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Published volumes:
Organising/ Organisations
(vol 39, Jan 2017)
Polemics/ Contestations
(vol 38, July 2016)
(vol 37, Jan 2016)
(vol 36, July 2015)
(vol 35, Jan 2015)
Lessons from History
(vol 34, July 2014)

Special issues on feminist art or women artists of art / cultural journals

For an alphabetical list of feminist art journals, go here

44 Degrees    2017
Special issue on women artists  Israel

ARTnews (June) vol. 114 issue 6    2015
Special issue on sexism, situation of the woman artist.  USA

Considering Feminisms in Aotearoa New Zealand: Two Projects  New Zealand: Enjoy Journal  2015
 New Zealand

Pastie Politics: Burlesque and Feminism in New Zealand  Pastie Politics  2014
Issue 1 (2014)  New Zealand

Arta: Revista de arte vizuale (Special issue: Feminisme/Feminisms). Nr. 11.  Arta  2014
 Romania, International

44 Degrees    2014
Special issue on feminist art  Israel

Dossiers feministes, Issue 18    2014

Brooklyn Rail (online)     2014
(4 Sept) (New York) edited by Kara L. Rooney  USA

Outskirts Online  University of Western Australia  2013
Feminism and Visual Arts, Vol 29, Nov  Australia, New Zealand

Frontiers: A Journal of Women's Studies     2012
Special issue on Feminist Art and Social Movements: Beyond NY/LA (vol 33, no.2)  USA, The Netherlands

Signs: Virtual issue on Visibility and Visuality: Reframing Gender in the Middle East, North Africa, and Their Diasporas    2012
organised in conjunction with 'The Fertile Crescent: Gender, Art and Society' Rutgers Institute for Women and Art, mid-August 2012-Jan 2013  USA

Arte y políticas de identidad, Issue 6    2012

Texte Zur Kunst    2011
(December) no.84 'FEMINISM!'  Germany

UZ)BU))NA)))    2010 ?
Special issue on 'New Feminism and Art'. English and Serbo-Croat text. Link to online copy  International, Slovenia, Croatia

C-Art Magazine    2009
(August) No. 9. special report on women artists in Asia  Singapore

Shedhalle Zeitung  Shedhalle, Zurich  2008
01/2008 Work to do! Self-Organisation in Precarious working conditions  Switzerland

Art News  (USA)  2007

Frieze "Feminism" 105 March    2007
"Feminism" no.105 (March)  UK

Artmix    2006
online journal on feminism, art and culture, in Polish  Poland

Kunstforum  (Germany)  2005
(Sept-Oct) No.177  Germany

Contemporary (visual arts)  (UK)  2005
No. 71  UK

Paletten  (Sweden)  2005
2-3, Nos.260-261  Sweden

Art and Fact  (Univ. of Liege, Belgium)  2005
'Femmes et Creations' no.24  Belgium

Shedhalle Zeitung  Shedhalle, Zurich  2004
02/05 Colonialism without colonies?  Switzerland

Jamini: An International Arts Quarterly  (Dhaka,Bangladesh)  2004
(October)  Bangladesh

Likovne Besede/ Artwords  (Slovenia)  2004
(Winter) vol.69/70  Slovenia

The Sandwich Man  (The Netherlands)  2003
(June)  The Netherlands

Hypatia    2003
(Fall/Winter) v.18, No.4 'Women, Art and Aesthetics'  USA

ARSIS Women in the Arts: Changing Landscapes  (Finland:Arts Council)  2000

Paletten  (Sweden)  2000
No. 1, Vol 61  Sweden

Ojeblikket  (Denmark)  2000
(Spring) Vol 10. No 42  Denmark

Artlink  (Australia)  2000
(July) Vol 20. No. 2  Australia

Chinese Contemporary Art (online journal, website now down)    1998
Feminist values and Art  China

New Art Examiner  (USA)  1997
March v.24  USA

L'ontologie de l'oeuvre d'art ; Elles ; Propos sur l'exposition (N° de : "Pratiques", ISSN 1278-4370, n° 3/4, Automne 1997)  Universite de Rennes  1997

Third Text  (London)  1996 - 1997
(Winter) No.37  UK

Southwest Art  (USA)  1995
(November) Vol.25. No.6  USA

October  (USA)  1995
(Winter) No.71 pp.103-19  USA

Oxford Art Journal  (UK)  1995
Vol.18 No.2  UK

Art and Australia    1995
(Autumn) Vol.32 No.3  Australia

Art Journal  (USA)  1995
(Spring) 'Clothing as subject'  USA

Art Papers    1994
Vol. 18 No. 6 special issue on Lesbian Artists  USA

Artlink   Artlink  1994
Art & the Feminist Project (Vol 14 no 1, 1994)  New Zealand

Magazine Parcours    1994
(Spring) No.13  France

Kunstlerinnen  (Gallerie Brigitte Mauch, Goppingen)  1994

One eye open = Jednim okem.  (Prague)  1993
(Winter) Vol.1, no.1 text in Czech and English  Czech Republic

Du  (Zurich)  1993
November, No.11: special issue on feminist thinkers: pp.12-84  Switzerland

International Review of African American Art  (USA)  1992
v.9 No.2 'African American Women Artists: Another Generation'  USA

Tema Celeste (August)    1992

Art Journal  (USA)  1991
(Summer) 'Feminist art criticism'  USA

Antiquity  (USA)  1991
September, Vol.65  USA

Capilano Review    1991
(Fall) 2: 67 'Women Artists and Writers in British Columbia'  Canada

Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism  (USA)  1990
(Fall) v.48 n.4  USA

Canadian Woman Studies: Les cahiers de la femme    1990
(Spring) 11:1 'Feminism and Visual Art'  Canada

Hypatia    1990
v.5 n.2 'Feminist Aesthetics'  USA

Artweek  (USA)  1990
8 Feb, v.21  USA

Art Monthly  (UK)  1989
Feb, No.123  Canada

Eau du Cologne  (Monika Spruth Gallery, Cologne)  1989

Kritische Berichte  (Germany)  1988

Sage: A Scholarly Journal on Black Women  (USA)  1987
(Spring) Vol.4.No.1  USA

Screen  (UK)  1987
(Spring) Vol.28 No.4 'Women and Film'  UK

Screen  (UK)  1987
(Winter) Vol.28 No.1 'Deconstructing Difference'  UK

Connexions: An International Women's Quarterly    1987
(Fall) no.24  USA

Canadian Woman Studies: Les cahiers de la femme    1987
(Spring) 18:1 'Women and Media'  Canada

Eau du Cologne  (Monika Spruth Gallery, Cologne)  1987

Women's Studies Quarterly  (USA)  1987
Vol.15. No.1-2  USA

Art Papers    1987
Feminist issue  USA

Fotozoom  (Mexico)  1986
August, Vol.11. no.131 'Mujeres X mujeres'  Mexico

Kritische Berichte  (Germany)  1986

Kritische Berichte  (Germany)  1985

Eau du Cologne  (Monika Spruth Gallery, Cologne)  1985

Fem33  (Mexico)  1984
April/May  Mexico

Kritische Berichte  (Germany)  1984

Opus International    1983
(Spring) Vol 188 'L'apport la part des femmes'  France

Art New Zealand no.26 Autumn (Women Artists)  New Zealand  1983
 New Zealand

Screen  (UK)  1982
Vol 23 No. 4 'Sex and Spectatorship'  UK

Fireweed  (Canada)  1982
(Winter) 'After the Dinner Party'  Canada

Southwest Art  (USA)  1981
(April) Vol.10.No.11  USA

Du  (Zurich)  1981
No. 476 '16 Kunstlerinnen: Arbeit und Selbverstandnis'  Switzerland

Exposure  (UK)  1981
vol.19.no.3 'Women in Photography'  UK

Oxford Art Journal  (UK)  1980
(April) Vol.3.No.1. includes an additional list of magazine issues on women and art from 1955-1977  UK

Penelope  (Paris)  1980
No.3 Issue on Women and Creativity by students at Universite de Paris VII  France

Kritische Berichte  (Germany)  1980

BLOCK  (UK)  1980
no.3  UK

Art News  (USA)  1980
October, Vol.70 No. 8  USA

Art Criticism  (USA)  1979
Vol.1.No.2.  USA

New Art Examiner  (USA)  1979
(Summer) 'Sexuality in Art' issue  USA

The Southern Quarterly : A Journal of Arts in the South "Art & Feminism"  (USA)  1979
(Winter) Vol.17 No.2  USA

Women Studies  (USA)  1978
Vol.6 No.1 'Women Artists on Women Artists'  USA

Studio International   (UK)  1977
(May/June) No.3.v.193 n.987  UK

Obliques  (France)  1977
No. 14-15 'La Femme Surrealiste'  France

Humidite  (Paris)  1977
(Spring) 'L'art et les femmes'  France

Artweek  (USA)  1977
22 Jan, v.8 no.4.  USA

Artweek  (USA)  1977
5 Feb, v.8. no.6  USA

Visual Dialog  (USA)  1976 - 1977
(Winter) Vol.2 No.3  USA

Aesthetik und Kommunikation  (Germany)  1976
September, Jg.7, Heft 25,  Germany

Arte Visuales    1976
(Jan and March) 'MujeresArteFemineidad'  Mexico

Art Journal  (USA)  1976
(Summer) Vol 35 No.4  USA

Visual Dialog  (USA)  1975 - 1976
(Winter) Vol.1 No. 2  USA

National Sculpture Review    1975 - 1976
(Winter) Vol.24. No.4  USA

National Sculpture Review    1975
(Summer- Fall) Vol.24 nos.2-3  USA

Heute Kunste  (Dusseldorf)  1975
Jan, 'Feminismus und Kunst'  Germany

Communique (French Canada)    1975
May, no.8  Canada

Meanjin Quarterly  (Australia)  1975
December Vol.34 No.4.  Australia

Die Lowin 'femmes' de la revue Der Lowe  (Berne, Switzerland)  1975
December  Switzerland

Art Education   (UK)  1975
November  UK

Art Magazine  (Canada)  1975
Dec, Vol 7. No.24  Canada

Arts in Society  (USA)  1974
(Spring/ Summer) Vol 11 No.1. 'Women and the Arts'  USA

Art Magazine  (Canada)  1973
(Fall) Vol 5. No.15  Canada

Art & Artists  (UK)  1973
October  UK

Take One  (USA)  1972
(February) Vol.3 No.2  USA

Tel Quel (literature et art)  (Paris)  1972
(February)  France

Everywoman  (UK)  1971
7 May, 'Feminist Art'  UK

Art News  (USA)  1971
January, Vol.69 No. 9  UK