gallery of Canada)   

     Herstory  ()  documentation project of the Canadian Women's Calendar, 1974-1995 

     Mentoring Artists for Women's Art Inc.  ()  a Canadian initiative for women artists 

     Native Women's Resource Centre  ()  An association and resource centre for First Nations women in Toronto, Canada. 

     Feminist Art Collective (March 2013 - 2015)  ()  Feminist Art Collective organised last conference in Toronto, September 2015 at OCAD. Produced Women's Kit , online resources and materials, 2015. Project continued with residency for artists, see blog on

     WIA projects  ()  Blog documenting the past and present programmes of a collective in Toronto, which developed out of Centre for Women's Studies in Education (CWSE) at (OISE), University of Toronto. 

     Mommy by Susan Silas and Chrysanne Stathacos  ()  Interviews with contemporary women artists working for more than 20 years. 

     La femme et le film (later Video Femmes)  ()  film and video distribution, Quebec,Canada, 1975. Documentary history of group by Nicole Giguère et Lynda Roy (1984) 

     Studio XX  ()  a feminist socio-cultural intervention group dedicated to provide women with access to digital technologies in Montreal, Canada 

     Women's Art Association of Canada  ()   

     Women's Art Resource Centre  ()  Was an active centre for women artists until 2014. Website has closed.  

     La Centrale, Galerie Powerhouse  ()  Montreal women artists gallery started in 1973 

     Femmes a L'Honneur: Leur Realisation: Women Artists in Canada Artists  ()  Biographies of women artists developed by the National Library of Canada in 2002 (no longer updated and website suspended) 

 11    Gynocratic Art Gallery (online art gallery)  ()  started in Oct 2015 

     Leisure Projects: Meredith Carruthers and Susannah Wesley  ()   

     Feminist Art Gallery, Toronto.  ()  Founded in 2010 by Allyson Mitchell and Deidre Logue. 

     The Coven  ()  (2012 - 2016) 

     American Women Artists' Association  ()