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international feminist art journal

Links to feminist and women artists websites

For a list of links to feminist archives and libraries, click here

A Woman's Place: curatorial project by Day and Glucksman (2014-2015) (UK)

A.I.R.: Women's art cooperative gallery (USA)
founded in 1972 located in New York City

All My Independent Women (Portugal)
a blog which began as an exhibition in 2005 and continues as an exhibition project/archive and information resource.

Archiv des Vereins der Berliner Kunstlerinnen (Germany)
Extensive archive of women artists in Berlin since 1867, now part of ADK Archive

Art + feminism Wikipediathon website ()

ArtFem.TV (Austria)
a TV channel of artist's video/movie materials on art and feminism, created by Evelin Stermitz in 2008.

Artwomen.org (USA)
an American-based gallery and list for feminist art history, 2001-2006 (website deleted)

Asia Women and Art Collective (AWAC Network) (Japan, Asia)
Founded in 1994, this group have organised seminars in Japan and the publication / Visions/, a newsletter in Japanese and a one-off edition in english, / Visions International /(March 1996) to promote feminist perspectives in Japan.

Asian American Women Artists Association (USA)
Organises exhibitions, publications, education projects and administers a support network for its US-wide members

Assemblage: The Women's New Media Gallery (UK)
(1995-2005) curated by Carolyn Guertin, for trAce Online Writing Community

AWARE: Archives of Women Artists, Research and Exhibitions (France)
website/organisation to research 20th C women artists founded by Camille Morineau in 2014

Biblioteca de Mujeres Artistas (Spain)
a blog on books on women artists

Biennale Donna (Italy)
- Association which produces a Women's Art Biennale in Ferrara, Italy, part of UDI, Unione del Donne in Italia (1984-2012)

Bild-Rausch (Germany)
an internet project to present and network women working in new media, led by Ulrike Rosenbach

Bildwechsel / Kunstlerinnenarchiv (Germany)
the major archive in Hamburg of women's art, founded in 1979

British Women Artists (2008-) runs an annual competition for women artists ()

Cinenova (UK)
Cinenova is Britain's only women's film and distribution agency, a non-profit company, founded in 1991, from a merger between Cinenova and Cinema of Women (see Felicity Sparrow, interview, 'Forming Circles' vol.34, July 2014)

City of Women Festival, Slovenia (Slovenia)
Founded in 1995, and held annually in Ljubljana since then..

Constant: Association for Art and Media (Belgium, International)
run by Laurence Rassel, Brussels

Contemporary Art and Feminism (Australia)
Formed in 2013, based at University of Sydney, to explore and bring together those with an interest in contemporary art and feminism.

cyberfem: feminism on the electronic landscape (Spain, International)
Archive of the exhibition (2006-2007) organised by Ana Maria Collado in Spain

Cyber-Femin-Club (Russia)
now closed. History documented in catalogue Zen D'art (2010)

Das Verborgene Museum (Germany)
The Hidden Museum was founded in 1984 and organises exhibitions of contemporary and historical exhibitions, but particularly specialising in exploring the work of women artists in Berlin of the 1920s and 1930s.

Doing Beyond Gender (Germany)
a new project about strategies, projects and spaces within art, culture and media which go beyond gender by crossing and transforming gender borders by Yvonne Doderer (also author of WomenSpaceWork)

Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art at the Brooklyn Museum (USA)

Elles@Centre Pompidou (France, International)
website of the Centre Georges Pompidou for their rehang of the collection as all-women artists, 2009-2011

Elles@Centre Pompidou blog (France, International)
(active 2009-2011)

estudiosonline.net : sobre arte y mujer (Spain)
a cyberfeminist project by Ana Martinez-Collado

FAAB (Feminist Art Action Brigade) (Japan)
A feminist artists group in Japan, initiated in 2003, (first manifesto is still online)

Faces: Women, Art, Technology (Austria, International)
Although the website has not been updated since 2013, and only older postings can be found there, the email list continues for current members.

Feminist Art Conference (March 2013 - present) (Canada)
An annual artist-organised conference in Toronto, FAC 2015 will be in September at OCAD.

Feminist Art Project (at Rutgers University) (USA)
started in 2006 to list events and commemorate historic anniversaries in the American Women's Art Movement from the 1970s, continues as news service, archived site and annual day of events at College Art Associations' annual conferences.

Feminist Fiber Art (Boston) (USA)

Femmes a L'Honneur: Leur Realisation: Women Artists in Canada Artists (Canada)
Biographies of women artists developed by the National Library of Canada in 2002 (no longer updated)

ff (Austria)
The Temporäre Autonome Zone is an independent experimental exhibition platform produced by Lisa Ruyter with ff, a group of international women artists who meet regularly to collaborate on feminist projects. Based at Galerie Lisa Ruyter, Vienna.

Frauen Museum (Germany)
Frauen Museum organises and hosts exhibitions in its premises in Bonn. Founded by Marianne Pitzen, since 1981, the organisation has organised several 100 exhibitions on women's art.

Frauen Museum,Wiesbaden (Germany)
Founded in 1984, the site documents current and past exhibitions.

Frauenkunstforum (Germany)
a kunstverein centered around Hagen in N.Germany

Gallerie Brigitte Mauch, Goppingen (Germany)

Genealogías feministas en el arte espanol: 1960-2010/ Feminist Genealogies in Spanish Art: 1960-2010 (Spain)

Goldrausch-Kuenstlerinnen (Germany)
This is an 11-month educational/residency programme women artists' network/project based in Germany for women artists professional development in Berlin. It is funded by the women's foundation, Goldrausch e.v.,

grassrootsfeminism.net (Austria)

Guerrilla Girls (USA)

Gynaika (Belgium)
a group in Belgium organising exhibitions with contemporary women artists (1996-2014?) see 'An Unexpected Journey : Vrouw En Kunst' (1997)

h.arta (Romania)
h.arta is a group of 3 women organising projects in Romania since 2001.

Hackney Flashers (archive of women's group from 1974-1980) (UK)
Members were: An Dekker, Sally Greenhill, Gerda Jager, Liz Heron, Michael Ann Mullen, Maggie Murray, Christine Roche, Jo Spence and Julia Vellacott. Site documents two main projects Women and Work (1975) and Who's Holding the Baby? (1978).

Herstory (Canada)
documentation project of the Canadian Women's Calendar, 1974-1995

Castle Milk's Woman House was a Glasgow project in 1990, emulating Womanhouse (1972), now archived at Glasgow Women's Library.

IMAN, International Muslimah Women Artists Network (USA)
Established by Nora Hammoude and Safiya Godlas, a network and online member's gallery, based in the USA, site no longer operates: http://www.imanworld.org/Site_7/IMAN_.html

International Association of Women's Museums ()
Founded 2012 in Alice Springs, Australia - registered office at Frauen Museum, Bonn

International Foundation for Women in the Arts (USA)

International Incheon Women Artists Biennale (Korea)
Held since 2004, in 2006, 2007 and 2009 and 2011. Site documents these Biennales. In 2011, Incheon Biennale published 'Experiences: Asian Women in Global Culture'.

International Museum of Muslim Women: Muslima: Muslim Women's Art & Voices (USA, Sharjah, Denmark, The Philippines )
An offshoot of the Global Fund for Women aiming to profile Muslim women's voices in art and culture

IOWA Women Artists Oral History Project (USA)
An oral history project of 79 women artists interviewed in 1998-1999

Judy Chicago's Through the Flower official website (USA)

Kathe Kollwitz Museum, Cologne (Germany)

KKS, ”Kvindelige Kunstneres Samfund” / Danish Women Artists Association (Denmark)
(Copenhagen, founded 1916) Celebrating 100 years of activity supporting women artists in Denmark in 2016

Korean American Women Artists and Writers Association (KAWAWA) (USA)
Site - http://www.kawawa.org/ - no longer active. Group still registered in San Francisco. Facebook page has replaced this link.

Kvindemuseet i Danmark/ Women's Museum in Denmark (Denmark)
The Museum houses the KiK (Kunst I Kultur) archives comprising documentation from the Women's Festival in Copenhagen in 1980 and owns works from the Danish Women Artists Association

La Centrale, Galerie Powerhouse (Canada)
Montreal women artists gallery started in 1973

Make: formerly Women's Art Library in the UK (UK)
now housed at Goldsmiths' College Library in London

Mary H. Dana Women Artists Series Exhibits (USA)
from the Mabel Smith Douglass Library, Douglass College Rutgers-the State University of NJ,USA

Mentoring Artists for Women's Art Inc. (Canada)
a Canadian initiative for women artists

Midmarch Arts Press (USA)

Mit: archive 2001-2008 (Switzerland)
a Zurich based group of 11 female artists, organising interventions in public and private spaces

Mommy by Susan Silas and Chrysanne Stathacos (International, USA, Canada)
Interviews with contemporary women artists working for more than 20 years.

Mujeres de artes visuales: Women in the Visual Arts (Spain)

Mujeres Publicas (Argentina)
a feminist activist group, organising projects in Argentina

Museo Virtual de Artes El Pais - Muva Project (Uruguay)
virtual exhibition of 11 women from Uruguay - curated by Director Alicia Haber and Editor Laszlo Erdelyi

Museum Anna Nordlander (Sweden)
a collection of feminist/ women artists work from Sweden

National Association of Women Artists USA (USA)

National Museum of Women in the Arts,Washington DC (USA)
also runs the Clara database on women artists

New Hall Collection, Cambridge (UK)
the largest collection of women's art in Europe ! The fourth edition of the catalogue of their collection was published in 2015. Foreword by Ann Jones.

Old Boy's Network (Germany)
For cyberfeminist papers with information on Documenta X's Cyberfeminist International

OWL, Frauenkunstforum-Archiv (Germany)
a kunstverein in Bielefeld,Germany of women artists from the region

Paula Modersohn Becker Museum, Bremen. (Germany)
Historical collection of Paula Modersohn-Becker's work.

Provoc_rte (Spain, international)
Latin American women artists

Re.Act.Feminism: A Performing Archive (2008-2009), (2011-2013) (International)
2nd edition of an exhibition project and archive exploring feminist and gendercritical performance art from the 1960s to the early 1980s with a focus on re-enactment.

Re-Belles (France)
a blog on women artists and culture

Retracing the Feminist Art Program (USA, Austria)
a site exploring the history of women artists involved in the Feminist Art program in the early 1970s

San Francisco women artists association and gallery (USA)

Schokofabrik, Frauenzentrum Schokoladenfabrik e.V., (Germany)

Schweizerische Gesellschaft Bildender Kuenstlerinnen, SGBK * (Switzerland)

Senwati Gallery (Bali)
A women artists gallery in Bali

Strategies for contemporary feminism: Exquisite Acts and Everyday Rebellions (USA)
conference papers from California Institute for Arts in Valencia, 2007

Studio XX (Canada)
a feminist socio-cultural intervention group dedicated to provide women with access to digital technologies in Montreal, Canada

Sudanese Women Artists Association (Sudan)
active 2000-2002

Testimonies: In a Female Voice (Czech Republic, Slovakia)
Testimonies: In a Female Voice was put together as a result of a team project of students of the Theory of New Media and Design at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, led by Zuzana Štefková and focuses on Czech and Slovak women artists.

The Women's Building, Los Angeles, USA (USA)
see also e-book From Site to Vision

Varo Registry formerly, the Women Artists Online Registry (USA)

Vera Ermolaeva Foundation of Contemporary Feminist Art Initiatives (Moscow) (Russia)
initiative of Natalya Eryomenko

Vereinigung Bildender Kuenstlerinnen Oesterreichs (VBKO) (Austria)

Video Femmes (Canada)
film and video distribution, Quebec,Canada

WIA projects (Canada)
Blog documenting the past and present programmes of a collective in Toronto, which developed out of Centre for Women's Studies in Education (CWSE) at (OISE), University of Toronto.

Woman Made Gallery, Chicago (USA)

Womanhouse (USA)
Faith Wilding's site about the Womanhouse (Los Angeles, 1972) project, with works, photos, essays describing it.

Womanifesto (Thailand)
an annual women artist's workshop project in Thailand

Women Art and Revolution (USA)
Website for Lynn Hershman Leeson's film Women, Art and Revolution

Women Art Revolution (!WAR) collection: Voices of a Movement (USA)
Transcripts and video footage by Lynn Hershman Leeson, used in Women, Art and Revolution

Women Artists Archives National Directory (WAAND) (USA)
A database of archives of women artists in the USA which possess material on or about women artists, run by Rutgers University

Women Artists of the West, Inc (USA)

Women Artists page of Women's Resource Project, North Carolina (USA)

Women in the Arts Foundation (USA)
founded in 1973

Women in the Arts Singapore (Singapore)
An organisation of women artists, active 2000-2007, in Singapore

Women in the Arts, Singapore (WITAS)(active between 1999-2005) (Singapore)

Women Make Movies (USA)
A non-profit feminist distributor of more than 400 films and videotapes

Women Painters of Washington (USA)
founded 1930

Women Printmakers of Austin (USA)
A US printmakers group

WomenArts (formerly) Fund for Women Artists (USA)
Based since Summer 2012 in Berkeley, runs SWAN (Support Women Artists Now) days, active since 1994.

WomEnhouse (USA)
a virtual Womanhouse project curated/edited by Amelia Jones et al.
Site currently down.

Women's Art Register (Australia)
Founded in 1975, Women's Art Register is an archive of women artists in Australia.

Women's Art Resource Centre (Canada)
Was an active centre for women artists until 2014. Website has closed.

Women's Arts Association / Cymdeithas Celfyddyau Menywod (Wales, UK)

Women's Audio Archive (Marysia Lewandowska) (UK)
a collection of audio tapes of talks and interviews compiled by the artist from 1983 onwards...

Womens Caucus for the Arts (USA)
A national organisation for women in the arts

Women's Environmental Artists Directory (USA)

Women's Studio Workshop (USA)
since 1974 has provided working studios, artists residencies, artists book publishing. Located in the Hudson Valley ninety miles from NYC.

World's Women On-line (USA)
a project by Muriel Magenta

Writing Feminist Art Histories (UK)
A blog set up around a one day workshop at University of Edinburgh (Oct 2012): further workshop planned for May 2013 in York.