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Notes: Monographs and individual artists' exhibition catalogues are not included in this list, except where they are explicitly feminist and provide a key role model for feminist art practice. You can look at exhibitions and anthologies separately by moving to those pages. For authors' last names use capital letter first. For those beginning with "A", type "A" or use the first 3 letters of their last name.
The country search uses full English names, e.g. The Netherlands, except for USA and UK. "International" (use Capital "I") is the category used for projects where artists from more than 3 countries are involved. Books and exhibitions under "International" are in addition to those listed as individual countries. New sections have been added for geographical regions/ continents: Asia, Africa, Pacific, Middle East, South America, Scandanavia. These categories are in addition to individual countries listed. So, for searches in Africa, look also in Nigeria and Egypt.
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This results of this search will give all books, exhibition catalogues, magazines and special issues, blogs, websites and women's art organisations for a country, including places of exhibition and publication and is compiled from n.paradoxa's database.

The results list is organised with links to organisations/websites first, then journals, then books and exhibition catalogues by date (with most recent first):

2020 Annika  Aitken, Dr Isobel Crombie, Megan Patty, Dr Maria Quirk and Myles Russell-Cook eds  She Persists: Perspectives on Women in Art and Design  (Australia: National Gallery of Victoria)   

2018 Jacqueline  Millner and Catriona Moore eds  Feminist Perspectives on Art: Contemporary Outtakes  (Routledge)   

2017 ACCA with others    Unfinished Business: Perspectives on art and feminism (15 Dec 2017–25 Mar 2018)  (Australian Centre Contemporary Art (ACCA))   

2017 Mia  van den Bos, Brigid Noone, Loene Furler and Jude Adams and more!   FRAN Fest (South Australia, multiple venues, 25 August-24 September 2017)  ()   

2017 Elin Diamond, Denise Varney, Candice Amich eds  Performance, Feminism and Affect in Neoliberal Times  (Palgrave MacMillan)   

2015     Australian and New Zealand Journal of Art (Canberra) Vol. 15, Iss. 2  ()   

2015  Sydney College of the Arts   Future Feminist Archive (March 2015)  (Australia: SCA Galleries, Sydney College of the Arts, The University of Sydney,)   

2013 Laura Castagnini   BACKFLIP: Feminism and Humour in Contemporary Art (26 April - 25 May 2013)  (Melbourne: Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne)    More

2013 Vivian Ziherl ed  LIP Anthology: An Australian Feminist Art Journal, 1976-1984  (Australia: Macmillan Art Publ. and Kunstverein Milan)   

2013     Outskirts Online  (University of Western Australia) 2013 Feminism and Visual Arts, Vol 29, Nov  

2012 Marnie Dean   Re-Picturing The Feminine: New and Hybrid Realities in the Artworld - A Survey of Indian and Australian Contemporary Female Artists.  (India, Cochin: Gallery OED )   

2012 Julie Ewington   Contemporary Australia: Women  (Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane / Gallery of Modern Art)   

2012 Jill Bennett   Practical Aesthetics  (London: IB Tauris)   

2011 Susan Best   Visualizing Feeling: Affect and the feminine avant-garde  (London: IB Tauris)   

2011 Kyla McFarlane, Micky Allen et al. eds  A different temporality : aspects of Australian feminist art practice 1975-1985  (Caufield East, Vic. : Monash University Museum of Art)   

2010  Victoria  Bennett and Clare Rae    The View From Here: 19 Perspectives on Feminism (14th May – 29th May 2010)  (Melbourne: West Space)   

2009     Seen and Heard Film Festival (Sydney)  ()  Run as a free event, Seen & Heard puts forward the message that films made by women extend far beyond a genre for women, but are nevertheless films that should be seen by everyone. Films that participants will see during the three day festival address: race relations within Australia, the treatment of those with disabilities, issues relating to class, gender and sexuality, as well as the everyday challenges of friendship, self-discovery and loss. 

2009 Robert Leonard   Feminism Never Happened  (Brisbane: Institute of Modern Art)   

2008 Lyndal  Walker and Nat Thomas   Girls, Girls, Girls  (Melbourne: Carlton Hotel)   

2008 Samantha Comte, Jirra Lulla Harvey, Kate Rhodes and Meredith Turnbull, Helen McDonald   A Time Like This  (Melbourne: Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne)   

2007 Daw Kate and Vikki McInnes   Bird Girls  (Melbourne: Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne)   

2006 Veronica Tello   Feminist Actions  (Melbourne: Spacement)   

2003 Jill Scott   Coded Characters: Media Art by Jill Scott  (Germany: Hatje Cantz)    More

2003 Marsha  Meskimmon   Women Making Art: History, Subjectivity, Aesthetics  (London: Routledge)    More

2001 Helen McDonald   Erotic Ambiguities: The Female Nude in Art  (London and New York: Routledge)   

2000     Artlink  ((Australia))  (July) Vol 20. No. 2 

1999 Suzanne  Treister   No Other Symptoms: Time Travelling with Rosalind Brodsky  (London: Black Dog Publishing)    More

1999 Joan Kerr and Jo Holder eds  Past Present: The National Women's Art Anthology  (New South Wales: Craftsman's House)    More

1999 Debbie Qadri   Art : feminist art, art about women  (Melborne: 'first site' Gallery, The Queen Victoria Women's Trust Centre, Tivoli Artspace, Swanston Artspace, RMIT Central Library)   

1998 Cheryl Dunye and Zoe Leonard    The Fae Richards Photo Archive  (Artspace Books, DAP)   

1998 Alison  Beale and Annette Van Den Bosch eds  Ghosts in the Machine: Women and Cultural Policy in Canada and Australia  (Toronto: Garamond Press)   

1997 Kristin  Elsby ed  Difficult Territory: A Postfeminist Project  (Australia, Sydney: Wolloomolloo/ Artspace)   

1997 Linda Caroli   Kiss kiss (XX): an exhibition of collaborative feminist art  (Brisbane : Robert Hughes Gallery)   

1996 Cherry  Smyth   Damn Fine Art by New Lesbian Artists  (Cassell)   

1996 Elisabeth  Ashburn   Lesbian Art: An Encounter with Power  (Australia: Craftsman House, USA: Gordon and Breach)   

1996 Dinah  Dysart and Hannah Fink   Asian Women Artists  (Australia: Craftsman House)    More

1996  Monash University   Women Hold Up Half the Sky: the Orientation of Art in the Post-War Pacific  (Melbourne,Victoria: Monash University Gallery)   

1996 Anna  Voigt   New Visions,New Perspectives: Voices of Contemporary Australian Women Artists  (Australia: Craftsman House)    More

1995 Joan  Kerr   Heritage : the National Women's Art Book : 500 Australian Women Artists from Colonial Times to 1955  (Sydney: Roseville East, New South Wales, Art and Australia)   

1995 Caroline  Ambrus   The Unseen Art Scene: 32 Australian Women Artists  (Woden: ACT: Irrepresssible Press)   

1995     Art and Australia  ()  (Autumn) Vol.32 No.3 

1994 Michelle Boulous Walker ed  Performing sexualities: Knowing the sensorium  (Brisbane: Institute of Modern Art)   

1994 Jeanette  Hoorn   Strange Women : Essays in Art and Gender  (Carlton,Victoria: Melbourne University Press)   

1994 Catriona  Moore ed  Dissonance: Feminism and the Arts, 1970-1990  (Allen and Unwin/Artspace)   

1994 Anne  Marsh and Jill Orr   Raising the Spirits  (Bullen,Victoria,Australia: MOMA at Heide)   

1993 Anne  Marsh   Body and Self : Performance Art in Australia,1969-1992  (Australia: Oxford University Press)    More

1993 Catriona Moore   Indecent Exposures: Twenty Years of Feminist Photography in Australia,1970-1990  (Allen and Unwin,Sydney)   

1993     Geekgirl  () 2010 former website journal, now continuing as a blog 

1993 Jennifer Phipps   Creators & Inventors: Australian Women's Art in the National Gallery of Victoria  (National Gallery of Victoria)   

1992 Cecily Davis   Women Artists of Australia  (Balwyn,Victoria: Five Milk Press)   

1992 Sandy  Kirby   Sightlines: Women's Art and Feminist Perspectives in Australia  (Australia,Craftsman House: East Rowville)   

1992 Nikki  Miller   Feminisms: An Exhibition of 27 Women Artists  (Perth: PICA,1-28 November)   

1991 Hetti  Perkins   Aboriginal Women's Exhibition  (Sydney: Art Gallery of New South Wales)   

1991  Artspace   Frames of Reference: Aspects of Feminism and Art  (exhibition catalogue. Australia: Sydney: Artspace, 15 Aug-29 Sept)   

1990 Judith  Ryan   Paint Up Big: Walpiri Women's Art of Lajamaru  (National Gallery of Melbourne)   

1990 Janine Burke   Field of Vision: A Decade of Change: Women's Art in the 1970's  (Australia: Viking, Victoria)   

1989 Jill  Orr   Performance Documentation 1978-1988  (Melbourne: Australian Centre for Contemporary Art)   

1988     Women's Art Register Bulletin  (WAR (Richmond, Australia)) 1995  

1987 Juliana Engberg   Feminist Narratives  (Australia, Melbourne University George Paton Gallery)   

1985 Anne  Marsh   Difference: A Radical Approach to Women and Art  (Adelaide: Women's Art Movement)   

1984  Australia Council   Women in the Arts: A Strategy for Action  (North Sydney: Australia Council)   

1984  Women's Art Movement   Artists Pages: Original Works by Australian Women Artists  (Adelaide: WAM)   

1984  Women's Art Movement, Adelaide. Introduction: Jane Kent   Setting the Pace: The Women's Art Movement,1980-1983  (Adelaide: WAM)   

1983 Jenny  Boult and Tess Brady eds  After the rage : South Australian women's art and writing  (Clarence Park South Australia : Tutu Press)   

1982 Gil  Appleton   Women in the Arts: A Study by the Research Advisory Group of the Women & the Arts Project  (Australia: Sydney)   

1982 Julia Church and Alison Ader eds  True Bird Grit: A Book About Canberra Women in the Arts, 1982-1983  (Canberra, Australia: Acme Ink)   

1982 Ailsa  O'Connor   Unfinished Work, Articles & Notes on Women and the Politics of Art  (Melbourne / Richmond: Greenhouse)   

1980  Women's Art Movement, Adelaide   Women's Art Movement 1978/1979  (Adelaide: Experimental Art Foundation)   

1980 George Paton Gallery   Women at work : a week of women's performance, June 1980  (Parkville [Vic.] : George Paton Gallery, Melbourne University Union)   

1979 Christine Kelly and Andrew Sisson   The social construction of feminist art : an exploratory study  (Caulfield East, Vic : Caulfield Institute of Technology)   

1978  Women's Art Forum of Victoria   Women's Art Forum Annual  (Australia : Women's Art Forum of Victoria)   

1978     Women's Art Forum of Victoria, annual  () 1980  

1976     LIP (see also 2013 anthology by Ziherl in booklist)  ((Australia)) 1984, 1995  

1975     Meanjin Quarterly  ((Australia))  December Vol.34 No.4. 

     Level  ()  Archive of a feminist collective in Australia, 2010-2016 

     For Film’s Sake (FFS) Festival  ()  For Film’s Sake (FFS) Festival, formerly the WOW Film Festival (until 2017), is a short film festival that promotes and awards the talents of women directors, producers, writers, editors and cinematographers in the Australian film industry and internationally. It is a festival that offers emerging and established filmmakers the opportunity to screen short works giving a thematic perspective of ... "seeing the world through the eyes of women". (Held in Sydney, but also touring). 

  Jessie Street National Women's Library   Jessie Street National Women's Library  ()  Jessie Street National Women's Library was founded in 1990 as a specialist archive documenting women's history in Australia.
Ultimo Community Centre, 523-525 Harris Street (cnr William Henry Street), Ultimo 2007(Sydney, Australia)  

     FRAN (Feminist Renewal Art Network)  ()  FRAN Festival in celebration of the 1977 Women's Show in Australia to be held in Adelaide & regional South Australia, August-September 2017. FRAN Steering Committee: Jude Adams, Loene Furler, Brigid Noone, Mia van den Bos 

     Contemporary Art and Feminism  ()  Formed in 2013, based at University of Sydney, to explore and bring together those with an interest in contemporary art and feminism. 

     Women's Art Register  ()  Founded in 1975, Women's Art Register is an archive of women artists in Australia. 

     Outskirts: Feminism and Visual Arts  ()  Volume 29, November 2013 

     The Women's Gallery, archive site, 1988-1995  ()