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Notes: Monographs and individual artists' exhibition catalogues are not included in this list, except where they are explicitly feminist and provide a key role model for feminist art practice. You can look at exhibitions and anthologies separately by moving to those pages. For authors' last names use capital letter first. For those beginning with "A", type "A" or use the first 3 letters of their last name.
The country search uses full English names, e.g. The Netherlands, except for USA and UK. "International" (use Capital "I") is the category used for projects where artists from more than 3 countries are involved. Books and exhibitions under "International" are in addition to those listed as individual countries. New sections have been added for geographical regions/ continents: Asia, Africa, Pacific, Middle East, South America, Scandanavia. These categories are in addition to individual countries listed. So, for searches in Africa, look also in Nigeria and Egypt.
The title search is limited to words used in the title, it does not provide a keyword or subject search facility. This search is for one word only, no boolean (multiple) searches are supported. Artists' last names can also be searched in the title section, if they are in a book or exhibition title.

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This results of this search will give all books, exhibition catalogues, magazines and special issues, blogs, websites and women's art organisations for a country, including places of exhibition and publication and is compiled from n.paradoxa's database.

The results list is organised with links to organisations/websites first, then journals, then books and exhibition catalogues by date (with most recent first):

2018 Agata Jakubowska and Katy Deepwell eds  All-women art spaces in Europe in the long 1970s  (Liverpool University Press)   

2014 Melissa Rerat   L'art vidéo au féminin: Emmanuelle Antille, Elodie Pong, Pipilotti Rist  (Lausanne : Presses polytechniques et universitaires romandes)   

2013 Elke  Krasny + Frauenmuseum Meran eds  Women's: museum : curatorial politics in feminism, education, history, and art = Frauen:Museum : Politiken des Kuratorischen in Feminismus, Bildung, Geschichte und Kunst  (Wien: Locker)   

2012 Elke  Zobl, Ricarda Drüeke  eds  Feminist Media: Participatory Spaces, Networks and Cultural Citizenship  (Reihe Critical Media Studies)    More

2011 Valie Export   Valie Export: Time and Countertime  (Cologne: Walther Koenig)    More

2011 Rudolfine Lackner ed  100 Jahre VBKO/ VBKO Festschrift / 100 Years of the Austrian Association of Women Artists  (Austria: Vienna: VBKO)   

2011 Olivia Nitis   I Advocate Feminism!  (Vienna: Galeria Art Point, Kulturkontakt)   

2010 Olivia Nitis   Idila/Idyll  (Bucharest: Atelier 030202)   

2010 Michi Ebner   Genie, Kunst & Identität : Lebensentwürfe und Strategien bildender Künstlerinnen  (Frankfurt, M. ; Berlin ; Bern ; Bruxelles ; New York, NY ; Oxford ; Wien : Lang )   

2010 Mathilde ter heijne   Any day now  (Kunsthalle Nuremburg and Lentos Museum, Linz)    More

2010 Gabriele Schor and Angelandreina Rorro   DONNA: Avanguardia femminista negli anni '70: Collection Sammlung Verbund, Vienna  (Vienna: Sammlung Verbund, and Rome: Galleria nazionale d'arte moderna )   

2010 Bojana Pejic ed  The Gender Check Reader  (Vienna: MUMOK and Erste Foundation)    More

2010 Kathrin  Becker and Claudia Marion Stemberger   No more bad girls?  ( Vienna: Kunsthalle Exnergasse)   

2010 Ina Wudtke   Griot Girlz - Feminist Art and the Black Atlantic (11 June - 16 July 2010)  (Austria: Buchsenhausen)   

2009 Bojana Pejic ed  Gender Check  (Vienna: MUMOK and Erste Foundation) 2010  

2008 Silvia Eiblmayr   Zehn Jahre: Galerie im Taxispalais / Ten Years: Galerie im Taxispalais Dokumentation 1999-2008  (Austria: Galerie im Taxispalais)    More

2008 Sabine Mostegl and Gudrun Ratzinger eds  Matrix: Geschlechter | Verhältnisse | Revisionen / Matrix: Gender | Relations | Revisions  (Springer and MUSA Museum auf Abruf, Vienna )    More

2008 Rudolfine Lackner ed  Names are Shaping up nicely! Gendered nomenclature: in Art, Language and Philosophy  (Vienna: VBKO)    More

2007     grassrootsfeminism.net  () current  

2007 Margit  Niederhuber ed  Performance, Politik, Gender : Materialienband zum Internationalen Künstlerinnenfestival "Her Position in Transition" [Vienna: 4-18 March 2006]  (Wien : Löcker )   

2006 Nicole  Schröder/Herwig Friedl  eds  Grenz-Gänge : Studien zu Gender und Raum  (Tübingen ; Basel : Francke )   

2006 Andrea M.  Lauritsch  ed  Zions Töchter : jüdische Frauen in Literatur, Kunst und Politik  (Wien ; Münster : Lit )   

2005 Valie EXPORT   Valie Export : [eine Werkschau ; 11.02. - 10.04.05 ; Sammlung Essl, Kunst der Gegenwart]  (Klosterneuburg ; Wien : Sammlung Essl )   

2004 Hemma  Schmutz and Tanja Widmann eds  Dass die Körper sprechen, auch das wissen wir seit langem = That bodies speak has been known for a long time (Generali Foundation, Wien, 22 January-25 April 2004)Curator: Sabine Breitwieser.  (Köln : König )   

2004 Silvia Kolbowski   inadequate...Like...Power  (Cologne: Walter Konig)    More

2000     An.Schlaege  () current a feminist cultural journal 

2000 Stella  Rollig   Hers: : Video as Female Terrain  (Vienna and New York: Springerin/ Sterischer Herbst Festival)   

1999 Eva-Maria  Chibici-Revneanu ed  Frauen in der Kunst  (Graz, Josef-Krainer-Haus, Bildungszentrum der ÖVP Steiermark)   

1999  Chemitz, Germany and Linz, Austria   Figure, Sculpture, Female - Forms of Representation of the Female Body  (Germany: Chemitz and Austria: Linz)   

1998 Kunstverein WAS (Women's Art Support) Eva Ursprung eds  Women beyond borders, Austria  (Wien : Triton )   

1998     Female Sequences: frauen lesben kulturHEFTig  () 2002  

1995 Monika Faber and Brigitte Huck   Auf den Leib Geschrieben  (Wien: Kunsthalle Wien)   

1994 Roswitha  Mueller   Valie Export: Fragments of the Imagination  (Bloomington : Indiana University Press)   

1988 Heidemarie  Seblatnig   Einfach den Gefahren ins Auge Sehen: Kunstlerinnen im Gesprach  (Wien,Koln,Graz : Bohlau Verlag)   

1986 Edith  Almhofer   Performance Art: die Kunst zu Leben  (Wien: Bohlau)   

1985 Sylvia  Eiblmayr and Valie Export, Monika Prischl-Maier ed  Kunst mit Eigen-Sinn: Aktuelle Kunst von Frauen Texte und Dokumentation  (Exhibition catalogue, Wien /Munchen)   

1983  Studentinnen der Hochschule, Wien   Feminale 1/83  (Austria: Wien: Studentinnen der Hochschule fur Angewante Kunst)   

1975 Valie EXPORT   Magna Feminismus: Kunst und Kreativitat: Ein Überblick über die weibliche Sensibilität, Imagination, Projektion und Problematik, suggeriert durch ein Tableau von Bildern, Objekten, Fotos, Vorträgen, Diskussionen, Lesungen,Filmen, Videobändern und Aktionen, zusammen gestellt von VALIE EXPORT/MAGNA.[Feminism: Art and Creativity. A Survey of the Female Sensibility, Imagination, Projection and Problems Suggested through a Tableau of Images, Objects, Photographs, Lectures,Discussions, Films, Videos and Actions, compiled by VALIE EXPORT]  (Wien, Galerie Nachst St. Stephan & Rome)   

1975  Galerie Krinzinger   Frauen Kunst - Neue Tendenzen  (Innsbruck,Galerie Krinzinger)   

     Vereinigung Bildender Kuenstlerinnen Oesterreichs (VBKO)  ()   

     Retracing the Feminist Art Program  ()  a site exploring the history of women artists involved in the Feminist Art program in the early 1970s 

     Faces: Women, Art, Technology  ()  Although the website has not been updated since 2013, and only older postings can be found there, the email list continues for current members. 

 ff    ff  ()  The Temporäre Autonome Zone is an independent experimental exhibition platform produced by Lisa Ruyter with ff, a group of international women artists who meet regularly to collaborate on feminist projects. Based at Galerie Lisa Ruyter, Vienna. Current website documents events until 2016. 

     ArtFem.TV  ()  a TV channel of artist's video/movie materials on art and feminism, created by Evelin Stermitz in 2008. 

     Tricky Women (Vienna)  ()  The festival celebrates animation films made by women. It takes place over four days in mid-March. 

     FIFTITU %  ()  Vernetzungsstelle fuer Frauen in Kunst und Kultur