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Africa and its Diasporas
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n.paradoxa: international feminist art journal

Feminist art magazines or women artists magazines and newsletters

For a chronological list of Special Issues on women artists by other journals, click here

There is a long history of feminist art journals and women artists' magazines, of which n.paradoxa is just one. Below you can find information about early and current journals and magazines, some of which have stopped publication. Where known, a website link is provided, for you to find out more from their site or an archive of past issues.

.dpi: Feminist Journal of Art and Digital Culture (Canada)  2004 - current

Amazon Quarterly (USA, United States) A lesbian feminist arts quarterly 1972 - 1975

An.Schlaege (Austria) a feminist cultural journal 2000 - current

At the Crossroads: Black Women's Art Magazine (Canada)  1992 - 1997

Camera Obscura: Feminism, Culture and Media Studies (USA, United States)  1976 - current

Chrysalis: A Magazine of Women's Culture (USA, United States)  1977 - 1980

Creative Woman (USA, United States)  1977 - 1994

Endemi (Iceland) a visual arts magazine from Iceland, featuring many women artists 2010 -

Erreakzioareaccion (Spain)  1994 - 2000

Female Sequences: frauen lesben kulturHEFTig (Austria)  1998 - 2002

Feminist Art Journal (USA, United States)  1972 - 1977

Feminist Art News (FAN) (UK, United Kingdom)  1980 - 1993

FEMSPEC (USA, United States) an interdisciplinary feminist journal dedicated to critical and creative works interrogating gender in the realms of science fiction, fantasy, surrealism, magical realism and the supernatural 1999 - current

Frauenkunstwissenschaft (Germany) the German language feminist art history journal 1987 - current

FRAZ: Frauenzeitung (Switzerland)  1976 - 2009

Geekgirl (Australia) former website journal, now continuing as a blog 1993 - 2010

grassrootsfeminism.net (Austria)  2007 - current

Helicon Nine: A Journal of Women's Art and Letters (USA, United States)  1979 - 1989

Heresies (USA, United States)  1977 - 1996

Hot Flashes (USA, United States)  1991 - 1993

Hurricane Alice (USA, United States)  1983 - 1985

Image and Gender (Japan)  2000 - 2007

Kassandra: Feministische Zeitschrift fur die VisuellenKunste (USA, United States) (one issue only) 1978 -

Leggere Donna (Italy)  1980 - current

Lesbo (Slovenia) a Slovenian lesbian, political, social and cultural quarterly, published by the lesbian group, SKUC-LL 1997 - 2005

Lichtblick (Germany)  1988 - 1995

LIP (see also 2013 anthology by Ziherl in booklist) (Australia)  1976 - 1984, 1995

LTTR (USA, United States)  2002 - 2008

Make (formerly Women's Art Magazine) (UK, United Kingdom)  1996 - 2002

Matriarch (Canada)  1990 - 1998

Matriart (Canada)  1990 - 1998

Meridians (USA, United States) interdisciplinary journal that offers a forum for scholarship and creative work by and about women of color in United States and international contexts 2000 - current

Ms.Use (Israel)  2009 - ?

n.paradoxa: international feminist art journal (UK, United Kingdom)  1998 - current

Nexus: Theory & Practice in Contemporary Women's Photography (UK, United Kingdom)  1997 - 2000

Petunia (France)  2008 -

Ruimte (The Netherlands)  1984 - 1996

TENDER: Quarterly Journal made by Women (UK) tender was established in April 2013 as a platform for work by female-identified writers and artists. April 2013 -

The Blatant Image (USA, United States)  1981 - 1983

The Journal of Women and Performance (USA, United States)  1983 - current

Washington Women's Art Center News (USA, United States) newsletter of Washington Women's Art Center 1978 - 1986

Woman Tide (USA, United States)  1980 - 1981

Woman's Art Journal (USA, United States)  1980 - current

Women Artists Slide Library Journal (UK, United Kingdom)  1985 - 1990

Women in Photography (USA, United States) replaced by f2 eZine online 1980 -

Women in the Arts (USA, United States) quarterly newsletter from National Museum for Women in the Arts 1983 - -?

Women in the Arts Newsletter (USA, United States) (formerly Women in the Arts Bulletin) 1971 - current

Womenart (USA, United States)  1976 - 1978

Women's Art Forum of Victoria, annual (Australia)  1978 - 1980

Women's Art Magazine (formerly Women Artists Slide Library Newsletter) (UK, United Kingdom)  1990 - 1995

Women's Art News Book Review/ Women Artists' Newsletter (USA, United States)  1975 - 1998

Women's Art Register Bulletin (Australia)  1988 - 1995

Women's Art Registry of Minnesota (WARM) Journal (USA, United States) now published online as a blog 1980 - 2010

Women's Arts News (USA, United States) a monthly newsletter from Women's Studio Center Inc., New York 1997 - 2007

Womenspace Journal (USA, United States) v.1, no.1-3 1973 -

Yiara (Canada) an annual student-run publication from Concordia that discusses feminist art and art history 2013 -