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volume 34, July 2014
Lessons from History

volume 33, Jan 2014

volume 32, July 2013

volume 31, Jan 2013
Africa and its Diasporas

volume 30, July 2012
Feminist Aesthetics

volume 29, Jan 2012

volume 28, July 2011

volume 27, Jan 2011
Women's Work

volume 26, July 2010
Feminist Pedagogies

volume 25, Jan 2010

volume 24, July 2009
Material Histories

volume 23, Jan 2009
Art Activism

volume 22, July 2008

volume 21,Jan 2008

volume 20, July 2007

volume 19, Jan 2007

volume 18, July 2006
Curatorial Strategies

volume 17, Jan 2006

volume 16, July 2005

volume 15, Jan 2005
Scientific Ethics/Aesthetics

volume 14, July 2004
Dreams of the Future

volume 13, Jan 2004
Domestic Politics

volume 12, July 2003
Out of Order

volume 11, Jan 2003
Identity Mechanisms

volume 10, July 2002
Rethinking Revolution

volume 9, Jan 2002

volume 8, July 2001

volume 7, Jan 2001
Urban Fictions

volume 6, July 2000
Desire and the Gaze

volume 5, Jan 2000
About Time

volume 4, July 1999

volume 3, Jan 1999
Body, Space and Memory

volume 2, July 1998
Women and New Media

volume 1, Jan 1998

international feminist art journal

volume 6, July 2000  (Desire and the Gaze)

cover of n.paradoxa: international feminist art journal vol.6 (July 2000) KT press

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'EDITORIAL (Katy Deepwell)'  pp. 4
  text only

''The World Wants Your Desire': Interview with Kaja Silverman'  pp. 5-11
  text only

'Jenny Holzer's Lustmord and the project of resonant criticism'  pp. 12-21
  text only

'Whose Body? Whose Desire? on Kataryna Kozyra and Orshi Drodzik'  pp. 22-28
  text only

'History Lessons'  pp. 29-32
  images and text

'Who's Looking,What are They Seeing?'  pp. 33-39
Not available in electronic form  

'Textures of Memory'  pp. 40-43
  text only

'Vulva's Morphia'  pp. 44_46-47
  images and text

'Secret Desires'  pp. 44-45
  images and text

'Text and Sub-Text Earl Liu Gallery,LASALLE-SIA Singapore'  pp. 48-52
  text only

'Acts of Making and Embodied Margins: amour-horreur'  pp. 53-59
  text only

'All You Need is Love:interviews with Maureen Connor and Marita Liulia'  pp. 60-64
  text only

'Oriental Fantasies: New Works by Gulsun Karamustafa'  pp. 65-70
  text only

'Desire and the Gaze of Devi'  pp. 71-78
Not available in electronic form  

'What is Given to Be Seen: Lori Newdick'  pp. 79-87
Not available in electronic form  

'Performativity: Collier Schorr, Anna Gaskell, Sarah Jones'  pp. 88-92
  text only

'Book review of Catherine Elwes' Video Loupe'  pp. 93
Not available in electronic form