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Notes: Monographs and individual artists' exhibition catalogues are not included in this list, except where they are explicitly feminist and provide a key role model for feminist art practice. You can look at exhibitions and anthologies separately by moving to those pages. For authors' last names use capital letter first. For those beginning with "A", type "A" or use the first 3 letters of their last name.
The country search uses full English names, e.g. The Netherlands, except for USA and UK. "International" (use Capital "I") is the category used for projects where artists from more than 3 countries are involved. Books and exhibitions under "International" are in addition to those listed as individual countries. New sections have been added for geographical regions/ continents: Asia, Africa, Pacific, Middle East, South America, Scandanavia. These categories are in addition to individual countries listed. So, for searches in Africa, look also in Nigeria and Egypt.
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This results of this search will give all books, exhibition catalogues, magazines and special issues, blogs, websites and women's art organisations for a country, including places of exhibition and publication and is compiled from n.paradoxa's database.

The results list is organised with links to organisations/websites first, then journals, then books and exhibition catalogues by date (with most recent first):

2018 Lisa Ryan Musgrave ed  Feminist Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art: The Power of Critical Visions and Creative Engagement  (New York: Springer)   

2015 Denise  Carvalho, Monika Szewczyk   Love at the Edge (29 May 2015- 16 August 2015)  (Bialystok: Galeria Arsenal)   

2015 Marius  Babias and Kathrin Becker eds  Feminismen (March 28 – December 20, 2015)  (Germany: Neuer Berliner Kunstverein: Nordstern Tower in Gelsenkirchen)   

2014 Katja  Kobolt and Lana Zdravkovic eds  Performative Gestures, Political Moves  (Zagreb: Red Athena University Press, Centre for Women's Studies and City of Women)    More

2014 Andrew D. Hottle   The art of the Sister chapel : exemplary women, visionary creators, and feminist collaboration  (Ashgate)   

2014 Olivia Nitis   Istorii Marginale ale Artei Feministe  (Bucharest: Vellant)   

2014 Bettina Knaup and Beatrice Ellen Stammer eds  Re.Act.Feminism: A performing archive  (London: Live Art Development Agency and Nuremberg: Verlag fuer Moderne Kunst)   

2014     Arta: Revista de arte vizuale (Special issue: Feminisme/Feminisms). Nr. 11.  (Arta)   

2013 Bojana  Pejic and Olivia Nitis eds  GOOD GIRLS: memory, desire, power (20 June-29 Sept 2013) National Museum of Contemporary Art (MNAC), Bucharest  (Bucharest: MNAC)   

2013 Nataliya  Kamenetskaya, Olesya Turkina, Marina Loshak    International Women's Day, 8 March: An Exhibition of Feminist Art (opens 6 March)  (Moscow: Manezh Museum and The Worker and Kolkhoz Woman Museum in Moscow)   

2013 Bettina Knaup and Beatrice Ellen Stammer (eds)  Re.Act.Feminism: A Performing Archive (22 June-18 August) Berlin: Academie der Kunste  (www.reactfeminism.org)   

2013 Collection Frac Lorraine   Bad Girls (Collection Frac Lorraine)  (France: 49 Nord, 6 Est, Frac Lorraine)   

2013 Marsha Meskimmon and Dorothy Rowe eds  Women, the Arts and Globalization: Eccentric Experience  (Manchester University Press)   

2013 Mirjam Weston   Female Power. Matriarchy, Spirituality & Utopia (2 March - 19 May)  (Arnhem: Museum voor Moderne Kunst Arnhem)   

2013 Katrin Kivimaa ed  Working with Feminism: Curating and Exhibitions in Eastern Europe  (Talin: ACTA Universitatis Tallinnensis)   

2013 Laura Castagnini   BACKFLIP: Feminism and Humour in Contemporary Art (26 April - 25 May 2013)  (Melbourne: Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne)    More

2013 Monika Keiser   Neubesetzungen des Kunst-Raumes: Feministische Kunstausstellungen und ihre Raume, 1972-1987  (Bielefeld: Transcript-Verlag)   

2013 Lionel Bovier, Douglas Eklund, Fabrice Stroun   Ericka Beckman, The Super-8 Trilogy  (Zurich: JRP Ringier)   

2013 Jason  Andrew   To Be a Lady: An International Celebration of Women in the Arts (October 2013-Jan 2014)  (Singapore: Sundaram Tagore Gallery)   

2013 Elke  Krasny + Frauenmuseum Meran eds  Women's: museum : curatorial politics in feminism, education, history, and art = Frauen:Museum : Politiken des Kuratorischen in Feminismus, Bildung, Geschichte und Kunst  (Wien: Locker)   

2013 Zora von Burden   Women of the Underground: Art, Cultural Innovators Speak for Themselves  (Manic D Press)   

2013 Vivian Ziherl ed  LIP Anthology: An Australian Feminist Art Journal, 1976-1984  (Australia: Macmillan Art Publ. and Kunstverein Milan)   

2012 - 2013 Reiko Kokatsu   Women In-Between: Asian Women Artists 1984-2012  (Japan, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum)   

2012 Dvora Liss and David Sperber   Matronita: Jewish Feminist Art  (Ein Harod: Museum of Art)   

2012 Carla Lonzi and Giovanna Zapperi   Carla Lonzi: Autoportrait (French)  (Zurich: JRP Ringier)   

2011 Nina Zivančević,    Onze femmes: artistes, slaves et nomades: Ljubinka Jovanovic, Kosara Boksan, Marina Abramovic, Evgenija Demnieska, Kirila Fäeh, Vesna Victoria, Vesna Bajalska, Ljubica Mrkalj, Olivera Majcen, Selena Vickovic, Jelena Miskovic.  (Paris: Non Lieu)   

2011     UZ)BU))NA)))  ()  Special one-off issue on 'New Feminism and Art'. English and Serbo-Croat text. Link to online copy 

2011 Lourdes Mendez and Xabier Arakistain eds  Artistic Production and the Feminist Theory of Art: New Debates IV  (Centro Cultural Monthermoso)   

2011     Re.Act.Feminism: A Performing Archive (2008-2009), (2011-2013)  ()  2nd edition of an exhibition project and archive exploring feminist and gendercritical performance art from the 1960s to the early 1980s with a focus on re-enactment. 

2010 Ina Wudtke   Griot Girlz - Feminist Art and the Black Atlantic (11 June - 16 July 2010)  (Austria: Buchsenhausen)   

2010 Suzana Milevska   Gender Difference in the Balkans: Archives of representations of gender difference and agency in visual culture and contemporary art in the Balkans (text in English)  (Germany: VDM Verlag Dr. Muller Aktiengesellschaft)   

2010 Lourdes Mendez and Xabier Arakistain eds  Artistic Production and the Feminist Theory of Art: New Debates III  (Centro Cultural Monthermoso)   

2010 Gabriele Schor and Angelandreina Rorro   DONNA: Avanguardia femminista negli anni '70: Collection Sammlung Verbund, Vienna  (Vienna: Sammlung Verbund, and Rome: Galleria nazionale d'arte moderna )   

2010 Bojana Pejic ed  The Gender Check Reader  (Vienna: MUMOK and Erste Foundation)    More

2010 Malin Hedlin Hayden and Jessica Sjoholm Skrubbe eds  Feminisms is Still our Name: Seven Essays on Historiography and Curatorial practices  (UK: Cambridge Scolars Publishing)   

2010 Cornelia Butler and Alexandra Schwartz eds  Modern Women: Women Artists at the Museum of Modern Art  (New York: MoMA)    More

2010 Amanda Lock Swarr and Richa Nagar eds  Critical transnational feminist praxis  (Albany : State University of New York Press)   

2009 Mirjam Westen ed  Rebelle: Kunst en feminisme 1969-2009  (Arnhem Gemeentemuseum)    More

2009 Bojana Pejic ed  Gender Check  (Vienna: MUMOK and Erste Foundation) 2010  

2009 Lourdes Mendez and Xabier Arakistain ed  Artistic Production and the Feminist Theory of Art: New Debates II  (Spain: Vitoria-Gasteiz, Montehermoso)   

2009  Centre Pompidou   Elles@Centre Pompidou (2009-2011)  (Paris: Centre Pompidou)  website and exhibition catalogue of the Centre Georges Pompidou for their rehang of the collection as all-women artists, 2009-2011 

2008 Rene  Zechlin et al ed  Cooling Out: On the Paradox of Feminism  (Zurich: JRP Ringier)    More

2008 Gisela  Weimann ed  Geteilte Zeit: Fragen und Antworten  (Weimar: Edition Eselsweg, Text only in German, see n.paradoxa issue 20 for English.)    More

2008 Lourdes Mendez and Xabier Arakistain ed  Artistic Production and the Feminist Theory of Art: New Debates I  (Spain: Vitoria-Gasteiz, Montehermoso)   

2008 Silvia Eiblmayr   Zehn Jahre: Galerie im Taxispalais / Ten Years: Galerie im Taxispalais Dokumentation 1999-2008  (Austria: Galerie im Taxispalais)    More

2007 Xavier Arakistan ed  Kiss Kiss Bang Bang: 45 Years of Art and Feminism  (Bilbao: Musee de Belles Artes de Bilbao)   

2007 Wong Gina See-Yuen   Global feminisms in feminist art and their new challenges  (Hong Kong University, PhD)   

2007  Renate  Lorenz    *normal love* precarious sex. precarious work  (Berlin: Kunstlerhaus Bethanien)   

2007 Margit  Niederhuber ed  Performance, Politik, Gender : Materialienband zum Internationalen Künstlerinnenfestival "Her Position in Transition" [Vienna: 4-18 March 2006]  (Wien : Löcker )   

2007 Linda  Nochlin and Maura Reilly   Global Feminisms  (London and New York: Merrell and Brooklyn Museum)    More

2007 Heike  Munder ed  Its Time for Action (There's No Option) About Feminism  (Zurich: Migros Museum and JRP Ringier)   

2007 Juan Vicente Aliaga   Gender Battle/A Battala dos Xeneros  (Spain: Santiago de Compostela)   

2007 Cornelia Butler   WACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution  (Massachussetts: MIT and Los Angeles: MOCA)    More

2006 Annmarie  Chandler and Norie Neumarkt  eds  At a Distance: Precursors to Art and Activism on the Internet  (Boston: MIT Press)    More

2006 Suzanne Van Hagen   Art'Fab;l'art, la femme, l'Europe  (Paris: Terrail\(exhibition, Saint Tropez))   

2006 Griselda Pollock and Alison Rowley   Now and Then: Feminism, art and history; a critical response to Documenta XI  (Leeds: CentreCath)   

2005 Mila  Bredikhina and Katy Deepwell eds  Gender, Theory and Contemporary Art Anthology, 1970-2000 (English title of Russian text)  (Moscow: Rosspen)   

2005 Margarita  Aizpuru and Christina Padura, Omar Pascual   La Costilla Maldita=The Accursed Rib  (Centro Atlantica de Arte Moderno)   

2005 Ana  Martinez-Collado   Tendenici@s: Perspectivas feministas en el arte actual  (Ad Hoc Serie Ensayos 6. Spain, Murcia: CendeaC)   

2004 Verena  Kuni and Claudia Reiche eds  Cyberfeminism: Next Protocols  (New York: Autonomedia)    More

2004 Elsa Hsiang-chun Chen   First International Women's Art Festival in Taiwan: Women, Art and Technology: Collected Essays  (Taiwan: Kaoshiung Museum of Fine Arts)    More

2004 Hemma  Schmutz and Tanja Widmann eds  Dass die Körper sprechen, auch das wissen wir seit langem = That bodies speak has been known for a long time (Generali Foundation, Wien, 22 January-25 April 2004)Curator: Sabine Breitwieser.  (Köln : König )   

2003  Fries Museum, Leeuwarden   Just love me : post/feminist positions of the 1990s from the Goetz Collection  Curators: Rainald Schumacher, Matthias Winzen  (Fries Museum (Leeuwarden, Netherlands), Bergen kunstmuseum, Sammlung Goetz, Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden. Koln : Konig)   

2003  Århus Universitet   Køn & identitet  (Institut for Æstetiske Fag, Afdeling for Kunsthistorie, Århus Universitet)   

2003 Isabelle  Graw   Die Bessare Halfte: Kunstlerinnen des 20 und 21 Jahrhunderts  (Cologne: du Mont Verlag)   

2003  Womanifesto   Procreation/ Postcreation  (Thailand: Bangkok)    More

2002 Toschi Cavaliere Chiara; Pansera; Anty; Soroptimist international club di Ferrara   Foeminilia : memorie ferraresi e invenzioni d'autore : mostra e asta a fini benefici (Curators: Toschi Cavaliere, Chiara., Pansera, Anty.,, Soroptimist international club di Ferrara)  (Ferrara, Palazzina Marfisa d'Este, 27 aprile-9 giugno 2002, Ferrara : Edisai)   

2002 Andrea  Sick and Claudia Reiche eds  Technics of Cyber < > Feminism  (Bremen: Thealit Frauen. Kultur.Labor)    More

2002 Maria Fernandez and Faith Wilding, Michelle M. Wright eds  Domain Errors! Cyberfeminist practices  (New York: Autonomedia)    More

2002  La Fabrica   PHE02: Femininos: PhotoEspana, 2002, V Edicion del FestivlaInternacional de Fotografi  (Madrid: La Fabrica)   

2002  Seoul Women's Art Festival   Women's Art Festival : the Second Women's Art Festival. East Asian Women and Herstories  (Seoul: Women's Art Festival)   

2002 Katerina  Gregos   Fusion Cuisine  (Athens: DESTE Foundation)   

2001 Danielle  Cliche and Ritva Mitchell, Andreas Joh. Weisand eds  Pyramid or Pillars: Unveiling the Status of Women in Arts and Media Professions in Europe  (Germany: ARCult Media/ERICarts/ZfKf)   

2001 Uta  Grosenick ed  Women Artists in the 20th and 21st Centuries  (Germany and UK: Taschen Books. English and German editions)    More

2001 Hilary Robinson ed  Feminism - Art - Theory: An Anthology, 1968-2000  (Oxford: Blackwells)    More

2001 Helena Reckitt. Survey: Peggy Phelan ed  Art and Feminism  (London: Phaidon)    More

2001 Suzana  Milevska ed/Curator  Capital and Gender: international project for art and theory  (Museum of City of Skopje)    More

2000 Dorothee Richter ed  Symposium: Dialogue und Debatten: ein internationales Symposium zu feministischen position in der zeitgenossichen kunst: an international symposium on feminist positions in contemporary visual arts  (English and German text, Nurnberg: Verlag fuer Moderne Kunst. Symposium organised in conjunction with die Hoge, Bassum)   

2000 Binghui Huangfu ed  Text and Sub-Text  (Singapore: Lasalle-SIA University)   

2000 Stella  Rollig   Hers: : Video as Female Terrain  (Vienna and New York: Springerin/ Sterischer Herbst Festival)   

2000 Emanuela  de Cecco and Gianni Romano eds  Contemporanee: Percorsi, lavoir e poetiche della artiste dagli anni Ottanta a Oggi  (Milan: Editori Associati)    More

1999  Old Boys Network   next Cyberfeminist International  (Rotterdam: March 8-11)    More

1999  Chemitz, Germany and Linz, Austria   Figure, Sculpture, Female - Forms of Representation of the Female Body  (Germany: Chemitz and Austria: Linz)   

1998 Cornelia  Sollfrank ed  First Cyberfeminist International Reader  (Hamburg: Old Boys Network)    More

1998 Whitney  Chadwick ed  Mirror Images: Women, Surrealism and Self-Representation  (Boston: MIT Press)    More

1997 Delia  Gaze ed  Dictionary of Women Artists 2 Vols.  (London: Fitzroy Dearborn)   

1997 Eva Meyer-Hermann and Sadie Coles   Ein Stuck von Himmel / Some Kind of Heaven  (Nurnberg: Kunsthalle Nurnberg, South London Art Gallery, 1998)   

1997  Le Magasin   Vraiment: Feminisme et Art  (France, Grenoble: Le Magasin, Centre National d'Art Contemporain)   

1996 Catherine de  Zegher   Inside the Visible  (Boston: ICA/ MIT: Kanaal Art Foundation)   

1996 Kirsten Justesen and Valie Export   Kroppen Som Membran / Body as Membrane  (Denmark: Odense, Kunsthallen Brandts Klaedefabrik)   

1996 Marijke  Seresia ed  Zij-Sporen : Kunst op het Spoor  (Antwerp: Gynaika)   

1996 Monika  Laue   Wahre Weibeskunste? : zur Problematik einer femininen asthetik in der zeitgenoissischen Kunst ; Cindy Sherman, Rosemarie Trockel und Rebecca Horn  (Munchen : Scaneg)   

1996  Monash University   Women Hold Up Half the Sky: the Orientation of Art in the Post-War Pacific  (Melbourne,Victoria: Monash University Gallery)   

1996 Dinah  Dysart and Hannah Fink   Asian Women Artists  (Australia: Craftsman House)    More

1996  Metropolitan Museum of Photography   Gender Beyond Memory: The Works of Contemporary Women Artists  (Japan: Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Sept 5- October 27)   

1996 Lene Burkhardt   Dialogue with the Other  (Denmark: Odense, Kunsthallen Brandts Klædefabrik)   

1995 Ursula Panhams-Buhler   Cherchez la Femme  (exhibition Hamburg: Kunsthaus, Hamburg)   

1995  Metz FRAC   Territoires Occupes : Kunst Konversion: Guerre, Violence et Artistes-Femmes  (France, Metz: Fonds Regionale d'art Contemporain de Lorraine)   

1995  curator Alexander Bassin   Stereo-Tip  (exhibition catalogue,Ljubljana: Mestna Galerija)   

1995 Beat  Wismer   Karo Dame: Konstructive,Konkrete und Radiakale Kunst von Frauen von 1914 bis Heute  (Germany: Baden,Lars Muller)   

1995 Angela  Ziesche   Das Schwere und das Liechte : Kunstlerinnen des 20 Jahrhunderts, Skulpturen, Objekte,Installationen  (Koln: Dumont)   

1994, 1995  Munchen Kunstverein   Oh Boy! It's a Girl! Feminismen in der Kunst  (Germany : Munchen, Kunstverein)   

1993 Uta  Grab Muller and Monika Katz   Zwischen Anpassung und Widerspruch Beitrage zur Frauenforschung am Osteuropa  (Berlin: Harrassowitz Verlag/ Institut der Frein Universitat)   

1993 Sylvia  Eiblmayr   Die Frau als Bild: Der Weibliche Korper in der Kunst des 20 Jahrhunderts  (Berlin: Dietrich Reimer)   

1993  Liege Musee d'Art Moderne   Regards de Femmes  (exhibition catalogue Belgium: Liege: Musee d'Art Moderne. see also Sullivan & Nochlin (1990) below)   

1991, 1992  Museum Fodor/Stedelijk   Parler Femme  (Amsterdam:Museum Fodor/Stedelijk, exhibition catalogue)   

1989  Frauen Museum, Bonn   Art Beyond Barriers: the International Association of Women in the Arts  (Bonn: Frauen Museum)   

1989 Margarethe Jochimsen   Das Verhaltnis der Geschlechter (16 Feb- 27 Mar 1989, Bonner Kunstverein) / [anassl. d. Symposiums "Frauenforschung u. Kunst von Frauen - Feminist. Beitr. zu e. Erneuerung von Wiss. u. Kunst", 16 - 18 Feb 1989. Veranst.: Arbeitsgemeinschaft Interdisziplinare Frauenforschung u. -studien]  (Pfaffenweiler : Centaurus-Verl.-Ges. )   

1988 Patricia Smart   Les Femmes du Refus Global  (Montreal: Boreal)   

1988 Simona  Weller   Cartax Carta : 80 European artists  (Duna: Associazone Culturale Adorente All IAWA)   

1986 Frances Borzello   Women Artists: A Graphic Guide  (London: Camden)   

1985 Sylvia  Eiblmayr and Valie Export, Monika Prischl-Maier ed  Kunst mit Eigen-Sinn: Aktuelle Kunst von Frauen Texte und Dokumentation  (Exhibition catalogue, Wien /Munchen)   

1984 Cindy  Lyle and Silvia Moore, Cynthia Navaretta eds  Women Artists of the World  (New York: Midmarch Arts Press)   

1984  Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam   Feminisme in het Medium (Band I and II)  (Amsterdam: Stedelijk)   

1983  Triennale du Landeron   La Femme et l'art  (Switzerland,Triennale du Landeron)   

1979  Gemeente Museum den Haag and de Appel, Amsterdam   Feministische Kunst International  (Den Haag, Gemeente Museum & Amsterdam, de Appel)   

1977  Frauen in der Kunst: Ursula Bierther, Evelyn Kuwertz, Karin Petersen, Inge Schmacher, Sarah Schumann, Ulrike Stelzl, Petra Zofelt ed  Kunstlerinnen International, 1877-1977  (Berlin: Neue Gesellschaft fur bildende Kunst, Schloss Charlottenburg)   

1976 Romana Loda   Magma:Rassegna internazionale di donne artiste/Magma: International Exhibition of Women Artists  (Brescia, Italy: Castello Oldofredi)   

1975  Galerie Krinzinger   Frauen Kunst - Neue Tendenzen  (Innsbruck,Galerie Krinzinger)   

1975 Valie EXPORT   Magna Feminismus: Kunst und Kreativitat: Ein Überblick über die weibliche Sensibilität, Imagination, Projektion und Problematik, suggeriert durch ein Tableau von Bildern, Objekten, Fotos, Vorträgen, Diskussionen, Lesungen,Filmen, Videobändern und Aktionen, zusammen gestellt von VALIE EXPORT/MAGNA.[Feminism: Art and Creativity. A Survey of the Female Sensibility, Imagination, Projection and Problems Suggested through a Tableau of Images, Objects, Photographs, Lectures,Discussions, Films, Videos and Actions, compiled by VALIE EXPORT]  (Wien, Galerie Nachst St. Stephan & Rome)   

     cyberfem: feminism on the electronic landscape  ()  Archive of the exhibition (2006-2007) organised by Ana Maria Collado in Spain 

     Constant: Association for Art and Media  ()  run by Laurence Rassel, Brussels 

     Elles@Centre Pompidou blog  ()  (active 2009-2011) 

     Faces: Women, Art, Technology  ()  Although the website has not been updated since 2013, and only older postings can be found there, the email list continues for current members. 

     Mommy by Susan Silas and Chrysanne Stathacos  ()  Interviews with contemporary women artists working for more than 20 years.